NBA 2K17 Catch-all

I haven't played a NBA 2K game since '12, but largely because I was distracted with other games and other stuff. But I'm seriously considering dipping back in this year, as this is consistently one of the better titles on the market and all the hype stuff for '17 has me interested.

Now if I could just figure out how to get the damn face scan to work on my phone.

I played 14 and 15 but skipped 16. Maybe this one will bring me back. I always played them for the career mode but inevitably, a few seasons in my numbers would be through the roof and it just became a contest with myself to see how many points I could score in a game.

Just got 16 this summer, so it will be a while before (or if at all) I try 17.

I think I may buckle and grab a pre-order so I can play it early on the 16th, so stay tuned for my probably hyperventilating reports back.

I got this mostly because it's one of the first games to support HDR.

I usually don't like the MyCareer modes in these games, but I'm enjoying the one in NBA 2K quite a bit, even if my player is genuinely terrible at the moment.

I also REALLY like that Open Shots and Contested Shots are two totally different ratings now, which makes perfect sense. Everyone's good at open shots (to some extent), but the dudes who can knock them down with a hand in their face are the really special ones.

A note about the MyCareer mode:

It's Freemium as f*ck.

By which I mean, you need the game's in-game currency to buy attribute increases for your player. You can earn these by playing games, but it's kinda like World of Tanks, which is to say, very, very slow going.

The much obviously faster way is to pay for them! $10, $20, $50, $75, and other price points.

I'd say it's infuriating, but it's where gaming is right now. I remember reading that your average $60 game wasn't recouping its costs in sales a few years ago, and clearly, microtransactions are filling the void, because in MyCareer, if you want your player to have Reggie Miller's shot, or a pair of Jordan 12's, you're gonna have to either play forever and stuff the stat sheet each night, or pay for it. Blech.

It's been that way since 2k13 or so. And believe it or not, as of last year it took roughly the same amount of time before and after the VC system to create a player with Miller's jumper, as you say.

Here's the thing that can infuriate people new to the franchise like yourself: the slow career mode development was implemented because the hardcore fans used to complain a lot that they would burn through MyCareer or its equivalent in the first week of release.

I guess my main point is this: if it makes you feel any better, it would still take 50 game hours to max out your guy regardless of the VC system. Plus, there is incentive to actually playing games rather than just buying VC. VC boosts don't get you much higher than 85 overall, the,rest has to be unlocked via play. And badges, which are super important, can't be bought. Unless all that's changed for 2k17.

On a different note, can anyone here that's played the last couple years sell me at all on 2k17? I played through the Prelude demo and it doesn't feel different enough to drop the money or lose my 2k16 progress just yet.

The best thing most people were saying about 2k17 was "no more spike lee".

Stele wrote:

The best thing most people were saying about 2k17 was "no more spike lee". :lol:

Eh, the Spike Lee thing is gone after 3-4 hours in 2k16 so I didn't mind it much.

I rented 2k17 from a redbox to put it throught the paces and... I'm not pleased. Won't be buying it, probably won't even switch to it if they offer it on PS+ like they did 2k16. There are a couple reasons, though some are maybe specific to myself.

1. Offense seems way too high. My first game, with a cobbled together expansion roster, I dropped 120 on the T-wolves with 8 minute quarters.

2. Steals are out of control. Way too easy to steal. We ended up with 20+, sometimes 3 possessions straight.

3. Blocks, conversely, feel too hard to get. Any time I felt pretty good about my chances I'd get called for a foul.

4. MyGM restricts you from trading someone that you obtained for 60 days. I know this is in the spirit of realism, but ever since Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run I've had fun in GM modes by shuffling around my assets to improve the sorry teams I tend to support. This change pretty much nixes my ability to do so.

5. MyCareer seems like a real slog. You need to hit the practice floor to improve, which is usually just putting up shots and chasing the ball or running sprints, which is an annoying little mini-game where you pull the triggers in rhythm.

With patch 1.04, and some slider tweaks (although not a ton), I've found a good place. The first few games I played, I was regularly winning by 20+ margins against everyone, but they patched it recently, and I just got CRUSHED by the Cavs thanks to Kyrie going for 38 and us (the Knicks) being utterly unable to stop anyone in the paint. FG% were solid too, down from the 60% I was tallying in earlier games to much more realistic numbers.

Personally, I haven't had your problems, Blind, with steals and blocks. Most of my steals are usually of passes, occasionally on-the-ball stuff but not a lot.

As far as MyGM goes, that's a full-blown RPG experience which they're welcome to, but i'll pass on. I instead just went to a MyLeague season, which allows for the sh*tload of franchise flexibility I like (the AI wants to make WHAT trade? VETO, good sir!).

But MyCareer isn't insomuch a slog as it is a thinly veiled bit of "Freemium". You can practice a TON to get your player good, but the easier, and to be frank, more reasonable way is to fork over a chunk of change for in-game currency to buy upgrades for your player. I hate it, but it's where gaming is going these days. Another reason why I'm doing MyLeague instead.

Basically, I think the game is a lot of fun out of the box, but if you're a sim-head, you have to do some slider tweaking.

I'm trying to remember if they ever had a version that hit the sweet spot such that it felt like they could just rev on that forever without making huge control changes or balance changes. I feel like 2k15 may have been close.

Great interview with Kevin Harlan, starts about 5:30

Might just change this to a 2K catch-all.

So, the new Run the Neighborhood stuff looks amazing, and I fully expect the servers to absolutely melt 24 hours after release.

I just preodered the Switch version. As much as I didn't like 2k17, a feature complete NBA 2k that I can play any time, anywhere is too tempting.

Blind_Evil wrote:

I just preodered the Switch version. As much as I didn't like 2k17, a feature complete NBA 2k that I can play any time, anywhere is too tempting.

Where did you preorder it? I haven't seen a shipping date for it and Amazon doesn't list it (last I checked).

Sept 19.

But I saw some stuff on Twitter the other day about getting to play early like the 15th.

I'm already getting Metroid plus amiibos that day for my birthday. Not sure how far I can push wife with "I'm buying it, it's my birthday" reasoning.

9/15. Preorders get the game Friday rather than Tuesday, same as usual.

Weird. I thought with the Switch the physical game was a month later. Nevermind that I haven't yet seen a date on the physical Switch release until today.

Maybe don't rush to get it. USgamer says the Switch version matches the ps4 and Xbox versions visually but runs at 30fps rather than 60. I'm still buying, but fair warning.


Has anyone picked up 2k18 yet? Editorial reviews seem really good, but user reviews have been all over the board, mostly complaining about micotransactions and skewing towards making you buy coins...

Yeah user reviews sounds like they've went overboard into micro transaction land.

We started to discuss it in the 2k18 thread.

DSGamer wrote:

We started to discuss it in the 2k18 thread.

Argh! I swear I looked before posting here! Our search might be broken or old - that thread does not show up when you search for "nba 2k18"...

dewalist wrote:
DSGamer wrote:

We started to discuss it in the 2k18 thread.

Argh! I swear I looked before posting here! Our search might be broken or old - that thread does not show up when you search for "nba 2k18"...

Weird. Submit a bug? That's really strange.

Search has been broken a while. Or new topics not showing up in search, one or the other.

I did the same thing searching for Metroid series catch all, which was just created back in June. And it doesn't show up at all