DC Catch-All [Spoiler Zone]

farley3k wrote:

Watched the new Suicide Squad last night. It was fun but really not very memorable. It felt like the funniest lines were in the trailers and there a remarkable amount of downtime between fights. I did like a lot of the character development though.

I will say that as I get older I do see the rated "R" push to be sillier and sillier. They said f*ck a lot and body parts exploded but that didn't make it feel edgy or mature to me. It felt like trying to hard to be mature and edgy. The only thing I thought was worthwhile was King Shark ripping the guy in half that was wonderfully gory and couldn't really be edited to be PG-13.

All in all it was the best DC superhero movie in awhile.

This movie once again proves nothing is too silly if you have good enough characters and a solid treatment of the material. Alternatively, if you want to do silly, get Gunn and/or Waititi.

I for one enjoyed that the final villain wasn't a nebulous cloud or a magical sky hole.

Forget Joker I want a movie about polka dot man.

Jakobedlam wrote:
Gaald wrote:

Superman and Lois has been the best of the bunch this year

The most distracting thing is the Superman suit. In a flashback, they show Superman in (almost) his original costume, and it looks GREAT. Hides the false muscles so much better than the "current" suit, which looks laughable in any position other than standing or flying. Hope they do something about that before next season (if there is one). At least its better than the Supergirl version of Superman.

This is kind of funny, since the actor was actually pretty slimmed down when they started filming and was building his muscles back up as the season progressed. The premiere's flashback had way more obvious padding than the flashbacks they did later in the season. Unless Black Adam figured out something new, padding's always required to get muscle definition to show on camera.

Suicide Squad wasn't bad, but it did feel like it was sort of soul-less.

Really enjoyed Suicide Squad, lot of laugh out loud moments, just a fun popcorn movie.

Thoroughly enjoyed The Suicide Squad as well.

Kurrelgyre wrote:

The premiere's flashback had way more obvious padding than the flashbacks they did later in the season. Unless Black Adam figured out something new, padding's always required to get muscle definition to show on camera.

There's clearly padding in both the suits. My point was that the flashback suit, no matter how much more or less padding was present, hid it better than the current suit. Granted, you see far more different body movements in the current suit, given how often its on screen. But for whatever limited flashback scenes they filmed, I think that suit handled it better.

The Suicide Squad was definitely a step-up from the original.

Echoing some others around here, I never saw the original Suicide Squad, but I did enjoy Birds of Prey and now the remade The Suicide Squad. It was basically a dumb summer action/comedy movie slightly tinged by the DC universe, and it succeeded pretty well in accomplishing that. That said, I think it stumbled a bit right at the end - the final boss of the movie was not very entertaining - but the rest of it worked for me.

Watched The Suicide Squad, thoroughly enjoyed it although most of the action had been hinted at, or explicitly shown, in the trailers. My fault for watching the trailers though.

I really enjoyed a lot of the quieter moments. Harley's "Great Romance" scene, the bar, the end of the Fight between Peacemaker and Flagg. Cena in particular really surprised at the end.

The scene where they went into the camp to rescue Flagg was wild. I had a sense from the beginning not everything was as it seemed.

I did like that Starro's story was kind of tragic.

The Suicide Squad was "fine". Had some moments. Just nothing that really sticks with me. Better than the first for sure.

Nathan Fillion once again gets a James Gunn casting where he dies almost before you know he's there. Which is also very similar to Deadpool 2 in how you kill the team before they do anything.

MannishBoy wrote:

Which is also very similar to Deadpool 2 in how you kill the team before they do anything.

Poor Peter. He deserved better.

Enjoyed Suicide Squad more then the 1st one. Definitely some good shots for sure.

There was one scene with The Thinker with a lot of dialogue where my wife said it seems a lot like the writers have watched The Thick of It.

To find out later that Peter Capaldi was hired based purely on his role of Malcolm Tucker.

I love the idea of James Gunn watching The Thick of It. I anticipate the terrifying Jamie to be in the sequel.

Seeing Monsieur Mallah and the Brain made me cackle (and then have to explain to the boyfriend a scene with them I loved in Morrison's run).

Wow, now I understand why Suicide Squad is underperforming at the box office. It’s real real bad.

PaladinTom wrote:

Wow, now I understand why Suicide Squad is underperforming at the box office. It’s real real bad.

Pretty sure if it was the greatest super hero movie ever made it still would've underperformed.

Pretty sure if it was the greatest super hero movie ever made it still would've underperformed.[/quote]

PaladinTom wrote:

Wow, now I understand why Suicide Squad is underperforming at the box office. It’s real real bad.

Opinions differ, but I really disagree with this take. I mean, box office in the age of COVID/Variant is just hard to defend (as Ranalin seems to cite). As to the movie itself?, Your opinion is yours. Mind is the opposite. Really enjoyed it.

Watched the first season of Superman and Lois and thought it was okay. They have a higher budget than most shows of this type and it shows. Special effects were great. Buildings being blown apart, eyebeams, flights were all nice. Acting was fine, I do like this version of superman. I didn't care for the direction they went with the kids but I I don't think it was kid's fault.

For the story they had some good ideas but mostly failed in the execution. They make the same mistakes or maybe standard decisions that most superman shows do.


People get superman powers and can used them perfectly without any training. Superman on the other hand had to learn how to control his abelites. I realize that they might do this for time but I think they could come up with a good reason for it for once.

Why are all the kryptonians evil and why would they resort to force and destruction right off the bat. In this show Kryptonians are taking over people like in invasion of the body snatchers. Overtime the process kills the host after a uncertain amount of time, could be hours, days, months, or years. The host can live their lives without knowing they have been body snatched. I get that Kryptonians want to make a new Krypton but they could have used brain dead people or people that were going die anyway. They just did the most evil thing and didn't give a good reason why a peaceful people went to total smash destroy right off the bat.

Then they had the old superman is evil in one dimension so someone comes to kill superman in this dimension because he must be evil. They were aware that there is a multiverse but they didn't know people can be different in the multiverse. I also wasn't clear on why he chose this superman to kill or if he was just going to keep jumping to different universes and kill every superman he sees.

Didn't really care for the main bad guy. I guess it was something different from the standard Lex Luther is behind everything. His origin was dumb and character kind of boring. Didn't care for his ultimate form.

Someone played to much doom but the suit is interesting and how it came to be. Kind of cool how it combines two classic origins into one.

All in all a okay show. Looks like it might turn into a teen drama.

I hope Superman and Lois doesn't turn into a team drama. Unfortunately it is a CW show so there will be some of that, but I liked how the show split the focus between the adults and the teens.

As for your spoilers I agree with most of them, and agree the execution left a lot to be desired. I can explain one thing however.


In the CW show, the multiverse is gone. This happened in the most recent cross over event Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was when Arrow had their final season. The consequence of this was that different people from different multiverses ended up on Earth Prime, the one all of the Arrowverse shows take place in. So the guy in the suit John Henry Irons (Steel) didn't choose that Superman to kill, he ended up being pulled into Earth Prime during the multiverse collapse, and so did Superman and Lois. They were originally from Earth 38 and only had one son, but that changed after the collapse. Anyway this is why Steel thought he lost his daughter, right up until the end of the season, because there was no going back to his Earth.

Superman and Lois apparently takes place a year after the cross over event took place, and a lot of people don't realize what happened.

Just completed season 7 of The Flash. I actually liked it at first but could see why people were dogging on it. Then the show took a giant nosedive. They had these episode without Iris that she should have been in. This was odd because usually they have shoehorn her in for some BS reason. Then they don't have her when it makes the most sense to have her. Then people just popup for no reason. I liked the characters but more thought should have been put into their return. Then they have new things like light sabers. LIGHT SABERS! The last half of the season is just a complete mess. Okay I liked the light sabers but it was stupid.

I think Covid had a lot to do with why Iris wasn't around for several episodes. But yeah they just keep making that show worse year after year. It's too bad.

Saw that it's up on Netflix so I'll probably give a watch soon. But yeah, from what I heard scheduling, covid, scripts, lots of issues. And remember they film in Canada, which has been a bit more locked down and slower with vaccinations than the US. I mean last season just ended with like 3 episodes left and nothing resolved.

Done with the latest season of Batwoman. Had the last 5 or so episodes to kill off. I actually liked the episodes for the most part but show is pretty bad, it has always been bad. This show has extra hill to climb being a show will female lead that is gay and black. Then these last few episodes hit on some social issues that certain people wont be able to handle. I liked their attempt to touch on some current social issues. Unfortunately the show is still pretty bad and kind of dumb.

I liked that Diggle showed up. I guess he showed up in every DC show. I haven't watched all of them yet but he showed up in another series I just watched. So he is the nick fury of DCU. I also liked that they used Mary more.


However, I don't get why the show doesn't acknowledge that Alice is also her sister

Also dug the the batsuits even with the problems.


So Batwoman has a super duper suit that is suppose to extremely hard to damage. They had episodes all about getting special weapons to damage the suit. However, Evil Kate was able to damage the suit with scissors and make a black mask batsuit that looked great on her but it made no sense she could just redesign the thing with scissors.

Then we get another cool batsuit that can fly. This was more like battle armor. The only problem was that it wasn't used much. I guess batwoman will have a sidekick wearing the bat armor?

I think the biggest problem with the show is spending to much time on Alice. She isn't that interesting of a bad guy. They teased a new badguy at the end of season. I'm hoping Alice will stay gone at least for a season. Another problem is that death is meaningless. Anyone that dies can come back with some stupid comic book reason. Magic plant, magic water, magic magic, magic plot. I guess that is the nature of comics though, still don't like it and they use it to much in this show.

I really liked Evil Kate or is should Good Kate. I couldn't keep up with the character. She did look a lot like Rose.

Yeah Batwoman has been disappointing, but I am hopeful that the next season will be better with the way they ended this season. I would also like Alice's role to be reduced greatly, although they made her into a better character this season, it's just way too much! Especially considering the first season was the same note every episode.

Fingers crossed we see a major shift in season 3.

Michelle Gomez is being typecast now lol.