Mario Kart 8

Community Game Night - Mario Kart 8 on September 10th!


Do you have a WiiU? Been itching to get back in the driver's seat and toss some shells at other Goodjers? Lucky for you, we're having a community game night on Saturday, September 10th 9pm ET. If you'd like to join, all you'll need is the Tournament Code: 6910-0601-5376. Use that number to get into the room and you'll be good to go! For those interested in voice chat, we have a dedicated Nintendo room on the GWJ Curse Server.

The event will be streamed on the GamersWithJobs Twitch channel. Chris (that's me!) will be answering any questions the community has on Extra Life and getting involved with the GWJ team. Keep in mind that if you're using Curse, then your voice may be heard on Stream. This event will also double as a chance for me to be testing some equipment and settings, and one of those is including voice chat in streams.

If you have any questions, please visit the Extra Life or Nintendo Multiplayer threads, or send an e-mail to [email protected].


If you want to play with some of the extra streaming features on the Curse server (polls/giveaways), HMU and I'll give you access to the admin panel.

Oh, wow. That's this weekend. Yeah, already chimed in over in the Nintendo Multiplayer thread.

For anyone that tuned into the stream, I apologize for the lack of quality all around. I did several tests this week to make sure the quality was as good as I could manage, but unfortunately there were several circumstances that kept it from being... well, a legible stream in any way.

I'll be looking into potential causes in the future. Thanks to those that came out to play.