Extra Life

Join the Extra Life GWJ Team and Help Represent the Community!


Have you been looking for a chance to get more involved with the GamersWithJobs community? Do you have a multiplayer game you've been itching to play but haven't the crowd to play it? Would you like to use your time gaming in the name of something good?

Lucky for you, GamersWithJobs is looking for folks to join the Extra Life team for 2016! Extra Life is a charity organization for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals that focuses on playing video games rather than running, cycling, or similar marathons that raise money for good causes. Signing up is easy, participation is stress free, and you get to game and help sick or injured children get better. It's two birds with one Cure Minor Wounds spell!

Over the coming weeks I will beginning preparations for the Game Day stream. During this time I'll be looking to organize game nights so that participants can test equipment, get (re)adjusted to streaming, and to help advise those that are new to Extra Life or curious about joining up. Even if you cannot join the Extra Life team, suggesting and helping organize game nights would go a long way to assist those of us working to reach our donation goals.

If you are interested in participating or want more details, visit the forum thread or shoot me an e-mail.