Help Me Pick a Gaming MOuse

So, I've been using the same mouse forever, and I mean forever... It's finally starting to die. You can laugh, but I've been using a Microsoft Intelemouse Explorer 2.0 for ages now. It's a super old optical mouse, but I love the shape and design of it. I tried a newer version, and couple other mice since, but don't like them. I keep coming back to my ancient mouse.

I don't need anything fancy, with 18 buttons, custom weights, etc., but am looking for a couple of things.

First I"m looking for a comfortable right handed mouse, like the Explorer 2.0.

I really like having the 2 side buttons for forward/back, and in-game controls, although some models I've tried make these really tiny and right under the left mouse button.

I like the mouse wheel to kind of click when spinning it, like 1 click while rotating is 1 weapon switch in an FPS. I've tried mice with a smoothly spinning wheel and don't like it for gaming at all.

Finally, a wired mouse. I don't want to have to worry about batteries or charging.

I've been looking at the Razer Deathadder Chroma, and it looks promising. The only concern I've read fairly consistently is the durability. The internals seem to break, and there's a double clicking problem after a while with the left mouse button on Razer mice.

Any other suggestions?


Are you able to go visit a store that has mice/keyboard out on display? Being able to get your hands on something would be a huge benefit to figuring out what feels right for you.

It's been a while, but I did go to a Best Buy to try some display mice. Surprisingly they didn't have a whole lot. I'm finding that to be the case with smaller electronics overall, especially headphones.

Surprisingly I think Staples has a better selection of 'hands-on' items. The Chroma seems pretty good at a glance, there's also the Corsair Sabre RGB which is comparable but a bit cheaper so maybe compare across those two.

For the record I have the Logitech G700 and it's very good. It's wireless but I keep it plugged in most of the time.

Been using my Razer Deathadder for like 2 years now. No Issues. If you don't need a lot of buttons, its a great mouse.

Yeah the DeathAdder is my current favorite. The Chroma version isn't actually necessary, since it uses the same sensor as the normal DeathAdder, but it's nice that you can mess with the LEDs on the Chroma. For me, it would be between that and one of the Logitech gaming mice like the G502. Personally, I find the DeathAdder to be more comfortable (it's a bit larger and lighter than the G502), but some people prefer the G502.

+1 for the plain DeathAdder. The firmware is a bit Java-ish with it's constant "dude, time to update" poking, but no complaints with the hardware. Comfortable ergonomics, nubbly sides, good thumb button positions, and a tactile wheel. Mine shows no issues after 3.5 years of daily use.

I like the G502 as a basic gaming mouse. I don't care that much about the adjustable weights but I do like being able to change the sensitivity on the fly. I'd like it if I could develop the habit of using the 'sniper button' to temporarily slow it down, but I haven't got that yet.

A set of aftermarket teflon feet really helps- I happened to buy 'PureTrak'. Five bucks for two sets is a pretty good deal.

If you like the old intellimouse type shapes there's a few options that sort of copy it, but the Deathadder that's already been mentioned multiple times is the most common upgrade for people coming from those mice.

The Nixeus Revel is a new mouse that's due out in the next couple weeks and uses the non-exclusive version of the same optical sensor that Logitech uses in all their top end mice. Might be worth a look if it becomes generally available soonish.

But honestly the best way to figure out what you want is what you're already doing, which is trying to actually put hands physically on as many of the options as you can before buying anything.

I know you stated you didn't want a wireless mouse, but the Logitch G602 has been a great mouse. I thought much the same... I didn't want to deal with the batteries and such, but broke down and bought a wireless to use from my couch after my kids were born... I am amazed how long the batteries last in this thing. I use it for several hours every night and the batteries last for 5 months. Crazy long.

Thanks for all the feedback. I think I may look into the Deathadder or the Chroma. I just saw a tweet saying the Chroma is $37 on sale at Best Buy right now, so I think I'll grab one at that price.

Even better, Amazon's price has dropped to $37 since yesterday, and qualifies for Prime. Sold...

The Logitech G302 mouse is only $24.99 right now. Great mouse.

The G303 with the much better sensor is down to $40 from it's usual $75.

Popular theory seems to be that Logitech's new mouse is suppose to basically replace both of them so they're cutting prices basically to clear stock.

I recently purchased the Turtle Beach Grip 300, and can recommend that.

Affordable, really well made, good basic feature set, no additional software required. Looks and feels great.

I'll second the Logitech G502 mouse. It has a good feel for both for gaming and everyday work use. Hopefully you can get to a store that has a few different mice on display to see what fits -your- hand the best. As I get older, I don't have time for uncomfortable computer mouse.

I used this Anker mouse for 3 years. 6 usable buttons, multiple speeds, most of the features of $70 mice but for $30. Although it's not available direct from Amazon anymore, only 3rd parties, so it might be done. Eventually my middle mouse button stopped working so I replaced it a few months ago with...

This Havit wireless mouse for $20!

Yes $20. 7 buttons, multiple speeds for DPI. Had it going for a couple months and still haven't replaced batteries. Very good response despite being wireless. Totally plug and play with both Win 7 and Win 10, no drivers or button-assigning software required to go with it.


My Inferno mouse is dying, strangely before my keyboard I've had since the first computer I built. I've been using it since around '09 and it's been a stalwart, red glowing companion, but the wheel doesn't work, it randomly moves in all kinds of directions, and the thumb buttons have little to no resistance anymore so they register presses that I don't intend. I think it's time for a new gaming mouse. I definitely want a wired mouse. Any suggestions?

Another vote for the Logitech G502.

I have a G502. I like it. It has a glowing G on it which makes it gangster. I guess it has a bunch of buttons and you can change dpi whatever that is. You can change the weight so you can workout between games. I guess the glowing g can be used as a night light. IDK seems ok to me.

I'm gonna pile on here, I use a G502 and love it. I have a profile for shooters and one fore everything else. The DPI switching is fast and easy. I've got fairly large hands and it's a pretty comfortable fit. If you had smaller hands YMMV.

I just ordered a G502 HERO a couple of days ago based on my own online armchair research and analysis. Glad I picked well. It should be arriving today.

Blind Faith, GO!


Amusingly, when I go look at the G502 on Amazon, it's listed as "#1 best seller in GameCube accessories"


So nice to see the gamecube enthusiast community evolving away from the wavebird.

Good news! Logitech decided to do an updated reprint of the old MX518. The outer dimensions are identical but the internal sensors and stuff have been upgraded.

I have an old G5 which I love to death, though it's starting to wear out. I'm thinking of getting a new GMX518 because it's essentially the same thing without the adjustable weight cartridge doohickey I never use.

I just plugged my G502 HERO in after unplugging my trusty old G9 that I got about 3 centuries ago. The G502 feels exactly like a modernized G9; slightly slimmer, slightly taller, and a couple of new buttons in comfortable locations. Most importantly, I'm finally free of an annoying unintended double-click (and unintended releasing of a held click) that the G9's been giving me for about a year. Only 5 minutes in, but loving it.

I didn't need a new mouse, but the hype about the g503 made me buy one. I shouldn't read this section very often... leads to too many impulse purchases.

G305 or G Pro Wireless > All other mice

But then I've converted completely to lightweight mice because I find it decreases hand and wrist fatigue over longer periods of time.

If you still prefer your mouse have a little heft to it then the G502 Hero is one of the best options out there. It's a great shape and the sensor is excellent.

Are you two from the future?

G502 looks like butt.

I'm using a steel series rival 310.