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So did anyone else know about Chozo Memories? Evidently you unlock them as you get 100% in each different zone. I 100%'ed the game on first playthrough but nothing told me I unlocked anything like this. I don't have the game in my 3DS so haven't been able to check yet, but I'd guess it's in an Extras sub-menu I wasn't paying attention to.

The memories basically reveal the backstory of the Metroid, most of it fitting with pre-established lore in only-in-Japan comics. The Chozo created the Metroids on SR-388 to combat the X parasite. There are two deviations, however.


The first is that the X Parasite wasn't roaming free. This, to me, was actually important to address if you're going to claim the Metroid species was specifically designed to slay the X Parasite rather than keeping the X Parasite population in check. Instead, the Chozo began mining and digging into the planet and broke through the part of the planet that the X were restricted to. Thus they were driven to create the Metroid as a biological weapon capable of fighting back.

I like this adjustment to the lore because it falls in line with the nature of Chozo being the sci-fi version of Tolkien's elves sailing away to the undying lands. Based on the Nintendo Power comic and lore found in Metroid Prime, Samus is sort of the last legacy of the Chozo before leaving the galaxy. A dying race that has tired of their mistakes and war-like ways, they have chosen instead to leave for new worlds where they can "retire", basically.

Which is why the very last image gives me mixed feelings. Just when did all this on SR388 happen? Because it would seem that a greater, higher-up Chozo landed on the planet and executed those in charge as a sort of "clean-up" operation before abandoning SR388. Which, sure, that fits in with the sense that they used to be a war-like race, but previously established lore in those old comics suggests the Metroid was being created while Samus was roughly a teenager under their tutelage, which means... well that was pretty recent, wasn't it?

There's also the interpretation in the Wikia that it's some sort of darker off-shoot of the Chozo, which would be clunky stupid lore (see: Predators introducing an even bigger and badder faction of the species), but could allow for a division of the species that might be continuing to experiment with the Metroid menace and therefore lead into future games post-Fusion that continue to include Metroids.

I know it's silly to care about the nonsense that is Metroid's poorly defined lore, but I'm hoping this is the first step to establish some actual consistent canon. Ideally, Yoshi Sakamoto has stopped ignoring the Prime continuity like he did with Other M and there's going to be a sort of retroactive fixing of the timeline.

But at this point I don't have a lot of faith in Yoshio Sakamoto. Samus Returns is a step into regaining my faith, but knowing someone else has the reigns on Prime 4 is the biggest of reliefs for me since his involvement in the first three was comparatively minimal.

I unlocked them two nights ago after beating it. It's mentioned very briefly in the barrage of unlock notices you get after the post-credits scene.

So I'm pretty sure there's no method to do so and Google says nothing about an option being available, but I want to confirm that there's no official way to turn off objective markers in Metroid: Zero Mission. Is this true? Does it always have 'em on without an option to shut 'em off? I know there's some sequence-breaky speed-run ways to get around some statues, but I wouldn't call that a way to "shut them off".

I've played so much Metroid in the past few months. It was wonderful and awful. But I'm done. The video is done. I don't have to care anymore.

View, discuss, and tell me I'm a dumb piece of crap for making a 20 minute video about Metroid map design and the potential narrative significance of Dark Samus that everyone is probably gonna think is completely wrong or stupid.

Nice video. I can't claim to have given Echoes a fair shake as I bounced off of it within about 90 minutes. To be fair, I have yet to get into any 3d Metroid game any decent amount. I have however finished and really enjoyed all 2d games except for every incarnation of II, which I never had on Gameboy, missed the window on with getting AM2R, and am currently working on in the form of Samus Returns.

I've never consciously thought much about the map design, but the points you raise do make sense, especially about Super Metroid's organic way of returning to previous areas. It's probably significant that Super Metroid is the first game I remember playing from beginning to end (over several days/weeks) to the exclusion of all other games.
In Samus Returns, I've been going back to early areas with some frequency trying to find more upgrades. For a while, when I was stuck, I would try to find new pathways by going back to the first few areas, but I eventually realized that (so far at least), it's, like you said, a pretty linear descent. I do appreciate the teleport stations in the game, though, for when I do want to take my shiny new weapon/ability back to find another missile upgrade around the starting section.

Happy 24th birthday to Super Metroid.

(In N.A. that is)

AUs_TBirD wrote:

I have however finished and really enjoyed all 2d games except for every incarnation of II, which I never had on Gameboy, missed the window on with getting AM2R, and am currently working on in the form of Samus Returns.

What's the window?

Danjo Olivaw wrote:
AUs_TBirD wrote:

I have however finished and really enjoyed all 2d games except for every incarnation of II, which I never had on Gameboy, missed the window on with getting AM2R, and am currently working on in the form of Samus Returns.

What's the window?

It was either Cease & Desisted shortly after release or the creative team took it down voluntarily. You can probably find it online still with a little bit of Google-fu.

It was cease & desisted 24 hours after it was released, and the creator(s) complied. Of course, that was enough time for it to be downloaded by plenty of folks, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't Torrent it.

There's probably still links on the AM2R sub-reddit.

Ya that's a shame. AM2R is the way to go on Metroid 2.

That reads like it would drive me crazy.

Never really played Super Metroid but with it now being it on the Switch I guess I'll give it a go....

"The last metroid is in captivity. The Galaxy is at peace." Ah man! Well, guess I'll just shut it off then. What's the fun in playing an action game about a galaxy at peace?

I'm not sure what's more surprising to me in this story, that NeoGAF is still a thing, or that there was an abandoned sequel to Metroid Prime. I wish this had come out, the concept and story seem really damn good!

Just reading it, I'm not surprised it didn't get the green light. It's way too different narratively an experience from the Metroid franchise, which is a shame because I feel like Nintendo believes there are elements necessary to Metroid in the fashion they seem necessary to Mario or Zelda. Despite being the titular monster, I don't think players expect the Metroid creature in every game, and would even understand if the franchise moved beyond it. You don't need Space Pirates in there every time, either.

I feel like there's a lot of elements in there that no doubt got used for Echoes, but ultimately Retro at the time always seemed to be striving to expand the Metroid universe in ways that ran counter-intuitive to what Nintendo in Japan wanted (in particular, Yoshio Sakamoto). It's one of the reasons I found Federation Force a curious release, as it followed the Prime timeline which is, in some ways, contradictory with elements of Other M (based on around canon written into the Japan-only manga tied into the release of Zero Mission and Fusion).

Reading that document, I have doubts the whole "short dev cycle" would have worked given their ambitions. Even so, it's interesting how Retro was wanting to mess with the manner in which Samus relies on her upgrades without forcing her to simply collect them all again.

Oh yeah, I kinda laughed when they said "oh, we could put this out in a year-ish!" in that design doc. My dude, you wanted to have reverse gravity levels AND selectively impede Samus' suit powers?! On top of everything else?

I'd play that.

Really like the idea of power suppression areas. Much more interesting than collecting all powers again. And it would make a lot more narrative sense than the bullsh*t in Other M.

I'm curious if, by time Prime 4 comes out, it will have been so long since the last Metroid proper that people will be fine with collecting all the items again.

I mean, I am. It's part of the formula. I don't really care if they have new items/power-ups or not. But I suppose that just means I want Metroid, but with the map rearranged.

Metroid Prime 2D

Fan made demo of devolved Metroid Prime with a few areas. Grab it now before Nintendo shuts it down.

Already snagged it myself. Didn't finish it. A lack of controller support makes for a gorgeous game that doesn't really play well. It's fine, but you sort of have to suffer through it.

But hey, at least they got the basics to turn it into an original game once it gets shut down.