Humble Monthly Gamble Discussion Thread


Hello Goojers!

I'm not sure if this idea is going to kick off in any way, but I am a bundle junkie. I buy way too many bundles just to get a sample and taste of games, and well, I've always enjoyed a variety of games, going from one genre to another, seeing what might fit my tastes of the moment.

And so I went ahead a bit the bullet on a 12 month subscription to the monthly bundle, now some might call that a bargain, some might call that crazy, some might call it a bad form of gambling; which is why I always called it the monthly gamble whenever I referenced it.

In any case though, some games that have been in the bundle don't have threads of their own, or resurrecting threads with no one watching, when people might want to discuss some of the older games they suddenly have though the bundle, so I propose this threat for discussing the Humble Monthly Gamble games, being the ones from the last month, or the game you get from pre-ordering the next month.

Will this take thread take off or not, I honestly don't know but I want to at least discuss what game out on this August 2016 bundle in the next thread.

Explanation of what the Humble Monthly Gamble is:

Every month, you give Humble Bundle $12 and they give you at least 6 (steam) games (sometimes more, lately it has been 7) and one Humble Original game. You get to know what one game will be in the bundle before hand, so if you want to buy the bundle based only on how good the one revealed game would be (and get all the others as a bonus, you are more than welcome to do that and stop your subscription at any time if you go month to month, or you can go jump in and get a discount going in with 3/6/12 month options. (Pretty much like any sort of crate that gets delivered to your house every month, but this is download games only.)

And now to the posts...

August 2016

Disc Room
Nes style graphics: You're in a room, buzz saws of all different types spawn, survive 30 seconds to get 3 stars to unlock more levels. A really simple game, but certainly fun, nice music, no control issues to speak of. You also have the ability to slow down time, which, when you rapidly pressed that button like crazy, made me feel like a little kid trying to make the game slow motion to cheat though a hard part of the game. To get that feeling for just a moment gave me a little smile. Interesting little note, this was created by three people, Jan Willem Nijman who worked on Nuclear Throne, Kitty Calis who worked on Action Henk, and Doseone who did the music for Gang Beasts and Enter the Gungeon, so this was a very surprising nice little bonus game!

Planet of the Eyes
Gaming Shorthand: A short side scrolling puzzle game, would call it similar to Limbo, but with a sci-fi theme, but shorter in length (took me 1.5 hours to finish).

What can I say, it's enjoyable to get past death traps. It works for what it is, I enjoyed the ending, so recommended if you want a quick gaming experience.

Poi (Early Access)
Gaming Shorthand: It's a better looking Mario 64 clone done without violence (or a butt slam maneuver).

It's made to be played by a younger generation, playing as a young child and all, but there's no denying what the game is, and for what it is, it fun. Only played it for an hour or so but will go back to it now and again to scratch that itch.

Van Hellsing Final Cut
Already had it in my account, I'll have to find time to play it this time.

Starward Rogue
GS: What if Binding of Issac looked like a more traditional bullet hell, and did more things to spice things up and not waste your time, but be warned, this is very much a PC game with rough edges.

I've only done one play though of this so far, and what I've seen I liked. All the bullets the enemies shoot look almost like classic bullet hell sort of things. But, each bullet fired, can seem to have one-four attributes applied to them, making what the enemies will toss at you something you have to adapt to quickly. Example, one enemy simply shot bullets at you, while another would shoot a bullet which would pause for a few moments before becoming a steam of bullets coming at you, then another could block my normal fire, and another could block my missies, some could go though walls while others couldn't. There is a huge variety to the bullets that come at you here.

As for the not wasting your time comment, your character can run by default, walk, or run really fast, allowing you to go though rooms you cleared though previously quickly, but in addition to that, every few rooms, there will simply be a teleporter that will spawn to the start room or any other teleporter that has spawned already.

And to my other comment of this being a rough edge PC game, due to how some textures must load with the game, I have to wait a minute on the title screen until the blue overlays appear and I can see my mouse cursor, and if you play with a controller, you end up moving the mouse cursor with the gaming joystick.

If you are into this style of game, I would recommend trying it.

Jackbox Party Pack
Will have to wait to try this with a group of people

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Multiplayer only Starter pack
Activision's way of trying to get you to give them $15 more dollars to get the full game (without map packs). I honestly don't know how I feel about that, but I also haven't really played though any of the CoD SP campaigns so I cannot comment

RAM – Random Access Murder
This looked good from the screen shots, but ugh, this game is not done, and if it is, it was done poorly. I really liked the look of this game, deathmatch, tron ascetics, when you take damage from the weapons, computer effects happen to you until you die/blue screen. Effects I've seen is some parts of the screen lagging, pop up ads, over saturation, and what I found to me the most amusing, dial up ascii graphics. And while all of these filters are being applied, you have to keep playing, but the only thing is, it isn't obvious when you kill someone and there is no screen info to tell you how many kills you have, or what is needed for the round to end (or I may have simply not been pressing the right key).

Overall, go and play Super Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball instead and don't look back until this this gets better or don't look back at it at all.

I've been subscribed to this for the last few months and I keep expecting to hit a dud filled with stuff I already own far so good! I've not hit a month yet where the content didn't significantly exceed the price of the pack. Plays merry hell with the pile of shame though.

Van Helsing is the thing I'm most interested in this month - I liked what I've played of the first chapter but never could bring myself to pull the trigger on the trilogy release. Now I don't have to!

I've been subscribed since the Mad Max bundle. I keep telling myself I'll cancel but the games you get are really good! So far for this month I've beaten Planet of the Eyes (Is there any reason that you can dance or is it just for fun?) and have dabbled in Poi. Both are awesome games and ones that I would recommend.

As a person who buys **way** too many games to begin with, I have been somewhat disappointed with the Humble Gamble. It's really not their fault though--the bundles have been decent. It's mostly a problem because I own most of the good games in the bundle and I'm left with the filler.

This month, I already have Van Helsing, Jackbox Party Pack (which is quite good) and COD BlOps, so really all I'm left with this month are indies of varying quality.

Last month, I had no interest in Hurtworld. I already owned TIS 100 and Satellite Reign, so really the unowned gem there was Kentucky Route Zero. I wasn't going to buy that until they finished it, but now I have it. Also, I like Star Realms and kickstarted Hero Realms so it was cool to find out about Cthulhu Realms through the bundle. The rest of the games I added to my account but could take or leave.

My first month, I already had Rocket League, Planetary Annihilation TItans and Dungeon of the Endless. The forest was that bundle's saving grace for me, though I haven't played it yet. Most games I wait until they exit Early Access before I really give them a shot.

So far, I feel like Humble Monthly is a great way to amass gifts for my friends--with the occasional gem here or there.

Anyone need a copy of Rocket League?

p.s. I have used the 10% off in the Humble Store to save me a couple bucks each month on other games... so there's that too.

Well, I have been subscribed since the very beginning. But never play a horror game. Well, if it just to scare the hell out of you type of game.

Soma seems to be the first one, and I'm considering to unscribed because of that.

Heh. SOMA has been high on my Steam Wishlist for quite a while.

Seeing it debt on the Sept. Monthly inspired me to sign up for the first time.

Pretty excited to see the full reveal for the month.

New September Humble Monthy is up!

Slim pickings for me personally this month since I already have most of them, but there's some good games in there.


The Banner Saga
WWE 2K16 - (never owned a wrestling game before...I guess now I do *shrug*)
Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Town of Salem

Other stuff
Demo / Episode 1 of something called "The Uncertain"
and the humble indie exclusive "Spoolside"

Next month's early release is...


Grim Dawn.

(I spoiler-ed it just in case anyone wants to be surprised

Some of the early bundles had a ton more games that I'm interested in - the last few have been completely meh. Probably give away half the keys from this month and hope that next is better.

Alright, I just toy around with Spoolside for an hour or so, and thought I messed things up that I reset the game, realizing what had to be done afterwards.... so I get to do it all over again, but in any case....

This is a really weird game, I would very highly recommend trying it!

What kind of game is it? Well, I dare say that figuring it out is part of the fun, and I really enjoyed figuring it out.... but that would be an evil tease to not at least say something....

You were made by a scientist for time travel, and you navigate though the 2D world by rotating and twisting it around, like a transparent box without a top or bottom, find out about the other.... "people" living in the word and how you can help/


screw things up royally.

as you see how everything weaves together.

I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out exactly... but I'm not sure why I'm not in love with the platforming with this, since I did absolutely adore that student game Prospective that came out a few years back, and it is very similar to that, with a mix of, I don't want to say Fez, but you slowly rotate the world around and platforms will appear/disappear accordingly and you walk between the created planes, but it is a small, changing world.

I'll have to try to finish it this weekend, I'm honestly not sure how the story is going to ultimately go yet, I'm curious how it is going to end.

Epistory - Typing Chronicles = The Typing of the Bastion

And I'm not even joking with that. You have:

-A kid (small girl who rides a fox) who has forgotten their past
-A world that appears like a popup book
-A narrator
-Monsters come at you that you have to type to kill
-Unlock powers
-Small upgrade progression, more XP if you combo

Oh, and before you say it's too easy.... one hit and you're dead and you have to restart the section, and the difficulty must adapt because the monsters keep on coming faster, needing more words to kill them, and the words are getting a lot longer in spots.

Humble is getting more of my monthly gaming budget than Steam. I've bought about half of the monthlys and haven't been too unhappy so far. The bi-weekly bundles get some love as well. Whether I decide to buy the monthly depends on how interested I am in the featured title. There are a couple of things I wish I'd grabbed but, overall, I think I've made out on the deal.

If there's a negative to this bundle love, now, it's that I'm checking Bundle Stars and Chrono too.

The things I have absolutely no interest in simply get tossed on the "List" (See Below).

I basically decided that this month's game selection would make or break my subscription to Humble Monthly... but now that Grim Dawn is next month's lead game, I'm in for at least another month. $12 is that historic low on that game...

Only one repeat for me this time, I couldn't resist getting Slime Rancher during the last summer sale... well that shows me. Otherwise, I have to say, it's another really good bundle.

Slime Rancher - It's not yet, but it's a lot of fun for being so cute, highly recommended
HotLine Miami 2 - Procrastination paid off, didn't get it yet, but was on my list for a while
Deponia Doomsday - I haven't played anything in the series yet, seemed amusing though
Train Valley - Train Puzzle Game
Action Henk! - One I was following, no problems with getting that
Grim Dawn - Diabo-like
Thoth - I just saw this on a Youtube channel, from the developers of 140, twin stick area shooter with a simple art syle. I was just going to add this to my wish list
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - the original for the month

I bought Train Valley last month from the Humble Store... dammit.

I unsubscribed for this month, the last few were a bit too low on games that I actually would like to play. Seems I didn't miss out on too much for now, though admittedly Slime Rancher had me intrigued since release.

First dud-pack for me this month. Slime Rancher is the only thing of interest (Grim Dawn I already had). The other indie things I'd not heard of but I'll probably give them a whirl.

I dislike Hotline Miami and despise the Deponia series so I wont even bother adding them to my Steam account.

Better luck next month I guess.

Another month, another bundle...

- Stardew Valley
- Rogue Galaxy
- Broforce (bro-tastic bro-eighties action themed platforming bro-em-up. BRO!)
- Kathy Rain (excellent lucasarts style adventure game)
- Beyond Eyes (a bit of a dud walking sim game but with an interesting premise)
- Styx: Master of Shadows (stealth-em-up playing as a goblin thief)
- Pirate Pop
- Keyboard Sports: The final tribute (the exclusive humble game)

A good selection this time - unfortunately, once again, I already own the majority of them, BUT I have been eyeing Styx for quite a while, but just never got around to pulling the trigger on it.

I'm building up a fair collection of duplicate game keys...might have to think up something to do with them at some point...hmmm...

Oh and next months early game is Dragon's Dogma which is not too shabby at all (but again, something I already own)

I was going to cancel this month because I already had Stardew Valley but I was distracted in the middle of cancelling and forgot to do it, then it was charged the next day. I too am building up a backlog of duplicate games.... I already have Stardew, Rogue Galaxy and Styx.

Rogue Galaxy is a pretty decent space ship trader/privateer/pirate game. I only played it for a few hours though before I felt like I'd experienced most of what it has to offer.

I've been tempted to buy Broforce in the past, but I don't really need another side-scrolling action game in my life...

I already have Dragon's Dogma on PS3... so again, nothing draws me forward but I'll probably just keep going anyway, just to see if there's some ultra-hidden gem I would never try otherwise. It's only $12 after all.

You need BroForce in your life, son.

I have Dragon's Dogma, so I was going to cancel my subscription until a teaser I wanted showed up, but Humble lets you pause your subscription. So I did that instead. As for this bundle, the only dupe I had was Styx.

I let it ride this month even though I had Stardew Valley. I'm happy I did. I've been wanting Broforce and Rebel Galaxy for a while now and Kathy Rain looks awesome.


Paid off nicely for me this month. Couple of things I had on my wishlist but couldn't justify buying...

- Dragons Dogma was the early release game.
- The Escapists (and a bunch of DLC)
- Mordheim: City of the Damned (!)
- Hacknet
- Western Press (?)
- The Flame and the Flood
- Minion Masters
and the original - Yojimbrawl.

and next month's early release is Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (!)

Hacknet is so damn sweet.

Excited that more will get to try it out now.

The last couple of bundles have been underwhelming to me so I passed on this one.

There are a couple of titles I'm sorry I missed (The Flame and the Flood & Mordheim: City of the Damned) but I'll survive...*


until the Winter Sale

sr_malo wrote:

There are a couple of titles I'm sorry I missed (The Flame and the Flood & Mordheim: City of the Damned) but I'll survive...*


until the Winter Sale


Those are the 2 I would have liked, especially The Flame and the Flood, but there will be other bargains.

Ooo, XCom 2 next month! Was just about to suspend for a month or three but nope!

Got a couple more things I didn't have this month, so it gets another reprive!

- Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
- plus Schluesselschloss and The Outsider DLC
- Project CARS
- Mother Russia Bleeds
- Neon Chrome
- Jotun (the only one I already had)
- HoPiKo
- Kimmy (some sort of visual novel thing? the non-steam game of the month)

Ok, here's an odd case..... I bought Neon Chrome during the steam sale and have only played it an hour.... how bad would it be to ask for a refund to that, only to put it back on my account moments later?

CatPhoenix wrote:

Ok, here's an odd case..... I bought Neon Chrome during the steam sale and have only played it an hour.... how bad would it be to ask for a refund to that, only to put it back on my account moments later?

Naw, I did that with Book of Demons. Bought it, loved it, then bought the supporter bundle from the developer directly, refunded it via Steam and put the bundle key in Steam a moment later. Worked great.

Looks like a good bundle even if I had two of the games already. Next month is probably good too. Except I already have xcom 2.:/