Painting Miniatures

Bfgp wrote:

Amazing work in here!

Perhaps two decades ago I bought a starter Empire paint kit with my lunch money. I gave up shortly thereafter.

Any good starter resources on how to properly paint?

I enjoyed using the Reaper Learn To Paint kits. There are at least two separate kits, the first teaches base coats, washes, and dry brushing. The second kit is blending, glazing, and lining which I have not started yet.

Two more Orkz! A kitbashed Big Mek, and the limited edition oldschool Gitstompa!


Are you painting with less washes these days? I really like the skin on those orks! Great highlights on the second one's belly.

Long time no see, I've been having a bit of a painting slump these past few months. I've been following the thread of course still, great work all of you!

Finally managed to pick up the brush over the holiday break and did these ladies


They're the orc cheerleading squad for Blood Bowl.

Yeah, I've almost completely banished washes from my pallet when it comes to organics, and characters. I go all layers. The washes get saved for real big metal things like vehicles and stuff like that gun-arm. I use Vallejo paints mostly futzing with tones and saturation as I go. I do like the army painter silver though. Citadel paints are nice but their orc formulas are a bit de-saturated for my taste. And I hate the pots and how they never quite close. I've abandoned them for usability of the standard dropper style paints.

Its funny, I look at my own stuff and it just looks like sloppy garbage unless I stand a few extra feet away or compare it to my stuff from this time last year.

Hey Farscry. I'm really sorry for the loss of your friend. f*cking sucks. I'm sending you a PM.

Here's my new project for 2021, I've always loved Tyranids so I bit the bullet and bought a bunch of models. I've got enough for a full Killteam now.

While my painting skills haven't improved too much, I think I'm getting better with bolder colours. I just wanted very bright, very vibrant stuff...And coming from a wash-heavy painting style, it's been a real challenge. Anyway, I'm channeling my absolute love for Louise Sugden's style here (in my own beginner way).


Love the vibrant colors on them. It's like they are Tyranids who are into 70s progressive rock.

Those are great, the colours are really eye catching and the bright pink grass really adds to the effect. Nice work.

My son and I are going to be hopping into an online hobby hangout organised by local gaming group this weekend. Both of us are in a bit of a painting lull at tho mo and hoping this can kickstart our enthusiasm.

I've got a monstrous demon type large mini from massive darkness going to paint as a gift. Going to try out some new to me techniques (in bright pinks and blues as it goes too)

Edit. And now I know can maybe throw bright green into the mix too and it'll look pretty cool. Ta!

Awesome 'nids! Was the grass tricky to paint?

My anthropologist brother is trying to decide if the Tyranids are brightly colored for mating rituals or as camouflage, given the wild plant color

Probably the later; since its a hive mind mating rituals are "probably" less important. But its all fiction so who knows.

Anybody remember Boy Meets World? Will Friedle, who played Eric, is friends with the Critical Role crew and was even on a couple of memorable episodes of the first season. Turns out that when he first started playing tabletop games with them (before the show) he showed up with a mini that he colored in with magic marker. Since the, he's become a much better painter. This is his third show, I think, about painting minis but in this one he's got the semi-manic weirdness he had in the later season of BMW while actually showing actual techniques. I thought I'd throw it up.


Bit of a fast and dirty paintjob for my boys in gold. I've been almost-speed-painting these up because I'm way behind on my pile of shame and bought a few too many issues of Mortal Realms.

I was struggling to push contrast with the gold and purple colour-scheme but tried splitting the shield and really like how it turned out!

Something a little different! This Martian Manhunter mini was a bit smaller than I'm used to! I practiced glazing for the first time (on the cloak) and overall just had a lot of fun painting it.

Could it be better? Sure. But it's mine and I'm happy ^_^



I haven't been able to paint much at all this year. We had a sudden move, and I had to keep my stuff packed up for a while. Then I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, which has given me pretty shaky hands.

Here's the result of getting fed up with my shaky hands and just going really, really slow. Took a few hours but I'm pretty proud of the result considering my current condition.

I actually lost the axe head years ago and today decided to just give him a needlessly large sword instead.



Hey look, I’m still here!

My boys are getting into more complicated board games now, so we’ve busted out Stuffed Fables, which has been sitting on my shelf for years. I’m working through painting the figures as we play. Here are the Heroes:


Great job on the stuffies.


Those are excellent! So clean. They really look the part

I just finished my 500 point Death Guard army for a local league.



And I finally decided what colours I want to use for my Nighthaunt


Trying to remind myself to only paint these at 70% capacity because there will be so many...

Awesome work both of you! Feegle so crisp yet smooth. Those Nurgle are going to look brilliant in game A-unicycle, way above tabletop standard. Love the fella with the fly head.

I have finally got back to painting myself after a handful of months in a bit of a hobby slump. Will post a couple pics when job done.

my next project! (If I ever find the spare time)...


A 3d print from somewhere Pyxi?

yep. The model was from a kickstarter and one of the players (current DM) in my (theoretical) meatspace group bought themselves a 3D printer so i am going to be veeerrrrry annoying for the immediate future

but you can still get them from

I'm so impressed with the quality of 3D printing for miniatures. I feel like it's only recently become a great alternative! Looks crisp and fun to paint!

Very, very tempted to purchase one, but I'm wary of the fumes as I'd have to use it in this study I'm...well, studying in for the next few years.

Anyway, keen to see what you do with it pyxistyx!

A_Unicycle wrote:

Very, very tempted to purchase one, but I'm wary of the fumes as I'd have to use it in this study I'm...well, studying in for the next few years.

Far be it from me to enable, but folks over in the 3d printing thread can probably talk you through that. Spoiler, it's totally manageable.

i came VERY close to ordering one back during second lockdown but knowing someone local who has one is the next best thing. I'll just throw 'em a bottle of resin now and again as needed.

you're one of the good ones. Most people (in my experience) don't think about that.

One thing I've seen is that the resin printers are much better for the kind of resolution that miniatures tend want (or need!) The filament ones just don't get as smooth or clean.

We have a resin one at work that I've been invited to use for personal use as long as it's not being used, but yes, I always offer to buy some material.

Been thinking about one for myself too, but not sure where to start. That thread might be a good place, ta Pyxi.

I have seen, when looking into buying prints that there are eco resins that are supposed to be less stinky toxic. How true this is I'll ask in that thread


I've fallen into a pleasant little groove with painting lately. I was initially intimidated by these because I have about 40 of them, but they are still relaxing to paint. I'll pop on a podcast and just zone out.

Seeing the 3 I've finished with these new colours in my display cabinet makes me excited to see them on the tabletop as a massive horde!