Tesla Solar and Electric Cars

Lithium-ion batteries charge and discharge less efficiently in cold weather. All chemical batteries do, actually. It's the same reason why the lead-acid battery for an internal combustion engine has a harder time cranking it in the cold.

Also the batteries themselves perform worse when they get below a certain temperature (they call it "cold soaked") and will run at lower efficiency until you've run the car for a while and warmed them up. Teslas, at least, wake up periodically and warm the batteries enough to make sure they're not inoperable, but it's a good idea to leave it plugged in in colder climates as much as possible.

Preordered a Model Y for the wife. What’s everybody thoughts on full automative drive? Worth the 5k or a gimmick?

I think if you do a lot of interstate time and road trips, probably worth it. Otherwise pass, but the value of money is subjective.

We're in! Picked up our Model 3 mid-range on Wednesday and have been tooling around NY and NJ all through the weekend.


re: Full autopilot. It currently doesn't exist. Tesla is notoriously late and lowering expectations for the feature for a few years now. Beyond that I think there are some serious regulatory issues that will get in the way of "full" self driving soon, meaning the tech will be way better than you can get now by the time it really works.

If you buy FSD now, you're entering early adopter territory. You'll get some cool features for sure, but it will never quite achieve the current perception of what it will be.

For reference, on the SAE autonomy scale I'd wager the current tech backing Tesla's FSD feature will top out at level 3, with shades of level 4.

I don't own a Tesla, but looking from the outside, I share Orphu's opinion that the company will probably never get self-driving working properly. That is an incredibly hard problem, and I think it will happen slowly, in stages, and people kinda won't notice when it really starts to roll out, because it will be so incremental.

Basically, look at whatever features that package offers today, and buy based purely on that feature set. If what it does right now is worth $5K, great, buy it. If it isn't, hold off until they're actually shipping what you want.

Note also that they've been getting kinda weird with pricing and introducing substantial discounts, and then not refunding people who preordered at a higher price. So if you buy it for $5K today, and then put it on sale for $2K later (which I think just recently happened, in the last few weeks), then they will not give you your $3K back, even though they haven't shipped it to you yet. So also be sure that you won't have buyer's remorse if it goes on sale for less money in the future, because you're probably stuck with the original deal.

Just to clear that up, they did substantially lower the cost for a while, with a promise to compensate folks that already bought in with a HW3 upgrade and an invite to the early access program. (ha!)

That only lasted a few weeks though as there were some pretty upset folks. Prices are back where they were and some folks got it at a nice discount if they bought in that window.