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OG_slinger wrote:

They pushed hard to get climb up the tech tree so they could contact orbital traders. Then, even though they were so short handed, they worked to craft items they could sell so they could get their buddy a prosthetic leg and free him from his hospital room prison.

Finally, after literally waiting two entire years they heard a weapons trader was in orbit. And, as luck would have it, they also had a leg for sale.

The colony's best doc, someone they had saved from the local savages, did the surgery and it was successful. The colonist was able to leave the hospital room that had been his entire world for nearly three years. He immediately bolted outside and just laid on the ground looking at the stars instead of the ceiling of that tiny room.

He probably took the bullet to the head on purpose. I bet he was really pissed off that instead of installing a peg leg the very day he lost it, he had to wait 3 long years in that prison cell of a hospital bed for his so-called friends to find him a prosthetic leg. What kind of a cruel joke were they playing on him. Ain't nothing wrong with a peg leg and all it costs is a piece of wood and some alcohol to dull the pain.

I'm not sure your tag has ever been more apt (or disturbing), Copingsaw.

Copingsaw wrote:

He probably took the bullet to the head on purpose. I bet he was really pissed off that instead of installing a peg leg the very day he lost it, he had to wait 3 long years in that prison cell of a hospital bed for his so-called friends to find him a prosthetic leg. What kind of a cruel joke were they playing on him. Ain't nothing wrong with a peg leg and all it costs is a piece of wood and some alcohol to dull the pain.

Rather than embarrassingly admit that I didn't know about peg legs, I'll just claim that the colony's founding charter explicitly prohibited pirate-like affectations.

That and my colonies typically end in an orgy of violence and/or fire, typically, with the last colonist being that bastard who can't fight fires, haul stuff, or do the basic things that need to happen to stay alive.

OG_slinger wrote:

That and my colonies typically end in an orgy of violence and/or fire, typically, with the last colonist being that bastard who can't fight fires, haul stuff, or do the basic things that need to happen to stay alive.

This is one of the things that I think should be changed about the game. Instead of having colonists unable to complete certain tasks, they should be able to complete them but it comes along with a severe happiness penalty. This would be more realistic without changing the intent of the negative characteristic. After all, who is going to starve to death when faced with the option of hauling/cooking vs dying.

Hi all! I'd like to begin my first Let's Play via the forums of this awesome game! This playthrough will feature the Rocket League Community, one of the my favorite of the many active GWJ sub-communities. The first three colonists of this standard crash-landing scenario are particularly active contributors to the thread: Norfair (1, 2, 3), Antichulius (1, 2, 3), and Kazar (1, 2). Please feel free to check out their linked content (videos and screenshots). And of course, please feel free to join in the frequent games in curse and in the steam group!

These entries will be screencap intensive. Each episode will be under spoilers so you don't need to load all the pictures until desired. Feel free to peruse the full map of the area in high quality format and/or play along with the location coordinates or original save file.

But without further ado, let's begin the story of the....

Grounded Wheel Jockies

Episode 1: At Least It's Not Wasteland....

(The 6th of Spring through the 11th)

After a full night of drinking and driving at the latest Bottle Rockets Saturday night party, our drivers awaken to find themselves crash landed in a temperate forest. A quick triangulation lets them know they've landed at roughly 21.87°E and 28.27°N in the seed "gamerswithjobs", a rich patch of farmland between rolling hills. Kazar, Norfair, and Antichulius (ante-KOO-lius) are well known from Beckwith Park to Wasteland for their inventive play, but today they find themselves without their trusty wheels. They will have to rely on their other sets of skills to survive.


As it turns out, they each have a good mix of skills that seem to compliment each other. Norfair is a passable cook, but enjoys medicine and interacting with animals. Kazar is born to mine, but is a competent negotiator and researcher. Antichulius loves to build and to grow things, but is pretty capable across the board. Like most Rocket Leaguers, they each love to shoot!

Looking cautiously, they see the wreckage of their ship falling all around them. Thankfully, Kazar's trusty dog Takumi survived the crash. They grab a weapon just in case some of the local wildlife proves ornery. Norfair takes the hunting rifle and Antichulius tucks the pistol into her jumpsuit. Kazar grumbles as he is left the plasteel knife. The three split and begin hauling their belongings to a safer location, but Norfair begins clearing some nearby land for planting.


But he promptly throws up all over himself and his crops due to a bout of nasty cryptosleep sickness.


Antichulius wastes no time and grabs some wood for shelter. Quickly four walls and a door are erected. She's focusing intently on her task and doesn't notice that Norfair and Takumi have wandered in. Norfair is folllowing the lady labrador retriever around with some olives, repeating basic obedience commands. Antichulius is a bit shocked when Norfair makes a pass at her and quickly rebuffs him.


She returns to her task as he sulks after Takumi, failing to train the dog as well. Come the midday break, Norfair heads out on his own to console his wounded ego. He cloudwatches next to a herd of muffalo and they low gently in response to his gripes.


Renewed, he begins training the nearby muffalo and boar, hoping to get one of these creatures to follow him.



They accept the food willingly, but make no move to follow Norfair home. With the sun falling, Norfair makes one more attempt to train Takumi and succeeds!


Meanwhile Kazar has been hauling without complaint and just began cutting down some trees at Antichulius's request. She finished the room and it's full furnishings. Each person has their own bed and a stool at the dinner table. With the flooring only partially complete, the trio and friend settle in to sleep. Takumi curls up at the head of Kazar's bed and they fall exhausted into sleep.


The 7th of Spring begins without fanfare. Diligent Kazar is the first one out of bed.


He begins clearing some more wood out of the rich soil area. Norfair follows his lead and sets about sowing a patch of corn to compliment the rice planted yesterday. Meanwhile, Antichulius begins taking apart the slate wall. She's got some ideas for defensive structures and wants some solid stone to make them a reality.


By midday break, the corn is sown and a good crop of wood is cut down. To escape some afternoon rain, the group settles in at the table for a nice chat.


They end the day hauling their gains to the uncovered stockpile area, all while chatting amiably. Past rejections are forgotten in the good cheer.

Kazar is the first to greet the day again on 8th, but Norfair is up close behind him. Kazar continues his non-stop hauling while Norfair heads to the stockpile to pick up some training treats. Antichulius is dreaming of a way to protect the stockpile with all of the wood Kazar has cut down.


Taking his bucket of apples under his arm, Norfair follows the muffalo herd out into the open plains. He chooses a female to train first, and after some gentle gestures she sidles up to him and let's him feed her! She's ready to join the colony!


Emboldened by his success, Norfair chooses a male of roughly the same age and tries again with his lucky apples! Success!! The male muffalo follows Norfair back to the base as well!


It's only after the fact that Norfair realizes these friendly lumbering beasts aren't the smartest of animals. They will be unable to help out with hauling around the base, but can supply milk and wool. What the lack in intelligence they also lack in modesty. As soon as they arrive at the base, they christen the newly constructed stockpile room with a bout of rowdy love-making. Antichulius courteously turns away from the display and focuses on her construction.


Cheered by the good news, Kazar takes a welcome break from hauling to plant some hay for the new animals.


After building the stockpile room, Antichulius sets out to deconstruct nearby walls for some stop-gap defensive positions.



Kazar takes a break from sowing to head out past the muffalo and greet a trader from a nearby tribe. The old man is suffering from a bad back and is very slow in getting to the base.


Judging the prices fair, Kazar opts to buy all of the traders medicine and components. They end the night quietly and fall asleep quickly.

Greeting the morning of the 9th of Spring before the rest of the colony, Kazar decides to name the settlement Neolithic Tokyo given their lack of modern amenities and dependence on rice. He hopes the other colonists enjoy the irony when they see the signs on the buildings, but they fail to notice the change during the morning of brisk hauling and building.

Antichulius starts work on a central meeting room and plans for a wind turbine nearby. She asks Kazar to clear the area in front of the turbine and he nods assent. During the afternoon break, Kazar lies down in the field he's clearing and contemplates work that isn't plant cutting or hauling. Meanwhile, Norfair makes another attempt to woo Antichulius and is again rejected.


Shortly after their afternoon break, the colonists are alerted by Takumi's barking. She alerts them to a nearby squirrel who has become rabid and is approaching the base at speed. Antichulius and Norfair hide behind a set of doors and take aim at the approaching squirrel.


Taking steady and careful aim, Norfair and Antichulius down the squirrel before it got within 20 meters. Destroying its left lung in the first volley, they finish it off in the second.

As night falls, Anti requests that the new meeting room be cleared of debris while she builds the wind turbine. Kazar continues to grumble about the hauling, but at least he and Norfair have some good conversations while working.


Once again, Kazar is the first out of bed on the morning of the 10th. Consequently, he's the first to notice that the rice is coming in! Giddy to be doing something other than hauling, he throws himself into harvesting. Norfair spies a nearby boar and tries to tame him. Antichulius begins hauling steel and components to the wind turbine.


The accepts the apples, but doesn't respond otherwise. Norfair opts to join Kazar in the rice field and they strike up a pleasant conversation while at work.


As they chat, they're greeted from afar by a friendly voice. Cayne, a fellow Rocket Leaguer, has also been stranded on the planet, and is incredibly happy to join the colony.


She's a 70 year old with a past that keeps catching up to her. She's terribly afraid of anything violent or above her own perceived intellectual capacity, but the activities she enjoys she approaches with optimism and a quick work ethic. She wants to enjoy a peaceful retirement of growing crops, working with animals, and creating beautiful sculptures.

Her initial reception into the colony is slightly chilly however. During the afternoon break, Norfair and Kazar avoid her attempts at chit-chat completely opting to watch the clouds instead.


After finishing up on a battery to stores excess turbine energy, Antichulius sits down at the table to greet the newcomer. Over the conversation, she suggests that perhaps the reason the boys are so intimidated by Cayne is the fact that she's completely naked except for a set of shoulderpads. Cayne promises she'll be on the lookout for some more clothing.

No sooner does Cayne leave than Norfair sits down with his prospective paramour. Cayne listens to the awkward conversation while connecting the battery to a power line.


After that, Cayne sets up a food preparing table so Norfair can begin pursuing his cooking interest.


She also begins sharing her extensive planting knowledge. Kazar watches on as Cayne plants some medicinal herbs near the new corn field he just established.


While the boys warm to Cayne slowly, Antichulius realizes the group has collected just enough slate blocks to completely wall off the southern approach to the base! Hauling as much as she can, she begins laying the foundation for the wall as the sun sets.


Like most septuagenarians, Cayne keeps a shortened sleep schedule. At 3am on the 11th, Cayne thinks better of chatting up people at the table, and decides to build a chair for Norfair's cooking station as a peace offering.


That completed, she heads slightly north and befriends a female muffalo on her first try!


The other colonists are woken early from their beds to a single voice screaming "Wheels Must Race!" The Burning Team, a local group of fanatic Trackmania cultists, have sent a scouting party of one unsuspecting oaf to intimidate our Rocket Leaguers into conforming to their race-only belief set. Tail, armed only with a club and a set of sunglasses, approaches the base at an exposed hillside approach near the wind turbine. Sensing no option for peaceful arbitration, Norfair sets up a trap nearby.


After loosing only one volley, he retreats to Antichulius who has cover nearer to the base.


A well-aimed pistol shot cripples the cultist! Norfair and Antichulius quickly confer over whether this person is worth saving and potentially healing. Given that the party doesn't have a prisoner bed or a dedicated medical bay yet, and the fact that the person was a psycopathic pyromaniac, they choose to dispatch Tail from this world. Coolly, Norfair and Antichulius use the prone figure of Tail for target practice.


With the disturbance of the nearby gunfire, the local wildlife are nervous. Cayne uses the distraction to tame a nearby boar and bring it back to the indoor shelter!


What will happen when the Burning Team strikes back? Tune in next time for the trials and tribulations of the Grounded Wheel Jockies.

And please do let me know what you think of the format of the episodes. I'd love your help making the episodes easier to enjoy! My google-fu didn't turn up a guide for the bbcode formatting particular to this forum, so I wasn't able to make it look exactly as I'd like just yet. If anyone has a link to a guide that works, I'd love it!!

Kronen wrote:

And please do let me know what you think of the format of the episodes. I'd love your help making the episodes easier to enjoy! My google-fu didn't turn up a guide for the bbcode formatting particular to this forum, so I wasn't able to make it look exactly as I'd like just yet. If anyone has a link to a guide that works, I'd love it!!

First one was a fun read.

Right below the text box where you write your comment is a link 'More information about text formats'. That gives GWJ-specific BBCode help I think.

Alpha 15 is live. Yippee!!!

'This version adds a rich tutorial, an intelligent learning helper to help you pick up the game, a new drug system, deep drilling to provide resources in the end game, and a giant pile of other smaller improvements and fixes.'

Change list:



Added new rich tutorial with step-by-step instructions.
Tutorial teaches the basics of setting up a game, building a small self-sustaining colony, and defeating the first
Tutorial locks out irrelevant controls and highlights relevant controls.
At the end of the tutorial, the player can continue the game with a normal storyteller.

Learning helper

Added new learning helper system to replace yellow pop-up messages and yellow learning alerts.
Learning helper sits in the top right of the screen. If something happens relating to a concept the player hasn't learned, that lesson will be activated and shown on the learning helper. It can then be opened and read. Lessons are automatically marked as learned when the player does the necessary interaction, and can be marked as learned manually. Lessons are shown as needed by circumstance, or on a slow timer. The overall idea is that you'll never be shown a lesson you already know, but always be shown the lessons you need to know now.
Learning helper can be expanded and searched for any lesson, so you can look up how to do a specific thing at any time.

Drugs system

Added new drugs system. It's not just beer any more!
Drugs typically create up to four effects. Not all drugs have all effects.
Primary - The valuable short-term effect, whether it improves mood or work focus or combat effectiveness or makes one immune to a disease.
Overdose - Excessive drug usage in a short time can build up blood toxicity, leading to unconsciousness and possible death.
Tolerance - Long-term usage of a drug can build up a tolerance which makes subsequent usage less and less effective in producing the high.
Addiction - Drug use can form an addiction. This generates a new need for the drug which the pawn will try to feed regularly. If the need isn't fed, the pawn will develop withdrawal symptoms (low mood, reduced consciousness). Eventually withdrawal will pass and the addiction will go away.
Drugs can be assigned for regular taking through the drug policy system. Similar to Outfits, drug policies are an assigned schedule for taking drugs. You can set any number of drugs, each with a frequency. For example, you can assign a colonist to drink 2 beers every day, and take one Malari-Block every 5 days.
The drugs are:
Beer - Improved mood but worsened capacities. Addictive.
Malari-block - Prevents malaria infection for 5 days.
Yayo - Stimulant pleasure drug, addictive.
Flake - Cheap, short high, very addictive.
Wake-up - Improves work performance, addictive.
Smokeleaf - Improved mood but worsened capacities. More hunger, slower movement. Can form dependence.
Go-Juice - Synthetic futuristic combat drug. Boost speed and fighting capacity tremendously. Addictive.
Luciferium - Glitterworld mechanites that give huge bonuses to most capacities. However, without repeated doses the user goes insane and dies. It is impossible to clear the addiction, and the drug is 100% addictive on one dose.
Drugs are produced in various ways, typically at the new Drug Lab building, from various precursor chemicals and growable crops. They require research to create.

Deep drilling

The map now spawns with clusters of underground resources. These can be accessed by building a deep scanner to find them, and then building deep drills on top of them, and then working the drills. This slowly produces the resource.
Deep drilling tech is at the end of the tech tree. This should mitigate late-game resource exhaustion problems.


Mood is now drawn subtly behind the pawn on the colonist readout at the top of the screen.
You can now produce medicine from herbal medicine, neutroamine (a precursor chemical you buy), and cloth. Requires research.
Added passive cooler building. Made of wood and low tech, it cools a room for a short time. Good for passing heat waves as a tribe.
Added a 'copy building' tool which lets you quickly select the designator for a building through an existing copy of that building.
Beer production now takes several stages: Colonists make wort (unfermented beer) at the brewer table, then leave it in fermenting barrels for a while, after which they can harvest it as beer.
Infestation can now only spawn under a thick roof.
Gear tab now shows aggregate stats about armor and comfy temperatures.
Raider steal a bit more often now.
Factored MapGeneratorDef apart into separate GenStepDefs which can be modded or inserted individually. This will allow modders to change the MapGenerator without blowing away each others' changes.
Added alert: Need warm clothes.
Mods can now be dragged to reorder them in the mods page.
Re-tuned food finding algorithm.
Hunters will no longer hunt without a ranged weapon.
Debuffed corn a bit.
Reworked trade interface to clearly state what kind of trader they are, and to list items they're not willing to trade.
Reworked trader stock generators so traders carry and accept more sensible items for their type.
You can now request traders by calling allied factions. It costs silver.
Chance to spring known traps is reduced from 2.5% to 0.4%.
Friendly fire chances reduced by 60% for fly-by shots (shots that miss and land in the cell with a pawn have the same chance to hit as before).
Added a message when food spoils in storage.
Fix: Pawns don't get 'catharsis' mood gainer thought after a mental break.
Rename PDW to Machine pistol.
Torches and campfires are no longer destroyed near-instantly by rain/snow. They instead consume fuel faster.
Torches consume fuel a bit faster overall.
Fueled generator consumes fuel faster and holds less fuel.
Plant sow and harvest are now slower.
Debuffed fists.
Reduced volume of idle animal calls at high time speeds.
Smithing is now a prerequisite for Machining research.
Added a toggleable view that shows roofs in glowing green.
Hundreds of other balance changes, text fixes, redesigns, and bug fixes.

Sooo stoked for the Tutorial system.

Of course this major update would drop at exact moment I nabbed 'The Reaper's Due' DLC for CK2, LOL. :p

Well sh*t.. That's good news though.

Does this game support older version save files well? (i.e. is it better for me to just start the lets play over?) Can I just load up older versions of the game easily?

Anyone know if fluffy has his/her mod suite updated?

Probably better at this point to scrap the material already prepared and play the new version.

Yeah, you can play older versions if you want to continue a current save file. I think they mostly get borked with game updates.

From the link above:

'For Steam players, if you want to continue with Alpha 14 for any reason, you can get on the 'alpha14' beta branch in Steam. In the Steam Library, right click RimWorld, click Properties, go to the Betas tab, select 'alpha14' in the drop-down list, and restart Steam.'

For Mods, there's typically a lag before they're updated for the latest build. Fluffy is popular enough in the community that I imagine it won't take long. Best part is that since it's part of Steam Workshop, all mods will auto-update the moment they're ready to go.

Thank you sir! That helps nicely!

Yea, it just makes sense to play the current version and scrap the play for the first 3 episodes already completed as it's such a small part of what it would take to complete a run. Just my grouchiness speaking :).

Very fun to read kronen!

So while F5ing the Community Core workshop page every 3 hours so I can recommence the Grounded Wheel Jockies, I've started up a fun husband-and-wife themed game. Guess who shows up to sell us another puppy!?!?!


What do you say Hrdina? Is an expert shooter incapable of social, caring, skilled labor or scary pretty accurate ? I was going to capture you, but your posse would have slain us easily...

Kronen wrote:

So while F5ing the Community Core workshop page every 3 hours so I can recommence the Grounded Wheel Jockies, I've started up a fun husband-and-wife themed game. Guess who shows up to sell us another puppy!?!?!


What do you say Hrdina? Is an expert shooter incapable of social, caring, skilled labor or scary pretty accurate ? I was going to capture you, but your posse would have slain us easily...


I think a "3" overrates my artistic ability, but otherwise that's accurate. Even the age is pretty damned close (not the gender, though).

It's nice that an "expert shooter" is carrying around a limestone club.

You're the second person I know who has seen my character show up as an NPC. I didn't survive last time, though.

Last week RPS started a brief (3-part) diary of Rimworld. Part 1 was entertaining.

Welcome to Bogdan's Rest

Just this weekend I sent in the request to get a Steam key. I haven't played in a while, but might if I see it sitting there in my Steam library, being updated automatically rather than expecting me to download the latest version...

Thanks for the link! I laughed out loud at this part:


...the hotel’s pet cat Conga, who was lying asleep in its basket during the whole thing. I don’t like Conga, because he regularly crawls into the freezer and eats our ready-made meals. Some day I hope to sell him for drugs as well.

After two weeks of waiting on tenterhooks, I've decided to just jump in and begin the Alpha 15 playthrough. The dev team to the incredibly important Community Core Library has been a bit coded with their response to the necessary updates. The latest after weeks of mixed messages, "Team members are on vacation, please be patient" prompted me to just jump and in hope the save file loads the mods when updated. The list of currently operational mods and the ones I hope to run once CCL updates can be found in this image.

Let's jump back into the reboot of Grounded Wheel Jockies: a Rimworld Let's Play by forum featuring our awesome Rocket League community. Our three colonists have been carefully saved from the last playthrough. Norfair (1, 2, 3), Antichulius (Ante-KOO-lius) (1, 2, 3), and Kazar (1, 2) hardly need any introduction. Here's an extended map of the surrounding terrain. Feel free to play along with the original save file.

But without any more delay, let's begin the story of the...

Grounded Wheel Jockies

Episode 1: "The Starving Artist."

(The 6th through the 11th of Spring)

In a tale all too familiar, our (soon to be ex-) Rocket League drivers find themselves crashed landed in a drunken haze on unfamiliar terrain. The previous evening's festivities, a rowdy night of Bottle Rockets drinking and debauchery, left them unable to safely navigate home. If nothing else, the morale of this story is to never drink and Rumble. Let's meet the first survivors:


As it turns out, our colonists each have a good mix of skills that seem to compliment each other. Norfair is a passable cook, but enjoys medicine and interacting with animals. Kazar is born to mine, but is a competent negotiator and researcher. Antichulius loves to build and to grow things, but is pretty capable across the board. Like most Rocket Leaguers, they each love to shoot!

Our colonists find themselves stranded in heavy hills. Immediately next to their landing zone, a gigantic room looms ominously nearby....


Having picked up their weapons, the trio opts to settle farther into the protective boundaries of the surrounding hillside. An almost half-moon shaped hill with wide swath of rich farmland nearby looks perfect! Antichulius sets aside room for the first bedroom while the guys start hauling their belongings near the rock cover. Dominus, Kazar's faithful husky, follows along at a leisurely pace marking the pack's territory as he goes.


Kazar begins harvesting some food for Dominus. He leaves some berries on the ground for the approaching dog, and then grabs some nearby mushrooms that look tasty. Norfair wastes no time clearing the first field for crops and Antichulius lugs the first load of wood over to the first bedroom.


As the first walls and doors go up, Norfair grabs some of the fare that Kazar has prepared and attempts to train Dominus. With Kazar looking on and offering encouragement, Norfair trains Dominus in obedience successfully on the first try!


With a well-fed Dominus nipping at her heels, Antichulius finishes the shelter for the trio in the protective crook of the rock. She's made much quick progress than the two guys have at clearing the nearby field and trees.


After installing a good section of the flooring, Antichulius decides to spend the afternoon break on a walk with Dominus. The guys plop down on their backs in the noon sun and idly chat while watching the clouds slowly shift.


The afternoon break done, Norfair enters the room to continue the husky's training. He succeeds again! In passing he compliments Antichulius for the excellent progress erecting the room.


A bit chuffed, she decides to join him outside and finish off the rest of that field of crops. The trio settles into a pleasant bout of conversation while working.


Kazar and Antichulius in particular have a string of deep conversations. They have really bonded in the short time making the best of the situation. Antichulius falls asleep with a very good impression of her new found good friend.


Norfair wakes first with the rising sun. While enjoying a fresh coconut, he surveys the remaining sections of the field and plots (sorry, couldn't resist) the rest of his day.


With an excess of wood from Kazar's efforts, Antichulius begins laying down the framework for a central eating area. Norfair takes a break from sowing to see if Dominus can be swayed into learning about hauling with the rest of his morning coconut. Dominus is having none of it however and turns to go back in doors.


With the main meeting area nearing completion, Kazar decides to dig a big refrigerator into the gigantic rock formation nearby. Pulling out his trusty pick he attacks the mountain with relish and quickly excavates a large portion.


The front section of fridge surprisingly took only a morning to dig out. Satisfied with the completion of the field, fridge and room, the trio enjoys a game of horseshoes.


The friendships forming and fast getting very deep. Indeed Antichulius thinks very highly of Kazar in particular. Could something be forming between the two of them?


As the sun sets, the group decides to build up some power reserves for the base. Kazar and Norfair clear the area for Antichulius to install the first windturbine.


Having cleared the area sufficiently, Kazar and Norfair have a nice chat while both overseeing the training of Dominus. Antichulius decides to build a large table and chairs for the group in the middle of the room.


Fully rested, the group begins the 8th of Spring split into groups. Norfair fails at training Dominus without Kazar's support. Kazar meanwhile clears a space for the fridge's first cooler and then starts hauling all the crashed goods to the zones. Anti begins the tedious installation of the circuitry to run the base. Come noon break, they're all exhausted and frustrated. Anti opts to laze about far away from the circuits. Kazar and Norfair discuss training methods for Dominus.


Refreshed, the group seems to make more progress in the afternoon. Fast friends Kazar and Antichulius settle in for another deep chat over dinner, while Norfair begins planting a patch of cotton.


The colony sleeps well that night. Completely exhausted, they fail to notice that a traveler from the nearby tribe of Blue Ridge has come to visit. Not wanting to intrude, Blue the guard takes up sentry duty outside the bedroom of the colony and makes sure no one troubles their sleep.


They quartet shares a quick meal in the morning after which Kazar peruses his goods. As expected, he has nothing of value to offer and is dismissed genially. In the meantime, Anti and Norfair continue planting. With her extensive knowledge of plants, Antichulius plants a couple rows of healroot. The herb will serve as medicine in the event they exhaust their stores. Without complaint, Kazar hauls away the cleared brush from the field being worked.


Kazar begins hauling in some of the steel from the distant hillsides. The journey takes several hours per haul.


While he's away, a nearby rabbit turns rabid and charges the base. Taking careful aim, Norfair dispatches the rabbit in one shot.


While in the neighborhood, Norfair spots a friendly-looking young female boar and tries to lure her back to the base with some mushroom. She's having none of it however and leaves Norfair alone after the treat is eaten.


That wasn't the worst rejection Norfair was to experience that night however. Norfair returned to the base in the early evening. Under the soft glow of the newly installed lamp, Norfair was swept away by Antichulius's classic beauty. With her passing by concentrating on the next lamp to install, Norfair lets his feelings be known. Antichulius brusquely turns him aside in search of steel for the lamp. Could she be holding her heart for her good friend Kazar?


Having failed in many ways during the day, Norfair takes a late meal and grumbles to himself in frustration while the others sleep peacefully.


On the morning of the 10th, Norfair decides to join Kazar on one of his long distance steel hauls. Following behind him they set off into the hills.


After two runs, the guys are exhausted and spend the afternoon break playing horseshoes in the main room. It's a bit hard to do with all the guide markers and measurements from Antichulius on the ground however. She's planning the installation of some wood floors and doesn't want her plans disturbed.


Their game is disrupted by calls from the distance! A friend and fellow Rocket Leaguer has found the colony after wandering in the distance.


EasilyBaffled calls out his arrival and the colony lets out a small cheer. EasilyBaffled is an expert artist with a strong passion for research and growing. Unbeknownst to the other colonists however, he harbors a secret craving for human flesh. This secret longing is what fuels his deep and complicated compositions. But how will he keep his secret from his fellow colonists? One things for certain, he's not going to be doing much sneaking around.


The 74 year old suffers from a bad back, frail torso and gunshot wound in his right foot. All put together, it means that old Baffled moves with just 30% efficiency. The group is a bit startled when after an hour he's not even halfway to the base. Perhaps that's why it's taken him so long to get to them.

With the sun setting as he nears the base, EasilyBaffled helps replant some of the recently harvested rice. He has a nice chat with Norfair who doesn't seem to mind his completely naked 70 year old frame. Meanwhile, Antichulius quickly throws up a bed for EB to sleep in.


He thanks Antichulius for the hospitality and volunteers to build a research bench. Given his mobility, he doesn't really want to move around that much.


Not being the best builder in the world, the project takes him well into the night. The rest of the colony falls asleep to the hammering noises in the other room.


Norfair is nothing if not determined. The first thing out of his mouth on the 11th is a quick remark about how beautiful Antichulius upon waking. Having none of it, she quickly excuses herself to consume her morning meal.


EasilyBaffled feels more comfortable with his surroundings now. Taking in the room, he quickly realizes what a disgusting place it is! Rocks strewn everywhere! A mushroom growing next to the horseshoe pin! Dirt covering almost every surface. Completely overcome, he drops into a daze and wanders around in a daze trying to avoid the filth surrounding him.


The group hardly notices though. They're too busy counting their lucky stars. In the period of two hours, a nearby buck and rabbit decide to join the colony!


Conveniently, EasilyBaffled comes out of his daze at just about the time everyone else is breaking for lunch. Having had enough of the ugly room, he sets out to eat his meal outside and leaves the room to Antichulius and Kazar. Norfair They settle in and are quickly laughing and enjoying each other's company.


Kazar looks meaningfully into Antichulius eyes several times in the conversation. It's clear that he too has come to appreciate her friendship, but dare he hope for more?


Kazar musters all his courage and resolves to share how he feels to Antichulius. At just this moment however, EasilyBaffled returns and waggles his rotund nakedness over Anti's shoulder while trying to setup a horseshoes game. She doesn't seem to realize what Kazar said and dismisses his sentiment without thinking.


Before Kazar can clarify, a cry rings out in the distance! A raider from the nearby Crows Force is approaching the base!


The drifter Erin is quick a beast with her steel club and doesn't delay her charge of the power conduit. Antichulius and Norfair set up a makeshift ambush location and lay in patient wait for the assault.


The first shot rings out from Norfair's survival rifle... and connects with the head! Staggered, Erin absorbs several more shots as she staggers in approach.


Antichulius drops Erin with a volley and ends the battle quickly. Norfair quickly strips the attacker of all valuables.

Seeing the clothes on the ground, EasilyBaffled calls out that he could use a change of clothes. Slowly he makes he way to the body, thanking the pair as he passes.


Once everyone is out of view, he pulls the body aside and digs into the fresh human meat with relish. He feels incredible catharsis digging into the exposed haunches with tooth and nail.


How will the tribe react to this cannibalism? Will the slow EB get caught in the act? Tune in next time to find out!

Any and all criticisms are appreciated! Let me know how I can improve writing these up

Excellent, Kronen, I was hoping we would get to read more from you.

Polliwog wrote:

Thanks for the link! I laughed out loud at this part:


...the hotel’s pet cat Conga, who was lying asleep in its basket during the whole thing. I don’t like Conga, because he regularly crawls into the freezer and eats our ready-made meals. Some day I hope to sell him for drugs as well.

Yes, I thought that was both hilarious and totally in spirit with the game.

BTW, I don't think this has been on the thread before, but His Royal Highness, the Game King, has graciously bestowed upon us a new LP series.

Part 2 of the RPS Rimworld diary: From The Ritz To The Rubble.

Also, DasTactic (formerly Das24680) has also started a new Rimworld series this month. Das always has great, well-narrated videos (check out his Distant Worlds series).

I loves me some DasTactic.

One of my favorite "laugh & learn" YouTube game channels around.

Aaron D. wrote:

I loves me some DasTactic.

One of my favorite "laugh & learn" YouTube game channels around.

Yes, his laugh is super infectious.

I like Das a lot but I hate that he feels like he has to read everything on the screen, despite his awesome Aussie voice.

This game is now consuming me like a hungry colonist consumes a rotting corpse right before triggering my latest colony's death spiral.

This episode I decided to prepare an imgur album as I feel the zooming options are more readily accessible. I might be switching over to just using imgur after this as I think I like it more.... please let me know what you think.

Grounded Wheel Jockies

Episode 2: "Septuagenarian Sanctuary."

(The 11th of Spring through the 2nd of Summer)


With some distance between himself and the base, EasilyBaffled indulges in the hindquarters of Erin the raider. He does have some difficulty avoiding the parts ruined by gunshots, but the raw animalistic lust that comes over him once he sinks his teeth in overrides any other considerations. After sating himself, he wipes his bloody maw off on his newly acquired clothing and heads back to base.

Before the fast approaching nightfall, Antichulius comes out to bury the corpse. She is a bit confused as to the oddly-shaped animal bites that pepper the corpse, but forgets them quickly in her rush to bury the body.

The next day, EasilyBaffled wakes up invigorated. Flush with energy and confidence, he decides to toss his hat in the ring with Antichulius as well. He spies his moment with the other two suitors out of earshot mining and harvesting the rice.


Anti rebuffs him with the gentle patience. She doesn't let his idle chatter distract from installing a vent system for the rooms. With Kazar mining steel nearby, the project is made even easier!

Meanwhile, Norfair spots Dominus nearby and decides to take a break from clearing the rice field. In a flash, he manages to train the last level of hauling! Dominus is now ready to fully contribute to the colony!


With his only moderate level of ability, Kazar begins cooking up some of the excess rice and berries into meals. Norfair relieves him in waves and they manage to build up a nice stock of 20 or so meals.

Anti finishes up the ventilation system and adds some light to the cooking space! EasilyBaffled spends the rest of the day plugging away at his research and is quickly racking up the levels! With his burning passion and quick learner buff, he seems to be making more progress in learning about research than the research itself.

The group settles in for sleep just after Antichulius throws up the beginnings of her northern wall. Her plans include blocking off all of the northern approach. Dominus decides to spend the night out with the other animals to help their transition into the colony.


The day begins with a flurry of action around the house. Norfair is fed up with the level of cleanliness and decides to give the rooms a quick cleaning during the morning meal. EB thanks him for the effort as he spends most of his day indoors.


The morning passes relatively uneventfully with everyone going about their tasks. Antichulius makes some headway on the wall to the north and Norfair manages to clean the main room up nicely and remove some of the rocks. The group enjoys a nice game of horseshoes during the afternoon break.


By midafternoon, Antichulius has completed the northern wall!


That accomplished, she starts working on a similar wall to cover the much more exposed southern approach. This wall will be much longer and closer to the potential raiding zones. To assist the build, Kazar begins cutting down some timber nearby, cutting down on commute times for hauling.

Together they work until close of day. Good progress is made closing off the area beyond the animal sleeping spots and the apportioned hay field.

Sometime in the night however, they hear a loud crash out beyond the new south wall. A drop-pod from another crashing ship has fallen nearby! Quickly Antichulius throws up a bed for the newcomer named "Thaler".


The continued rescue of "Thaler" continues through the night. Norfair is roused to rescue and tend to the wounds of the new colonist. It's not soon after Thalers is safely sleeping in her new bed that the day starts in earnest. Norfair starts his day off by failing to train a local boar. Kazar hauls in the fallen belongings of Thaler which include a 4-pack of beer.

A group of nearby traders from Devotion's Valley are greeted by Kazar. When offered a good price, he decides to sell the bunny and buck for top dollar. Briefly he entertains the idea of buying Dominus a lynx playmate, but decides against it.


Grabbing a quiet moment before mealtime, Kazar again bears his heart before Antichulius. She still stresses hesitation at getting too involved in this dangerous and new environment. Grabbing a quick meal, she removes herself from the situation.

Rebuffed and feeling generally low, Kazar grabs one of "Thaler's" beers. Norfair never turns down the opportunity for alcohol and commiseration. He quickly follows Kazar beer in hand.


They have a nice little conversation with Dominus ducking about their ankles under the dining table. Soon though they are forced to stop talking about Antichulius. Turns out she too has found the beer and decided to help herself to one. Norfair excuses himself from the party to go plant some more rice, but the other three have a nice chat.


After the relaxing alcohol break, work proceeds at a nice pace. Before end of day, a large section of the southern wall is up!


Feeling better about the state of defense, Antichulius decides it's high time for a new sleeping arrangement. She's had quite enough of sleeping in the same room as three inept suitors. She outlines the plans for the room and begins filling them in the next morning.


"Thaler" now feels more comfortable with the new group! She now allows her colonymate to refer to her by her surname, Bismarck. Mrs. Bismarck, or Grandma Bismarck if you please, is an excellent with animals and plants. Those primary interests also branch out into enjoying cooking and medicine. More than anything else however, Mrs. Bismarck is awesome at knocking heads together. She has quite the beastly melee skill!


Mrs. Bis quickly exhausts herself plowing the hayfield near the animal shelter. It's not long until lunchbreak. She uses the break to retire to her new bed for a quick nap while everyone else chats amiably.


But this idyllic scene is broken yet again with another unwelcome creepy advance from the elderly EasilyBaffled towards Antichulius. After the exchange, Norfair suggests that perhaps EB should steer clear of Antichulius for a while. EasilyBaffled decides to wake up early the next morning and get some work in early.


She leaves shortly thereafter and joins Kazar outside clearing more timber. Sensing some awkwardness upon waking, Mrs. Bismarck decides to cook some old family favorites. The day ends with the first of the bedrooms being completed. Relieved and exhausted, Antichulius claims the first for herself and sleeps undisturbed for the first time in a long while.


Summer begins with a heat wave! Everyone adjusts to indoor work orders. Luckily enough, EasilyBaffled's new work schedule has him up during the cooler hours.


Even though they're forced indoors and in tight company, everyone seems to be getting along nicely! The floor gets swept up quickly by Norfair. Kazar mines out some more of the fridge. Even EasilyBaffled enjoys the day. He's progressing nicely as a Researcher having leveled himself up from 2 to 7 in just these few days.


It's at this point that Mrs. Bismarck notices that none of her beer made the trip. The food she's cooking is nice, but the heavy craving for alcohol is beginning to settle in and make her groggy and irritable.


With lots still to do around the house, no one even bats an eye when a shipment of squash land nearby.


The group sleeps soundly that night. Antichulius comes in from her private room so that she can enjoy the air conditioning.

EasilyBaffled is the first to rise to relative morning cool of 105 degrees (~40C).


With the heat wave making the outdoors unbearable, EasilyBaffled decides to cook up a stockpile of dishes. The rest of the colonists set up a cook station for her and she jumps into the work!


The cramped quarters soon dry the alcohol craving EB to distraction. She loses contact with reality and starts wandering around the kitchen mumbling to herself. Norfair decides to pick up the slack and cooks the waiting ingredients as quickly as possible.


The colonists have a bit more trouble finding work in the close quarters of the base this day. The house is spotless and the surrounding area is mostly mined out. They decide have an extra long lunch break (without the slaving Norfair of course).


Hurray! The heat waves has finally broken. Not a moment too soon as well. EasilyBaffled somehow managed to find her way outside and started stripping next to some raccoons.


As Norfair brings in the last of the squash, he gets more than an eyeful of Bismarck's nakedness...


But there's no time to worry about appearances! A raid lands nearby and immediately begins charging the base.


The raiders approach with caution around the completed southern wall, perhaps distracted by Mrs. Bismarck's delusional speech. Our three original colonists are prepared for them though.


The raid splits up. Flammer hears Bismarck and decides to try to break down the wall and attack the easy target. But the other two attackers are quite effective despite being split up! Kazar takes and early hit from Sammy when the opening shots of Norfair and Anti both miss. He tries to bait the melee attacker so the others can finish him off. While the chase happens, Norfair takes out the third attacker with a headshot!


Sammy's chase of Kazar ensues. In his efforts to shoot around Kazar, Norfair misses wide of all targets. Antichulius picks up the slack and finishes off Sammy at close range.


Before falling asleep however, the many club wounds on Kazar and Antichulius have to be treated. Once attended to all the colonists fall asleep. All except one...


Yes, Mrs. Bismarck is still wandering naked near the fresh corpses well into the night.

Poor Anti, never a moment's peace.

Time to research Brewing for Mrs B!

I like how it was 105F at 0100!

The third and final part of the RPS Rimworld diary, The Drugs Do Work.

The tale of the Grounded Wheel Jockies continues! In Episode 3: Five's a party... seven is circus, the colony expands to include two new members! The ex-husband of our beloved alcoholic Mrs. Bismarck is one of the new-comers. The group encounters multiple raids and other environmental hazards, but is still frightfully short on ranged weapons for now.... We'll see how that progresses! Hope you enjoy it!

I'm experimenting with another format in this episode and I think I like this one the most. The imbed options for imgur seem to naturally gravitate to this setup. At any rate, any and all feedback is appreciated!

My little colony hosted some friendly visitors last night. One of them seemed a bit familiar...


Did anyone else support RW at the "Name in Game" level?

Edit: BTW, Kronen, I see that I never replied to your Episode 3, and have been looking forward to seeing what trouble the full crew gets into. I do admit to feeling a little bit uneasy hearing EB's name on the CC, though.

Edit 2: Later, in the same game:

@Hrdina hehehe the game wants you to capture yourself obviously!! Come on now!

The crew does get into more trouble... this time under fierce assault from the forces of nature.

In Episode 4: Muffalos and Ibex and Centipedes, Oh My! newcomer Discoursian proves his worth! There's a sequence of close encounters ending with a fierce fight around a fallen poison ship. Inferno cannons are no joke!!

As an aside, I'm going to try and edit the content better so it's less of a wall of pictures. This next episode is around 40 and I think that's the sweet spot. That episode with 114 is challenging to get through. :-/

Kronen wrote:

@Hrdina hehehe the game wants you to capture yourself obviously!! Come on now! :D

They're from a friendly faction, and there are not too many of those around.

Kronen wrote:

The crew does get into more trouble... this time under fierce assault from the forces of nature.

In Episode 4: Muffalos and Ibex and Centipedes, Oh My! newcomer Discoursian proves his worth! There's a sequence of close encounters ending with a fierce fight around a fallen poison ship. Inferno cannons are no joke!!

As an aside, I'm going to try and edit the content better so it's less of a wall of pictures. This next episode is around 40 and I think that's the sweet spot. That episode with 114 is challenging to get through. :-/

I think this new format worked well.


When Disco regains his health, he'll have to do some time on the speed bag to work on his timing! ;)