RimWorld the sci-fi colony sim Catch-All


Naked Brutality *really* depends on luck at the start. My current naked Brutality run is going well, up to 10 pawns now. But I tend to go for.. less harsh environments - i'm not crazy

my previous try ended abruptly when a tortoise i was hunting with a bow took revenge, and downed my one pawn. All I could do was watch him slowly bleed to death over 20 in-game hours.

I really like to find Mountainous plots, with both a road and a river, with at least 40/60 for growing period, and a special feature of caves. love the landscapes those maps produce, and the fun of visiting trading parties getting wiped out by bugs

I finally have a reasonably stable Naked Brutality colony going. It was *very* touch and go at the beginning.

The first new colonist I took on was being chased and I figured "no big deal." My founder was able to shoot a couple of arrows into the raider before he got too close and began to melee. One bonk on the noggin and my founder went down. I thought my new colonist could finish off the raider. Unfortunately, my new colonist was non-violent.

I got to watch my founder get hauled off screen by a raider who was going to bleed out in a couple of hours.

I had fun hiding from every threat until I was able to rescue someone who could fight.

Yep, wouldn't be the first time I've had to kite an enemy round and around a bear in the hope that they'd start fighting instead of going for my pawn

I wasn't sold on the new caravan/quest system until the naked brutality run I just finished.

A faction requested five sniper rifles for two resurrection serums, which was a heck of a deal. Because my colony was smack in the middle of some very mountainous terrain, I had to drop pod one of my pawn in with the rifles. He made the trade and then began his 20-odd day journey home.

During the reactor warm-up, one of my pawns caught a charge lance shot to the torso and died. Then another pawn decided went a little cray-cray and decided it would be a really good time to OD on go-juice.

That one trade literally saved a quarter of my colony.