Revelation Online: Catch-All

Western localization website: Revelation Online.

So this Chinese(?) MMO just appeared on my radar: Revelation Online.

Launch Trailer:

Good overview video:

Actual gameplay look:

If Force is right, and this is actually an Asian style GW2-like game then this might hold my interest more than other recent eastern MMOs.

You can sign up for the Western beta at the link above and if you are willing to wade through getting up in running, the Chinese open beta is currently ongoing.

So they mashed Aion (winged flight and combat), Tera (looks and no-target combat), and supposedly WoW (storytelling).

The triple "choose your own" targeting system sounds fun.

No business model yet, so maybe Sub, One-Time purchase, or F2P.

I am always a sucker for a new mmo.
Signed up!

Yeah, the business model unknown is my biggest concern. Personally, I can only imagine myself sinking time into B2P games from here on out. Heck, I'm still happy with my BDO purchase even though I have barely played it since launch because I can go back to it at a later date and dabble around in it.

Information on dungeons.

I updated the OP to include a link to their new website for the Western version.

Pre-orders are up.

I will probably pull the trigger on the cheap option.

Oh snap! The priciest tier includes a Totoro mount! (well flying cat mount) ruined Skyforge with their horrible P2W cash shop. Revelation does look interesting and I'm usually a sucker for MMO pre-orders, but I doubt I'll spend money on this until well after release if its cash shop proves not to be the mess that Skyforge's was.

PVE trailer.

Anyone pull the trigger on this?

Dulfy has added to games that she covers:

First closed beta starts on the 25th, leaning on buying in with the cheap option but haven't yet.

I'm still not convinced that this is not another Eastern, style over substance, game. Too many other games on my play list now just to throw money at another.

What ranalin said.
Although I am such a whore for mmo's, I can easily be pulled in on a whim.

It's interesting but still very rough in the westernization process. Only about a third of the text is in English at this point and all of the VO is in Chinese, so it is a bit tough to know what is going on.

Combat feels solid but I have only leveled the tank class to mid twenties so still to early to form a definite opinion.

First closed beta has now ended. I put in maybe 5 hour-ish? When the beta first launched it was running like a dog but some patch along the way enabled me to play maxed at a solid 60 fps.

I'm not sure how much exploration will be rewarded. At least for the main line quest and level gated quest, you can simply click on the quest description and be auto-pathed to the destination. Perhaps there are off the beaten track areas that can be discovered but even after flying I either didn't stumble upon anything or more likely, just didn't spend enough time really looking around.

There seem to be a ton of daily log in quest/instances that the game throws at you. I didn't look into grouping or guilds, but some of the daily options require both.

The combat seems fluid and again, with just a few hours of playtime, feels like a hybrid of GW2 and BDO.

I certainly don't regret the 18 bucks but until the westernization advances some of the systems/nuance will be more than what I'm willing to invest in.

What about the claims of the P2W vendors?

I've been seeing articles and videos show up on my feeds, but not had time to dig into them yet.

I honestly don't know. I think there are things like XP accelerator scrolls as well as maybe additional dungeon visit scrolls? But all the vendor/shop text is still largely in Chinese or Russian and I haven't spent much time at Dulfy to actually investigate how the actual nuts and bolts work.

Anyone playing the Open Beta?

It is still installed on my compy. The big problem is that the story is completely on rails. I want to play my character and not listen to talkie talkie with a couple of clicks in between.
I don't know when the rails stop or if there is a non story mode or random dungeons you can run. The prologue is so damn long.
It is going to take something really special to take me away from me3 multiplayer. In fact as soon as I get funds, me:a is going to be purchased, if only for multiplayer.

It's installed but I haven't fired it up for open. The biggest issue for me is the game or hangs my router somehow, forcing me to hard reset both my modem and router after every time I play.

As Fang says the story at least to mid levels is on rails, just click, click, click, auto path to next npc, repeat.

The early instance design looked promising but since I don't like to pug and non of my guildies or GWJers are playing I couldn't really look at the group dungeons.

I liked the classes and the combat felt solid, while the graphics are both pretty and ugly at the same time.

If you do play, be sure and use the toggle to hide other players, epically in towns.

I think I'm just done experimenting with Eastern MMOs, hopefully we will learn more about the Amazon MMOs at E3.