Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

I thought for sure there was a 'Perfect Golf' thread, but I couldn't find it. Anyway they have now released it and with Jack's name and it has improved quite a bit. I got this shortly after it was released and it always stuttered on my Mac and Windows. I ended up playing on Mac side for it seemed less of a stutter. Well with this new release and moniker I'm having no problems. Smoothe and beautiful. Still tougher to play because it doesn't have all the 'shot markers' one would expect. There version, imho, is clumsy and takes awhile to get use to. Wind still seem's not as much factor as it should. But I do like all the options to replay the shot. And of course one big plus is multi-player (which I never played, so I can't compare old version to new).

So, anyone who played this back when it was originally released, may find it more enjoyable now. I've only played 18 holes so this is all based on just limited play (although it was only released in the last week).

This has a bad rating on Steam, so my guess is when the new Steam reviews policy is in place this game will benefit from that.