Everspace. A roguelike space exploration and combat game.

I'm liking this a lot but I'm not seeing a reason to use the speedier ship. I'm guessing you have to avoid conflict with it in order to be successful.

Funny, I just unlocked the fast ship yesterday and it almost instantly became my favorite. It's more of a sniper platform - stay far away and take pot shots, use cloak to escape bad situations, whittle down the enemies. Suits my play style more than the default ship

Wayfarer wrote:

I cant remember the name of it right now, but the giant, 1 shot photon torpedo of death weapon you can get is beyond amazing.

Hehe, the ARC-9000!!! It feels great, firing that blast

Just had my first win on easy mode!

The following is not a spoiler, just a tip for sector 7:


I saved all my best consumables for a big boss fight that I imagined would come after all the waves of outlaws were destroyed. There was no boss fight on easy mode. There may be one on harder difficulties, I don't know. So the tip is, don't bother saving the good stuff. Use it whenever you need - maybe the last 2 waves or so.

Is it worth playing on easy mode to progress the story? I can usually make it to Sector 3 on normal and have twice got to Sector 4 but at this point my progress on normal has stalled a little bit.

Well, without being spoilery... Winning once on easy has unlocked some stuff that will now show up in future runs. The stuff in question doesn't seem like it will affect how powerful your runs are though, so it won't help you progress any faster on higher difficulties.

Personally, I think I'm going to stick to hard mode for the extra cash. Upgrading the perks is the best way to get stronger.

Does the unlocked stuff add more variety? I'm starting to get a little bored of the opening areas due to the sameness. Does reaching the new sectors on easy unlock other loadouts as well?

Yup, can confirm easy mode unlocks new loadouts. As for variety, later sectors have new types of areas and things to do.

I played for quite a while before I realized that the top half of the upgrade screen is for your pilot—and is used on all ships—while the bottom half of the upgrade screen is ship-specific.

Thanks for the advice, Serengeti! I ended up doing an easy run and it proved beneficial. While I generated just enough to purchase the last ship (on normal I've been easily able to cross the $10,000 threshold by Sector 3) I also unlocked the ability to find ancient ruins, a bunch of story stuff, and got all the way to sector 6.

I tried out the scout ship as a sniper thing and it was going good until I got overwhelmed by Okkar...in the first sector. I'm going to give the beefier ship a try now. I see it's default weapon is the flak cannon and I fallen in love with it whenever I find it with the default ship.

I strongly favor the gunship. It works best with a Front Shield Generator, and I rely on the Flak Cannon as well (standard, not the upgrade - the upgrade is terrible, short ranged and wildly inaccurate). I usually replace the Fusion Blaster with a Pulse Laser for more accurate ranged fire when required. In ambushes I sometimes don't even shoot, but instead pop the front shield and damage limiter, throw out combat drones, and activate the turret.

Made it to Sector 7 for the first time last night.


But ... got beat down and finally destroyed by several waves of Elites with swarms of drones. I was unable to activate the artillery, despite getting close to one of the guns - not quite sure how that works. Amazing fun though, and I kinda like the story of clones trying to save their original body.

I did run into a pretty serious bug - I defeated a Glyph guardian, only to realize that the Glyph temple had spawned in the same place as a large asteriod, which made the interior of the temple inaccessible.

I. Am. Loving. This game.

The loop of it is fun. I love exploring each area, collecting resources, destroying the hostiles.

I think my favorite thing is getting the "local" G&B on-side, by using them as a shield, while taking fire from Okkar/Outlaws. The reds hit the stations/ships, and G&B leap into action. Their help is invaluable in taking down the larger ships, and Okkar Interceptors.

It took me having to Google how the fk you use the "enhancements" - the first one I found was a +5% energy-regen, but I think I had 3, before I found out I had to "install" them.

I don't think I need to spoiler the following, but I guess I will, for now. It really isn't story-related, but if you want to be kept in the dark about what kind of enhancements there are:


I'm currently using the +5% energy-regen, one that marks Ancient structures on the star-map (very helpful), and one that will spawn in a group of 3 "Ancients" to help you out randomly (like the G&B perk).

I love it/them!

I only have two enhancement slots unlocked for the Interceptor and Scout ship but I'm using the Okkar/Colonial Forces no longer appear but every location has a jump suppressor and the +5% energy regen.

Wow! I think that's a pretty good trade-off.

Some of the big trade-off enhancements are pretty awesome. Two of them that I'm using on my gunship are:


40% more weapon damage, 40% slower energy regen
crafted primary weapons are always enhanced, secondary weapons cannot be crafted

Was kicking butt on a hard mode gunship run. Built an enhanced flak cannon 5-5 with 3 critical hit mk3 upgrades for 14% crit chance total. At the speed it fires, I was getting crits pretty often. Just tearing through stuff!

Made it to sector 5 and every system was high risk with a hazard. Pushed through 4 systems and then hit an elite frigate holding a jump suppressor. Took forever to kill him as he kept summoning in elite fighters to assist, but I finally got it done with no missiles left, damaged sensors, and my hull integrity down to about 15%.

Next system killed me - damaged sensors allowed a pair of elites to sneak up on my tail and I just didn't have anything left to properly defend myself.

On the bright side I ended the run with ~120,000 credits and was able to complete all of the gunship perks.

Hard mode is hard, yo!

I think now that I don't need the credits as much, I'll be going back to normal or easy mode to start banking some DNA.

Easy gunship win on normal difficulty.

The "ancients sometimes spawn to assist you" glyph is friggin epic. Not because the ancients help you - they're not a huge help - but in that you can freely murder them every time they spawn to get dark energy. Boom, crafting the mk3 stuff just got way easier!

Really liking what I've seen of this one so far. It's on the shortlist, possibly an insta-buy if it's a part of any Summer Sales.

I'm starting to burn out a little bit. I've had 2 successful runs.


I've collected 3/8 DNA strands.

The loop, even on a harder difficulty and mixing things up, is becoming a little grindy. Is it worth pushing through to "finish" this? I have about 11 subroutines left to find and a few more blueprints (maybe 10 total) but everything else is unlocked.


There's a final boss after you collect all the DNA. If you're getting burned out, maybe finish the
DNA collection on easy, beat the boss and call it done?

That's what I'm thinking Serengeti. I've put 40 hours into the game so I've definitely enjoyed my time with it. Only problem is that a successful easy run still takes me well over an hour.

Just thought I'd jump in and say I picked this up and I'm loving it right now. I had trouble with the controls at first - using an xbox controller to move a spaceship around took a while to get right. I'm used to something like Elite Dangerous and my cheapo Logitech joystick. I've only made it to Sector 2 so far, but I'm enjoying my time with it and building up little by little.

I'm also playing in VR with an Oculus, and they did a pretty good job with the support. Everything looks incredible, and being able to look around the cockpit and actually watch the ship you're shooting even if it goes away from straight ahead of you is great.

I'm still playing too. I use it for a break during the work day, and have been making one run per day. That's a pretty slow pace so my progress through the game has been glacial, but I'm having fun.

d4m0 wrote:

Just thought I'd jump in and say I picked this up and I'm loving it right now. I had trouble with the controls at first - using an xbox controller to move a spaceship around took a while to get right. I'm used to something like Elite Dangerous and my cheapo Logitech joystick. I've only made it to Sector 2 so far, but I'm enjoying my time with it and building up little by little.

I think it's posted somewhere in this thread too, but I believe the devs said that the game was designed to be played with a keyboard/mouse, in case that helps.

I was of the "mixed controls" camp - I kept trying to figure out if I was better off with the 360, or MnK... Mouse and keyboard turned out to be FAR superior.

Finally got to the final sector - completed that zone, first time. Started doing the DNA collection, I think I finished collecting all the Ancient Glyphs, Enhancements, and Blueprints by the time I got all 8. Also, Pilot nearly maxed out, Interceptor (maxed out anything important), while spending a bit on both the Scout and Gunship.

It took me two runs, after all DNA collected - just a dumb mistake made my 1st run a failure. Getting to the end, again (after "winning") was neat.

Started playing with the Gunship - it's okay... I don't find the turret very useful; I feel like its slot is better served by almost anything else. Man, that thing is a TANK - I had the perk maxed, and installed the adaptive armour, too - I was at 50% damage reduction

Still fun. I'll keep playing, at least until I get everything maxed out. Probably longer

There was a message when I logged in on official release day that said "Everspace is designed to be played with a mouse & keyboard". It took me a while to get used to it but it basically plays exactly like Freelancer.

Just picked this up on the Steam Sale. I am definitely looking forward to it. Anything thing I should know before starting it?

Just go with mouse and keyboard; it really is the best method.

There are pilot upgrades (doesn't matter what ship you fly), and separate upgrades for the 3 ships.

Once you collect "Enhancements" or "Ancient Glyphs" - you add them to your ship in the SETUP tab, prior to your run. (It's also where you change your paint-job, once you collect some of those.) You have to "Install" them.

You'll unlock different starting load-outs, those are also selected in one of the tabs.

Those are the only things that I can think of, that aren't made very obvious.

I played a couple of games this evening -- in my final attempt I made it to sector 2, netting a few thousand credits. My first game, though, I didn't quite complete the tutorial mission... died in the area after the third jump; as a result, I didn't get to see how the crafting side of the game works. So how does it work? I keep getting notices saying that I have enough resources to make stuff, but I haven't figured out how to get it done.

Crafting is done in 2 ways, both in the "Equipment" tab:

- selecting any empty square - primary/secondary weapon slot, equipment, or consumable will have a "+" - clicking that will bring up a list of available blueprints (you'll collect these as you play)
- selecting any primary weapon, or equipment (already on your ship) - also a "+" - will bring up a list of mods you can apply to that item: reduced power consumption, longer range, faster recharge, etc