Nioh Slash-All!

Yeah she may be the toughest boss in the game. Defeat her and you'll probably finish the game. But... a lot of people quit with her.

Boudreaux wrote:

I'm trying this again (thanks to Epic's giveaway) after beating my head against the first Yokai boss back when it came out. Things seemed to be clicking more, and I finally got past that boss this time around. I felt like I had turned the corner, but now I'm beating my head against Hino-enma which...I don't know how much longer I'm going to bother. I haven't been able to live long enough to figure out any patterns. I don't think I've knocked off more than 10% of her health, even with a living weapon. I thought maybe this had a way to summon help, but no. I don't have whatever resource that requires.

Which sucks, because the game was getting fun again.

If you need a nudge in the right direction:


- Put Anti-Paralysis (Anti-Paralytic?) items in your quick-use belt. Use it & love it.
- If you're playing a more nimble character then lateral sprinting is your best friend.
- Learn to sprint away when she gives chase but circle back quickly to punish her.
- Hit her with attacks that drain Ki (stamina)
- If you're a tank/beefy boy... maybe put on some lighter armor for this fight only?
- Use Sloth spell/potion if you gots it. Don't feel like you're cheating yourself. This has the benefit of helping you learn the fight better. And this won't be the last time you meet Hino'll get more chances to beat her "au naturale" if you want.


- Honestly, paralysis isn't much of a problem. I've figured out how to avoid her paralyzing shout pretty well. Plus I'm wearing all the archer armor that you get leading up to her.
- I'm using the odachi, which has nice reach but it's slow, so I'm only trying to get one hit on her at a time.
- Mostly, it seems like I can run away from her attack, but before I can get back in on her she starts another attack, and that's what nails me.
- I've tried using a regular sword for more speed, but the shortened range actually makes it harder.
- Maybe I need to figure out how to do attacks that drain Ki. I'm not sure I'm aware of that mechanic or which attacks do that.

I have already beaten her. So far, and this might just be for now, it seems what works best for bosses is two swords in low stance. Hop in and get a couple hits, then hop out. Death by 1000 cuts sort of thing. Maybe that'll change with better gear or more skills. Turns out I was handicapped by two significant roadblocks. One was continually dying before I could get back to my fire dog and losing all that xp. The other was I figured out I was sitting on a mountain of Samurai points and not actually buying any skills. So the second problem was feeding the first problem. Now I have more options, like quickdraw. I don't know if it'll do any real good, but I have a friggin' quickdraw and it's awesome.

Yeah I probably did 80% of the game with dual swords in low stance. So fast!

I can't remember what skills I picked. Have to go back and look. But there was some good stuff dabbling in the magic and ninja trees, no matter what weapon you use.

I forget the name but there's one where you use you get like 3 attacks with your spirit animal. Depending which one you have those can be devastating. And then they recharge whenever you rest. That was definitely my most used power the entire game.

Also I kept using the starting fire Fox for most of the game too. Tried others here and there but he was so solid. There were a handful of times with elemental or other effects that I switched it up but mostly he was the best for me.

Anybody got it running on Windows from Epic with a PS4 controller? The game doesn’t seem to want to recognize the controller, which is super frustrating.

Try DS4Windows

Have had to use that a few times for pesky games that aren't in Steam.

Huh. 48th try, and Hino-enma is defeated. Suddenly it got easy. Well, not easy but suddenly she couldn't hit me and I started to get a good rhythm going.