Nioh Slash-All!

Hey ccesarano, looks like you’re on a bit of a Team Ninja kick lately. Velly nice!

I thought about double dipping on Nioh for PC (sequel still too pricey for the doubling up) but I’m still slogging thru NGS from the master collection. And after that want to work on Sekiro.

Good luck and have fun (with Hino Enna)!

I'm torn. Sekiro is lowest price ever on Steam right now. But I have Nioh 2 just sitting there in the pile. Probably should start it and pick up Sekiro next sale, might even be $5 or $10 cheaper

If I counted right, it took me ten attempts to defeat Onyomi. That... was far more than I had been expecting. Granted, three or four of those attempts were after I had gone back through to fight a bunch of Revenants throughout the map. In the end, I determined most of them weren't worth the trouble and effort, especially since I went from having 8 elixers plus one overstock to three or four plus one overstock. Regardless, I got some bonus levels which helped a bit, though... well, the dude's thicc in the HP bar, so I didn't exactly boost damage or defense much...

Watching Mac's video helped, in that I'm finding the ability to sprint around the foe an easy way to get most opponents to unleash their own combos without getting hurt, then striking them from the side or behind a couple times before gaining some distance. I did the sub-mission in that area and even managed to kill the Yokai off to the side without too much trouble, so I'm looking to hit up the next main story mission when I next stream the game. Don't know precisely when that will be.

I dunno about being on a Team Ninja kick specifically. Ever since the Elden Ring trailer I wanted something to scratch that itch to help make the wait easier, and after watching clips of the prologue and some of the first mission of Nioh, I thought "Yeah, I think I want to try this". I'm now wondering about this Madame Butterfly.

I'm not 100% certain on how the Soul... Match? is supposed to work now that I reached the Blacksmith. I'm currently maxed on my weapon's familiarity, at least as far as it looks it will let me go. That familiarity has it as my currently strongest weapon. I thought, reading the descriptions, that I'd be able to use it as a material to boost another weapon... but I can't. It'll just be the same general weapon. So I'm kind of sticking to the same sword because nothing else is stronger at the moment.

Is there a FAQ or something that can help explain how the blacksmith is supposed to be used?

ccesarano wrote:

Is there a FAQ or something that can help explain how the blacksmith is supposed to be used?

Weapons with max familiarity can be sacrificed at a shrine for lots of amrita. If you have weapons you've maxed out but no longer use, that's the best use for them.

Soul Match allows you to select a low-level weapon and bring it to the level of the weapon you destroy. So you'd take your level 15 whatever and feed it your level 20 whatever and the level 15 weapon goes up to level 20. One way to use it is keep armor pieces that give set bonuses up to a decent level. You can also take a weapon you have max familiarity with and feed it a higher level weapon you don't want to keep that maxed out weapon viable. It's typically obscenely expensive and is thus not terribly useful unless you really want to hold on to a certain piece. I hardly ever found it viable to boost more than a couple levels as the cost gets stupid high.

Often times what you're going to want to do instead is forge and reforge items, as they'll go to higher levels. You need materials for that so disassembling low-familiarity, unused items is the best way to get that. The quality of materials obtained go up based on the rarity of the weapon. You can then forge items with higher quality materials to increase the chance of getting better bonuses.

I think it might also get more expensive to soul match the same item again. So maybe you do it once but after that you let it go? I also never really used it because the prices were so high and eventually you are buried in loot.

Began watching the replay of ccesarano's Twitch playthrough. Oh it's so nice to see some fresh eyes on the game!

For some reason I expected to have to do three billion tries for Madame Vampire Lady, and was also under the impression that she had a "fake death" and revived after bringing her health down the first time. I dunno why I was under that impression, but when I had run out of Elixer after having killed her I was ready for a surprise. Instead, it turned out I had beaten her on the third try.

I think I like this game.

Actually, I forgot to ask last time: what are you supposed to do at those Demon Doors? I thought I was supposed to bow to it but it did not like that and started throwing rocks.

I decided to do some of the side content off-stream since it seems a bit more repetitive and thus less entertaining. I'm now at level 31 or so. I feel like that diminishes some of the "Maybe I'm pretty good at this game!" feeling.

Bow doesn't always work as you've discovered. You can inspect the remnant graves near the demon door and it will tell you if the player died at the hands of the demon door and what class of gesture to NOT use. This effectively gives you a 50% chance to do the correct one if you don't want a fight on your hands.

Not sure I understand what you mean about not feeling like you're good at the game anymore. Are you having trouble with some of those side missions?

Oh, no, quite the opposite, I'm having no trouble at all with the side missions. It's more that it feels like an accomplishment to have all these tough fights without dying only to realize I'm well above the recommended level.

Of course, in replaying the second mission to get the last Kodama I had missed, I still died in two hits from the Oni in front of the third shrine. So despite being high level, enemies still hit viciously hard. So obviously skill still makes a big difference.

As for the Remnants, I'm actually mostly playing offline so I don't see any but the pre-programmed ones. I wonder if there's any other hint in the environment. I know you get a sort of warning, where the eyes go red if you do the wrong thing, so now I at least know if I made a bad choice.

Ah gotcha. I've always played while online since there's no concept of invasions and getting ganked in Nioh. (In the sequel especially the player AI summons were a huge boon for me.)

The duel with Tachibana Muneshige is a famously tough side mission early on. Have you tackled that one already?

Yeah online is only to your benefit. You can stand over the remnants and see what gear they have before you summon them. And beating then rewards you with a piece of their equipment. There were times where I just fought several in a row and upgraded most of my stuff.

Maclintok wrote:

The duel with Tachibana Muneshige is a famously tough side mission early on. Have you tackled that one already?

Don't know. I'll be doing the third story mission tomorrow, which I imagine will unlock more side missions. I've done all the side missions currently available in the first two levels up to that point.

Maybe I'll try setting it to connect online. I saw a video of someone playing online and the Remnants seemed to just litter the map in a way that felt cluttered, so I decided to leave it off. I suppose I could always shut it off if I desired.

I think I had more trouble with Nue than I had with creepy vampire lady.

In the end I sort of just learned to bait his lightning breath, which I could run to his left and get at least one hit in before having to sprint away because his melee range is huge. What a jerk.

The ensuing maze beneath was also a torment. I actually much preferred the above-ground area. Still, fun times.

Oh yeah first time Nue was a pain

Best thing to do is run straight into Nue's mouth when you get an opening (literally) and wail away. He gets put into a short stun lock this way. It's scary as hell to do but it works. Of course there are also those times when he flops onto his belly like a lazy housecat.

His belly flops were the best, as I nearly consistently wiped his ...chi gauge? Fatigue gauge? out and therefore got a bunch of flinch off of him.

I'm wondering if it'd serve me better to swap to low stance in such moments, as you not only get more hits in, but you seem to have more recoverable fatigue from a massive seven-chain low-stance series of strikes. Would allow me to capitalize in what small time is available in that frame.

Yeah I'm gonna say I spent 75% of the game in low stance. Maybe I should have changed more but I figured out something that worked for me.

Some weapons like the single katana have really good low stance combos. Katana in particular still dished out decent low stance damage.

Man I feel like jumping back into this and putting it onto my twitch stream. Missed my chance to grab it in the last Steam sale so I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next big drop.


Giant centipede.

I hated it.

I hated that whole dungeon, in fact.

Ah yes, the great poisoning.

I’m sure you learned from the ‘pede that blocking is not such a bad thing to do in Nioh.

...uh... yeah. Blocking. That was, uh... a thing that I totally did... totally...