Nioh Slash-All!

Was Dark Souls 2 the one where you could kill enemies permanently? If so I had that and lost patience, both with dying and how obscure some of the systems were.

If anyone's looking for a challenging game, try Teslagrad.

It was that one! I mean, by all means try out LotF, but I struggled with some stuff near the early hours of the game before I kind of 'came online' - and even then there was some annoying stuff.

Well this game just shot to the top of my "most-anticipated" list after one night of play. Soulsy combat with randomized loot, why on earth did nobody do this before?

I picked up the dual katanas and chopped up a bunch of fools. I'm back on board again.

It looks like there is simply no way I am going to beat the first boss. Small room, bunch of fire around, long reach boss with wide and kinda unpredictable attacks - nope, not me. Oh and the enemies in this game can finish you off while you are laying on the ground unable to do anything about it. That's just lame.

In fact, IIRC, most of the times I died in Nioh, it happened when I couldn't move for one reason or another. Lame.

Did I mention claustrophobic?

In Souls games one can at least summon a coop buddy and hope he is good enough to carry you through a boss fight, not here it seems - multiplayer seems very poorly designed.

Lol, IMO Souls games are easier.

Other than difficulty discussions has anyone noticed how much better the game runs this time around? I don't know if the graphics took a little bit of a hit or not but the framerate seems much smoother than it did in the Alpha.

Also I think weapons used to degrade rather quickly in the Alpha. It seems instead of altering the degree to which weapons degrade they've dropped that mechanic entirely. Dropping degradation is kind of great but also might foster players becoming too attached to specific weapons.

Other than that I think they've changed up a couple of enemy behaviors as well as some weapon skills.

Nioh definitely feels like one of the type of games that I will love the gameplay for but never master. There are going to be some really amazing players that can use the weapon techniques to great effect and it will look amazing. I will probably be pretty good at dodging and okay at parrying but I'll probably only use a few stances and rarely use special moves.

How do you parry?

The Prima website for the beta says that weapons do degrade. While you can sharpen them, it's probably not worth it unless it's a really good one. This is my first time playing, so I don't know if the website is old or not.

I'm fine with gear degradation so long as they tune it properly. It was so accelerated in the alpha demo, like it was done purely as a shorthand to convey to us in a short demo how the degradation looks like on a basic level. It was literally pick up a good weapon, kill a dozen guys with it and then you'd pick up a bunch of inferior weapons that would actually look decent only because the good weapon had already started to fall apart. Well that was quick!

1Dgaf wrote:

How do you parry?not.

Parrying with the standard katana is done with square or triangle while in the mid stance as an enemy attacks you. You have to purchase the skill before you can use them. Even though they are called different things they effectively do the same thing. One of the parries keeps the enemy in front of you and the other puts you behind the enemy. The spear can also parry.

Whoa, this game sped up quite a bit from the alpha, didn't it? Or maybe that was just me?

Maclintok wrote:

I didn't play very far before shutting off but I definitely felt more survivable

Yeah, I got that impression, too. Well maybe not more survivable because I did notice that one slip against an enemy basically took 2/3 of my life bar, but I felt more lethal in the beta. Getting ambushed by the three enemies bursting from huts while going up the hill definitely did not make me as nervous as it did in the alpha.

I still have died quite a bit But I've found that the faster pace and survivability has already allowed me to progress farther than I did with the alpha

Thanks Gimpy.

I got to the second shrine which was a lot more than I ever did in the alpha. Low stance with dual katanas is my go-to. Speed kills as they say. So does the lack of it and I spend a lot less time huffing and puffing and more time repositioning and staying active. This William guy needs to start doing triathlons or something.

Switching to mid stance is good to sneak in a meaty attack and I've used a high stance heavy on sneak attacks. Some of the more armoured enemies tend to deflect low stance light strikes so I'm already getting a push back to start diversifying my attacks.

It would be good to meet a boss before the demo ends but I won't getting too worked up about it. I would rather dedicate my full effort to the final game.

Judging from the snippets of Youtube clips I've seen, I must be a very long way from being done with the demo. There's a death march type area after the third shrine that I can't seem to get through. I was having a great run and had accumulated close to 5000 Amarita. I killed the mini-boss demon guy but fell to a swarm of goons that came running out of two huts. I was stupid and didn't realize I could still double back to the shrine and level up. Sigh... a result of me jumping down a ledge earlier and thinking that I had to go back the same way and cursing my inability to jump.

At least I recovered my corpse before dying again. OK, no problem right? Thinking I had gotten the hang of the trek from the shrine to my corpse, I got sloppy crossing the rooftops and fell into a house, getting ambushed in close quarters for my troubles. Bye bye, my hard earned Amirita. My mouth was agape at that point. It really felt like something I had worked for was simply taken away from me. I like the game and keep coming back to this demo but this sh-t pisses me off, straight up. There are some godly levels of patience being fostered in today's gamers because they've apparently been going through this song and dance since Demon's Souls.

I also continue to dislike how punitive it is to get hit. I would much prefer increase damage to health if it meant my Ki goes untouched. Being rooted to the spot when all your Ki is gone also still sucks.

I finally had some time to mess with the beta over the weekend.

At first, I thought it seemed like the game got significantly easier due to some all-around good changes they made to stamina management and character facing when locked on, but then I noticed that they nerfed the sh*t out of the DoT damage abilities. They're still useful, but they are no longer the instant win buttons they were before.

I really got the hang of the Ki Pulse system this time. It feels pretty damn good to switch stances at the exact right time and get almost all of your stamina back. The attack chains you can pull off with this mechanic are a bit ridiculous.

My feelings toward the game are about the same as they were after completing the alpha. I'm quite excited for the full release.

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It looks like a derivative souls clone..but hey I'm in for a pre-order.

Having played the Beta, I find it closer to Bloodborne than the Souls games. It's much faster than even DS3, and while you can block, it seemed better to dodge.
In addition, there's the use of "stances" and each weapon gets a high stance (high damage/stamina usage, slow), mid stance (balanced), and low stance (low damage/stamina usage, fast), and you can switch between them on the fly, letting you customize your fighting style.
Unlike Bloodborne, there's actual magic to invest in, both nijutsu (physical skills) and Onmyo (more pure magic).
Weapons break down into just a couple of categories: Katana, dual katana, spears, axes, and hammers. And ranged weapons are: Bows, guns, and cannons.

All in all, yes, I did find it a definite homage to the FROM games, but done really well with enough unique features to make it its own thing.

I'm curious if anyone is preordering this (18 days!), and who is going with which edition (PSN Digitial rewards below).
Regular edition is $59.99, digital deluxe is $79.99.
Both editions come with the pre-order bonus of:
- Bloody Grave Dynamic Theme
- Nioh Armor to wear in game, inspired by the ancient Nioh Statues that stand guard at temples across Japan.
- The Crimson Armor, based on the armor of Yukimura Sanada

The Digital Deluxe also comes with:
- Season pass for three planned DLC (Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed's End).

I like that they have already planned out the DLCs, makes me optimistic, but I'll probably buy those piecemeal and go with the base version.

I want to, but sadly, I'm going to be waiting on Nioh

As I posted in the Horizon thread, there are too many games that I want coming out in February and March, so Nioh is going to end up being a later purchase for me. I'll be looking for impressions here. I hope it lives up to the promise in the demos.

As much as I love the DS/BB games, I didn't enjoy the demo for Nioh that much. Maybe due to the speed, and the weird stamina regen system.
Surely interested in seeing how it is received, and maybe then buying it later. But not exactly a good time to release.

Love the idea that we have an "Asian Dark Souls" and enjoyed the betas enough even though I quit in frustration. My understanding of myself and how I typically hit the wall very quickly on brutally difficult games will keep me reading reviews. I will bite if this achieves early GOTY status but only then.

There's also For Honor coming out in Feb and NieR 2 in March. Too much stuff going down.

Dyni wrote:

I want to, but sadly, I'm going to be waiting on Nioh

As I posted in the Horizon thread, there are too many games that I want coming out in February and March, so Nioh is going to end up being a later purchase for me. I'll be looking for impressions here. I hope it lives up to the promise in the demos.

If I could only play one of the games coming in February it has to be Nioh for me. I plan on playing other games as well but Nioh is the only game I've been very excited to play in quite some time.

I'm waiting for reviews as well. So many games coming out in the next few weeks, and I wasn't totally in love after the demo.

One day I will stop confusing this game with Nier.
One day.

I'm on the fence about pre-ordering. I really liked the potential that the game has, but I sure won't be playing it right away. But I also want to commend Team Ninja for putting a good effort into this, taking fan feedback, and shaping the game differently.

*edit - the more I watch the more this reminds me of Onimusha! I loved that game

Currently playing on Playstation Access. I am sure it will be available to watch later.

Having recently gotten a bit more of a respect for Dark Souls(watching an LP inspired me to play again and I enjoyed it this time around), this is definitely on my list now. Not sure if I'll buy it new, but I'm definitely going to check out some videos.

The first 20 minutes of Nioh (PS4 gameplay)

Early reviews are in, and they're quite good:

Jimquisition - 10/10
Destructoid - 9/10
Game Informer - 9/10
US Gamer - 8/10
Polygon - can't finish because they're baby gamers.

Just kidding! But several outlets are describing Nioh as punishingly difficult in a way that even the Souls games are not, so buyer beware.