Pyre, From Super Giant makers of Transistor and Bastion

I've debated going back and just failing all the rites on purpose and seeing how the game plays, because that concept just fascinates me (it doesn't feel like games telegraph well when you are supposed to fail vs. win, so having this just grabs my attention).

I really have to go back and play this on easy. I played it for a while when it came out, but I couldn't wrap my head around the controls for the basketball game, and didn't like playing that very much, so I kinda fell off.

Really wish they'd get this on Switch. I'd be way more likely to play it there.

I've also been considering revisiting this as I fell off just before my second liberation rite. The rites are fine, but it got a bit stale for me playing too much at a time. I tend to have a standing "warmup" game that I play before settling in to an hour or so of something deeper, maybe I should make Pyre that game for a while and gradually work through it.

The revival of this thread reminded me how awesome the music is, and now I’m listening to it on repeat.

Off topic, sorry.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

The revival of this thread reminded me how awesome the music is, and now I’m listening to it on repeat.

Off topic, sorry.

Oh no, very much on topic. Darren Korb is a genius.

Pyre is on sale today for just a couple bucks. I picked it up!

Jeez, I am not very good at the game. Started out OK, but then after losing my 2nd Liberation Rite against Pamitha's sister (I could not figure out how to deal with the all flying team), I've been on quite a losing streak. I put on some Titan stars, which probably isn't helping, but I can't seem to get the hang of certain players.

If it’s too frustrating, I think you can bump down the difficulty of the game. Pretty sure I played on easy. Also, the love of the Rites, do NOT play with mouse and keyboard. This game was made for the controller (and I’m not big on controllers).

Don’t forget to watch the making of Pyre!

Had this game a long time but saw Hades mentioned and realized I never played it.

Fired it up tonight. It's Powerball from American Gladiators! I loved that game.

Did the tutorial, some traveling, and first real match. Very interesting. Only leveled up one character so far and really wasn't sure which tree to put skills in. Guess I'll wing it. This seems fun.

This is one of my favorite games. Play at a difficulty that lets you lose some games and fail forward.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

This is one of my favorite games. Play at a difficulty that lets you lose some games and fail forward.

I started up Hades last night (had bought Early Access, but hadn't touched), and I enjoy that a lot, but it has me thinking I want to try Pyre again, but trying to fail forward. Also curious to see if I would make different decisions this time.

Did a couple more battles late last night. Leveled up the starting 3 one time each, and picked up a 4th character.

Still have only been scored on by the AI one time. But last match I had two close calls where I hit them with Aura point blank at my Pyre. So not in danger of losing but keeping me on my toes. Will give it a few more tries tonight before making it harder. I assume the opponents will start having more skills now that my team is leveling up and things will even out.

Stele wrote:

Guess I'll wing it.

Please do! The game gets interesting when you don't have a perfect track record. (I say this knowing full well that I could not do this myself)

Lost a rite. I was pretty pissed at how it went down, but figured what the hell, after everyone says the story goes on. Right after a certain winged character joins the group...


So I took one hit mid-battle, but was dominating the Essence. I was up 80-4, when the game changed.

Tamitha challenged Pamitha to a 1v1 duel. WTF?! This is why you never do this crap in Rocket League or any game. The rules are 3v3 and by the rules I would have won easily. But 1v1, if you lose the grab for the ball at midfield and get poofed, you're gone for 5 seconds and the CPU scores.

So then I tried to knock her out first, but we charged each other and no one dies, but I get bumped by a split second of both our auras returning. OK now it's 40-4, WTF.

I don't remember the next one. I think I tried to bump auras, got jumped over, something stupid. Then the last one I was knocked out near scoring the winning goal. But respawned right as she was countering. And somehow she jumped right through me. Argh!

I paused, stared at the reset button for a few seconds, angry. But I decided it kind of fit the narrative.
Sister makes stupid decision when challenged by sister. Team suffers for it.

Still undefeated as a team, technically.

That is one of my pet peeves in games, when they suddenly change the rules of battle. But I guess I can live with it, if it doesn't keep happening too much.

It really DOES fit the narrative. ^^ I’m glad you stuck with it. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
(And don’t worry, it doesn’t happen too much)

Whoa this thing really opens up after the first Liberation Rite.

New travel abilities, choice of battles, and standings! And as you fight teams again they all have upgraded abilities and talismans. Can see this getting tougher.

I'm intrigued.

Finished 2nd rite last night.

I did restart once because the birds (Essence) are dirty cheaters. Changed up my squad to deal with their BS.

2 characters gone now. Haven't got anyone to max level yet. Right before the 2nd rite I finished the last crystal challenge for all the characters I have so far. There's still an achievement for filling every robe so I expect at least one more person to join at some point.

Shae (?) is fantastic. I've found a real groove with her. Shooting aura to knock out enemies, then salute to jump straight to ball, sprint, then throw ball into pyre. She's so quick triggering aura or throw, and I get to stay 3v3 all the time.

Pamitha's artifact was also amazing. Flying into pyre keeps her from disappearing for the next round. I did a practice battle in the crystal to make sure it was as awesome as it seemed. But then when I used it in the rite, she still disappeared. Different rules for that battle?

Anyway, dropped her and took Tizo instead and won pretty easily. I let Hedwyn and Jody release so far. Next choice is going to be tough. Tizo and Shae and Pamitha are all good and really working for me. Rukey I can get triple jump on next time I use him so he should be good too.

Really fun game.

Oh fascinating, you sent Jodariel on her way! I kept her almost til the very end, because I found her large aura super useful on defense. My "moon-touched girl" (the official name) was called Fae, not Shae. She is pretty cool, isn't she? And I love Tizo! <3
No idea about the different rules for that battle, might be since it's 1v1 and a bit different, but I can't remember to be honest.
Looks like you're getting in the groove of things! Looking forward to hearing more.

I think I kept Jodariel because she explicitly stated she didn't want to go? It's been a hot second, but she stayed with me my entire journey. Hedwyn was the first I sent up.

Well right before or after Jody left I got a certain witch with a decent Aura and amazing Aura shot. So that was ok. And then the final member joined with a big aura and pet aura, so I feel covered now.

I know one character (that witch) has said they don't care and just want to stay behind. I know Tizo has been there forever and seems cool with it. But I still might send him back. I get the feeling that whenever your final match ends up you're going to have to leave a couple people behind at least because you can't field a team of less than 3. So I'm trying to think of 2 or 3 that I would leave. It's hard, since mostly I like everyone.

I still can't use my Knight worth a damn. I can do a straight sprint and score with him. But his odd aura attack is completely worthless for me on defense. I read about how to target it but I still suck with him.

Everyone else I've had some success with. 3rd rite complete last night and I sent Rukey home. Miss him but I got a lot of his story revealed about debt and his mom... He really seemed like he needed to get home. But he was 600xp from max level. So I still haven't hit level 5 with anyone yet. Maybe tonight before I let someone else go.

Aeazel wrote:

I think I kept Jodariel because she explicitly stated she didn't want to go? It's been a hot second, but she stayed with me my entire journey. Hedwyn was the first I sent up.

Same here. She seemed so stoic. She was my rock and served as my right hand woman throughout. Plus I wasn’t optimistic she could hide her giant horns. Hedwyn struck me as just the kind of charismatic person to cross over first and get the ball rolling back home. I think I sent Rukey next cause I felt a little sorry for him.

Up to the final Rite but had to break for the night. Should finish tomorrow for August pile. And this has been a lot of fun.

Still only lost the one team match, but came close a couple times. I had to redo several of the crystal challenges. 1v3 is ridiculous at times. I think one of those I even turned down the difficulty. But for the most part the main matches were pretty fair and decently challenging.

I used a few of the stars to give the enemy extra flame or less for me, to gain bonus XP. Some of the other stat boosters I didn't try. Enemies that never stayed knocked out and other weird ones sounded more frustrating than fun.

Finished last night! Wow. I love that you get an epilogue for every character. All of your team and the leaders of the competing teams. And Sandra.

Looks like I won enough rites that the plan worked and the revolution was bloodless. In other more spoilery choices...


Freed Hedwyn, Jody, Rukey, Pamitha, Tizo, Shae, and the Reader.

Final battle I chose Sir Gilman, and he gave it up to the Reader and I took it. Sorry, Oralech.

Apparently losing to Oralech and then taking it gives him a better ending... oh well.

Hedwyn and his Harp got together.
Jody and _ae apparently were best friends.
Tizo hung out with _ae and the Reader since they could understand him.
Rukey got rich.
Reader and Sandra from the crystal had a long romance together.

Volfred and Bertrude were fine staying behind.
Sir Gilman seemed ok, just found a place to live a little high off the ground and faced his fears. Avoided Sir Deluge.

I know i probably should have sent Gilman home instead of Tizo. But I thought it fitting that the knight would offer to give up his spot for me as Reader.

I did one too many vocation individual level ups and ended up not maxing the group stats by 1 short. Not sure if there's an achievement for that.

Steam reports 19 hours. Maybe a bit of that idle. But I'm guessing at least 15 for a run. And I don't see doing that again for a while. So any remaining achievements will be left for now.

Really great game though. And it's very cool how many different endings you can pull off for each character, the plan as a whole, and losing can still be winning. Read about several other paths for your team and adversaries and there's definitely some replay value here.

I keep hoping it will get ported to Switch, as it seems every other Supergiant game is there.

Playing at launch, I was so happy with how things went, I didn't feel an immediate need to return to see how else it might go. It may be time, while I wait for Hades to fully launch, however.