Tree of Savior: Catch All

I did not see a topic for Tree of Savior, so I made one!

Tree of Savior is the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online. It has a beautiful art style and a complex class system. It plays like a 2/3rds perspective action RPG.

Take a look at the known class list so far, they plan to have 80 classes eventually.


You can see the class descriptions here:

The way it works, is you pick one of the 4 Rank 1 classes to start then every few character levels (15?) you can chose either to improve on your current class (up to 3 times) or take one of the new classes available to your main class at that rank.

An example would be:
Rank 1 - Archer 1
Rank 2 - Quarrel Shooter 1
Rank 3 - Quarrel Shooter 2
Rank 4 - Wugushi 1
Rank 5 - Wugushi 2
Rank 6 - Wugushi 3
Rank 7 - Musketeer 1

The founders access starts tomorrow morning at 2am EST. The game is available on steam. The official release date is April 28th.

I saw the game and it did look interesting, but the last thing I need right now is another game to play. Between Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, and Black Desert Online (as well as trying to keep up on Netflix stuff) it sucks up all my time. I'll wait to see what you guys think of it.

I am intrigued for sure a lot of the videos for the different classes look really fun.
I am curious if you can choose a class that is below the current rank if you have skipped it. Like this:
Archer 1, archer 2, archer 3, quarrel shooter 1
cleric 1, priest 1, dievdirbys 1, krivis 1
swordsman 1, highlander 1, hoplite 1, barbarian 1
wizard1, pyro 1, psychokino 1, elementalist 1

Yes, any previous ranks can be taken later.

I'm intrigued by this game, but not sure how I feel about the one month of early access for people who choose to pay now. Are they doing a wipe once it officially launches?

Hey folks, should I get into this game or Wakfu?