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Didn’t see K2-SO in that trailer…

I never finished Obi-Wan. Really curious if this can find any humor. Mandalorian had some very good funny bits but Obi-Wan was completely lacking.

Was Obi-Wan meant to have funny bits? The only candidate that comes to mind is when the guy pretending to be a fake Jedi realized he was in the presence of a real Jedi, but I never expected there to be much humor to the story going into it.

I didn’t either but I find Star Wars at its best when it’s not trying to make the silly universe extremely serious. It’s a goofy premise that is great when it adheres to it’s universal rules, provides stakes, and consequences, but also let’s there be levity. I’ve found a lot of the recent Star Wars output to be very grim dark.

I agree that there should be humor in Star Wars in general, but the main theme of this particular show was Obi-Wan starting to deal with the emotional trauma of Anakin falling to the dark side and the destruction of the Jedi. Not a lot of room for humor in that particular story. The Star Wars humor go-to of adding a wacky droid or goofy/cutesy alien would have been jar-jarring


That was a cool line. The follow up line, "I bet you'll be a total smoke show, I'd chain you up to my sail barge in a gold bikini any day" was a little much, though.

Those of you who are avid readers of Darths & Droids may want to actually look at the transcript in today's chapter...


It contains a link to their full adaptation of Solo.

Anyone else watch the clip from Disney+ Day and immediately think Cassian's wielding Kyle Katarn's pistol from the Dark Forces series?

Just finished Obi-wan.

All their efforts to humanize Vader just make me feel more strongly that Luke was a putz and should not have "saved" him.

He was a monster and choose very clearly to stay one. He doesn't deserve the redemption arc.

I also started to feel Vaders force stop became a “get out of jail free” card. He used it a lot and it kind of pulled me out of the suspension of disbelief

I didn't think Obi-wan was trying to do that. I thought they were showing how fully he'd given himself over to the Dark Side and how he really did blame Obi-wan for "turning" Padme against him. The Clone Wars series did a much better job of showing how Palpetine manipulated him into resenting the Jedi and many more examples of his slow decent to the Dark Side (and how the Jedi themselves were partially responsible for it), but we only had Revenge of the Sith to show why he hated Obi-wan, and it didn't do a great job of it. Apparently there was originally a fake love-triangle with Padme, Anakin, and Obi-wan in the script for Reveng of the Sith, with Palpatine making Anakin into thinking Padme was having an affair with Obi-wan, and that was why he got so angry at them both on Mustafar. It got cut though, so Anakin's mistrust of them seems more out-of-place.

It's also worth noting that Luke didn't save Anakin because Anakin deserved saving, he did it because it was part of his arc, choosing to stay with the Light Side where his father chose the Dark side.

Yeah without the clone wars series, Anakin just isn't the same depth of character.

Yea, "non-spoiler" in url...and info on that it starts now. Good stuff. As a Rogue One superfan, can't wait for tonight to start it.

I'm enjoying Andor more than any other Star Wars thing in years, I think mostly because it has the minimal references to other Star Wars things, has a really good cast and script, and is happy taking its time.

I can't believe they used BBY on screen... and failed to explain what BBY means to people who don't read anything about Star Wars.

That's what you put in your dating profile if you're a plus-sized green muppet, right? Big Beautiful Yaddle / Yoda?

Maybe they assume everyone knows a nerd.

This feels like the most cyberpunk Star Wars has ever been and I'm not saying that just because I recently watched Netflix's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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That's what you put in your dating profile if you're a plus-sized green muppet, right? Big Beautiful Yaddle / Yoda?


Andor was amazing. Better than the mandalorian.

Cross-posting since it might be most appreciated here:

Star Wars Imperial HR.

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Andor was amazing. Better than the mandalorian.

I have only watched 10 minutes but already he has shot a guy begging for his life. Maybe I will grow to like him or at least understand him but so far I don't want to know anything more about him.

I enjoyed the much more adult vibe of Andor. Only had time to watch the first episode, but looking forward to more if they manage to keep this tone throughout.

I have seen the first three episodes. I don't really have a lot to say about it. The production quality is superb, of course. The pacing and the storytelling is lackluster.

Random nitpick: The scene in the factory with the metal components suspended from chains in the ceiling was a bit of a reach.

I thought I was done with these shows after Obi Wan but Andor is on a whole other level, I am pleasantly surprised.

have only watched the first episode so far but I found it beautiful, well-crafted, and shockingly boring.

I can see that. I'm willing to accept lots of beautiful boring though, so long as it actually goes somewhere with it. It could have compressed everything that was covered in the these three episodes into a single one just fine, but then I'd be complaining that it just threw a bunch of exposition at us rather than letting us see it for ourselves.

I ate a Wookie. It was Chewie.

From the BBC, a little more detail on the work done on/with James Earl Jones' voice.

One thing did stand out for me, and caused my heart to sink:

"For future Star Wars projects, Jones has reportedly granted permission for Disney and Lucasfilm to use artificial intelligence and archival recordings to recreate his voice."

I'm sure that it is wise for Disney to hedge its bets here, and to take the steps necessary to allow them to return to the character. But I cannot help but wonder - and worry - about how much Vader they think they're going to need in the future.

With 'Obi-Wan', I felt that we pretty much had every interesting(ish) aspect of his life covered. I hope he isn't going to be wheeled out in every other show...