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Yeah I've been enjoying all the star wars comics.

Interesting. Probably good thread to talk about comics, books, and toys, since each movie and show already has their own thread.

Alden Ehrenreich Cast As The New Han Solo In ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

Not a bad fit when you remember what Harrison Ford looked like in 1979


Anyone else read Bloodlines? Liking it a LOT, though it feels a bit hemmed in by the constraints of where it needs to go at times... just a couple lurches from point A to point B that didn't ring quite true or plausibly for me. Still some very clever set up for TFA and a great character in Casterfo.

Looks like the closest thread for this:

A Malaysian Star Wars fan applies a traditional form of Malay shadow puppetry to SW and the results are pretty spectacular.

That's really cool!

I love crazy theories.

Snoke Is Mace Windu - Star Wars Theory

oh man, that voice.

Also that's nuts.

Mace Windu's signature move: Swinging a lightsaber.


Man, I thought I loved star wars but clearly not. Apparently I just dabble.

oilypenguin wrote:

Man, I thought I loved star wars but clearly not. Apparently I just dabble.

I feel like this every time I see stuff like that.

I mean I had a shelf full of the expanded universe novels and watched the movies probably hundreds of times and even convinced myself that the prequels weren't that bad (they absolutely are that bad) for a long while...

But even with all of that it still seems to pale pretty significantly next to people that are actually really into Star Wars.


woo! double feels!

oilypenguin wrote:


Oh, it's Darth Bane.

I don't understand that reference.

farley3k wrote:

I love crazy theories.

Snoke Is Mace Windu - Star Wars Theory

... Vaapad?

Fun theory!

I thought this was worthy of a bit of thought.


Yeap. That's the usual experience watching episodes 1 through 3.

Nobody said he couldn't storyboard. It's script writing skills he lacks.

I'm fine with his overall arcs but the details should be left to others. I'm hoping we get some more nuanced stories out of some of the non-episode character films. I can only handle the "and this one person saves the galaxy" story so many times.

I have a question about this title at Amazon. It sounds like a MMO, but then it doesn't. I thought the on-line Stars Wars game was close down. bit I see some recent nibbles at this game. Can someone clue me in.
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire Starter Pack - Amazon Bundle [Online Game Code] by Electronic Arts
This starter pack includes the Star Wars: The Old Republic (“SWTOR”) game and features the new story-driven expansion from BioWare, Knights of the Fallen Empire, launching on October 27, 2015.

Knights of the Fallen Empire includes the first nine chapters of an evolving story which continues with chapters releasing on an ongoing basis; when you apply this code to your account you will receive access to every chapter released as of redemption date and all future chapters released while you are a Subscriber.

This starter pack also offers access to the highly acclaimed story expansions, Shadow of Revan and Rise of the Hutt Cartel, plus unlimited access to the Galactic Starfighter expansion. (Please note: Shadow of Revan becomes accessible on October 27, 2015)

You also receive 90 days of Prepaid Subscription Game Time and 2,400 Cartel Coins to ensure you start with all the gear and equipment you need to get off to a fast start.

Get it all in one bundle for $39.99 USD and save more than 35%† off the retail price of each bought separately.

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Now gamers can jump into the center of their own Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic story-driven online RPG adventure with a special Knights of the Fallen Empire Starter Pack including all three major game expansions, Knights of the Fallen Empire, Shadow of Revan and Rise of the Hutt Cartel taking you all the way to Level 65.

This special Starter Pack offers the Star Wars RPG gamer awesome benefits including 3 months of unlimited prepaid subscription level access to all of the exciting game features and an unparalleled story-driven experience all the way to Level 65.

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Knights of the Fallen Empire Starter Pack Key Features
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Get unlimited access to PvP Warzones, PvE Flashpoints and Operations

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EA Terms & Conditions
† Savings calculated based on retail value of 90 days of pre-paid Subscription game time plus 2,400 Cartel Coins sold separately.

That's the new MMO. Galaxies was shut down.

TOR is, I believe, F2P now if you haven't tried it. That looks like a paid expansion for it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a F2P game, you don't need to buy anything to get started. It is indeed an MMO. (Our thread is here.)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (1 and 2) are sp RPGs.

Star Wars Galaxies shut down years ago, if that's what you mean.

Thanks folks. I realized I posted this in the wrong forum and posted it over in the 'Heroes' on, (which is probably an off topic...).

Is this any good? Worth it?

Thanks again.

Worth free? Yes.

garion333 wrote:

Worth free? Yes. ;)

Well it is asking for a $39.99 subscription?

Donan wrote:
garion333 wrote:

Worth free? Yes. ;)

Well it is asking for a $39.99 subscription?

Only for that package from Amazon. Go to the SWTOR site and download the game, it doesn't cost a penny to start. The pay for stuff is a subscription (which you don't have to buy) and expansion content. You won't get to the expansion content for a while, so no sense in buying it now.

I agree with Garion. I played it to max level at launch. It's a nice little game and I guess it's seen some vast improvements. Worth trying out to see if it's your thing before getting a paid expansion.

Donan wrote:
garion333 wrote:

Worth free? Yes. ;)

Well it is asking for a $39.99 subscription?

The subscription gives you lots of extra swag/leveling benefits/access to the more recently released content. It's normally $15/month, if I remember correctly. This bundle is also throwing in about $10-$20 worth of the Cartel Coin currency, which can be used to buy a variety of things in the in-game store. That said, no subscription is required to play the game, and if you want to give it a try, very little of the content is gated behind a subscription, and I believe you're looking at dozens of hours of playing before you get to any of it.

O.k. Thanks again. And I reduce that post over in 'Heroes' as you asked Oily':)

Thank you =) We're in the middle of a raid right now.

I liked The Old Republic, but it didn't run very well on my Surface. I'd have played more if I had a proper PC.