2016 GWJ Fantasy Baseball League Discussion Thread (Week 9 Matchups)

4th edition of the GWJ Fantasy Baseball League

League Teams (Owners):
1. Pineapple Express (Kush15)
2. Jayhawkers (Jayhawker)
3. Shelby-ville (ukickmydog)
4. Cap City Capitals (Kyekye)
5. Gio's FlippyFloppys (GioClark)
6. Deano's Team (SniPeZ-)
7. Grape Apes (BoShock)
8. Karma Dragons (gomorra3)
9. Duane's Dandy Team (Shag26)
10. Isotopes (nightelfmohawk)



I'm in!

I'm in.

I'm in

I'd love to be included if possible. Thanks!

Well, that's 7. I am going to see who didn't respond from last year's group and see if I can get some more people.

Thanks for the quick responses!!!

I would love to be in (again)

We have 8 now

I will give people until Sunday night to sign up, and then we will discuss draft day and site.

Is someone able to create a poll for draft time availability? I had hand surgery yesterday to fix a nagging issue, and I am limited at the moment. Fortunately, I am in little pain, hope it stays that way.

Made a when is good for it starting with Monday and ending on April 2 since the season begins on the 3rd. I would suggest highlighting start times that are good for you with the understanding that the draft will likely take around 1.5 hours.


Thanks ukick, much appreciated

I have never heard of that, but that is a cool little webapp.

I've never done an NL only league. This will be interesting...

Well only 4 people have responded, but so far, its looking like 9 or 9:30 eastern on any weekday from tomorrow through next Wednesday works.

Sorry. I started to, but I'm pretty open and don't want to restrict it for anyone else.

Open any day after Friday

I posted my availability for drafting. Right now, we have 8, with Shag26 a possibility to return. If we can't get a 10th, he won't play.

Are we doing yahoo like last year? Would be good to set that up so people can start joining.

28th, 29th, or 30th at 9 or 9:30 are leading. Personally I'd prefer 29 or 30 but could make 28 work.

I am in if there is a spot.

I need votes, ESPN or Yahoo. I am changing my preference to ESPN because I would rather not have 3 leagues on 3 different sites, but I am fine if everyone wants to remain with Yahoo. Please vote by replying to this thread.

Also, does anyone remember what the rosters were like last year?


I'm cool with ESPN.

I'd rather do Yahoo personally

I prefer yahoo, but don't care that much.

Last year's settings.


I'd prefer ESPN

I already have an account on both. No preference.

Either works for me ...ESPN can be goofy sometimes on position eligibility (random) and never notes a scratch until way too late to do anything about it...yahoo could go kaput by next season so either way

4-2-2 in favor of ESPN.

If everyone is in agreement, we'll use same settings from last year, with the only exception being 3 OF instead of 4. Let me know if everyone agrees.


fine by me

I am always a fan of double catcher (otherwise position get undervalued) and love any replacement for wins (quality starts for example) ...but this looks good