Hitman (2016) Episodic Catch-All

Bundles aren't. But Hitman is in the Humble Monthly, which is subscription.

I've not subscribed to monthly before. If I just wanted the hitman bundle I'm assuming I could pay for the one month and then unsubscribe immediately so just a one off?

You definitely can. They also give you the option of pausing the subscription for any months you don't want, which is what I do.

Based on my Steam friends list, it seems like a few other people here picked up Hitman 2. So -- what do other people think? So far I've only played the intro map and Miami and .... it's more Hitman. Which is exactly what I wanted it to be! The first map was pretty small but Miami was surprisingly large with ton of different things to do. I finished it once and hope to get some time to go back tonight and do things differently.

The systems polish with the onscreen bracketing and picture in picture makes things a lot more understandable. It still balances the immersive sim with just the right amount of absurdity. And I chuckled when I realized that a music video for the in-game band The Class is what's playing on the projector in the Prologue as you approach the beach house.

I really want to try out the multiplayer stuff after I'm more familiar with Miami.

I've been through Miami three times now. The first two times, I did the full guided story kills for both targets. What's interesting is that even with the guides set to full, it will get you most of the way to the kill, but doesn't take you all the way. Basically, it shows you how to set up the window for it, but leaves it up to you to figure out or decide exactly how to off the target. Which is pretty cool, because it's not always totally obvious.

I don't know if they did anything with the engine optimization, but I've got a very mid-range PC, and with settings at max, I'm still getting a solid 60 fps while streaming to the steam link, even in the middle of a super crowded area, and there's probably bigger crowds here than there were in any of the Hitman 1 levels.

So basically, yeah, more Hitman, which is great. I was slightly disappointed to find out that there's very few escalations available so far. I think the original game's maps have one each, and that's it. I came to the first game late, so there were tons in that one, and I didn't realize the majority of those were added after launch, so I'm sure they'll get to them for 2. Some funny but maybe spoiler-y moments from Miami:


- I killed a target by dressing as a filthy hippie food cart vendor, luring him outside by serving him some coconut balls, then killing him by whacking him over the head with a fish, making him fall in the ocean and drown. I then escaped in a speedboat.
- Multiple failed attempts at taking out one particular guard, and getting spotted five different ways while dragging his body before deciding this wasn't working.
- Finding out the flamingo mascot costume has surprisingly free access to places.
- There's a battle axe in the gym. I have no idea why.
- Taking out two researchers in a room with an android arm, and nobody noticing.

I really wish they'd put in a Giant Bomb-style randomizer.

Have done a deeper dive on miami and played all the levels once.
Can't wait for escalations.

I've been focusing on learning Miami first so that I stand a chance at killing Sean Bean successfully, instead of mucking it up like I did all the Hitman 1 elusives that I tried.

I’d only played Miami twice, but I thought I’d try to get Bean in the lab since I’d spent the most time in that building. Butterfingers here messed up a silent takedown of a lab tech, so I had to skedaddle and ended up at the track, never having been there before. Luckily, I had brought the sniper rifle in the briefcase, and patience won out after I knocked out the guys in the control room, and pulled off the sniper kill detailed in the briefing. Loved the dialogue in the conference room while disguised as the engineer. So good!!