Hitman (2016) Episodic Catch-All

My first time in a level is always doing the story mission because I feel that they do the best job of giving a good overview of the entire space. The escalations and elusive targets are often really focused on specific areas of the map.

Anyway, my first time through I leave the Opportunities setting on full. I'll explore the map, hoping to find a handful of them and then eventually deciding on one to follow through with. After that mission is finished, the Opportunities setting goes right back to minimal so that it doesn't get too hand-holdy. I feel like doing the mission once with my hand being held (though not always -- exploring the map before choosing one often means I already know where to get the costume I need, for example) is a good way to learn the level and get a feel for the various ways that the target(s) can be taken out. After that first mission, it's just a matter of tackling the mission in different ways.

As for mixing in other play modes -- I typically play the mission through a few times before starting on the escalations. Once I've done a few of those I'll move on to the next story mission and occasionally go back and play the prior ones for some variety. Or to get my rating up to 20/20. The only wrinkle in this has been the elusive targets. Since they're timed, I've ended up attempting elusive targets on maps that I've never before played, which usually leads to a failed attempt. I'm always happy when the elusive target is on a map that I know well.

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What else am I missing? I know there are elusive targets, but I don't know what they are yet. Where do they fit into the order I describe above?

There are Android and iOS apps to notify you when a new Elusive Target goes live.

I got my marks in Paris, but I was pretty sloppy doing it.


As I entered the red carpet area, I took a left and heard a security officer telling a waiter that he had could go on the first floor and the basement. Sooooo, I followed him to the parking lot, knocked him out and took his uniform. Tehre wasn't a place to hide the body so I just moved it between the card and shrubs and hoped for the best.

As a waiter I walked around the grounds and entered the building. I noticed that in the stylist area that there was a chair I could sit in as Helmut. I also passed a couple talking about how wonderful Helmut is. Shortly after a stumbled into a photo shoot of Helmut's. After it was done he walked through the gardens to a more secluded area - talking on his cell phone.

I took out 1 guard and moved his body into the bushes, but it wasn't good enough. Another guard walking by saw the body and grew suspicious of me. So I punched him in the face and then accidentally snapped his neck - I just meant to disable him. Helmut started getting scared, so I just ran at him and knocked him out. After moving the bodies, I became Helmut.

I returned to the stylist area to get my makeup applied. As the fashion superstar I easily made my way up to the 3rd floor where Dalia was chatting with some guy. They were the only 2 in the room. Once again, I quickly punched the one guy in the face and before Dalia could put up too much of a fuss I killed her. Luckily I could stuff both bodies into a cabinet.

Now for her hubby. This took a couple attempts to get the timing right. I took out his bodyguard as the passed an open door and then dragged the body into the stairwell - hoping it wasn't highly used. The mark briefly walked into a short hallway where both people close by had their backs turned. Using my trusty syringe of poison I shot him up and dumped him into the nearby bathroom.

I blew them both a kiss as I flew away in the helicopter.

After being seen by 2 people and killing an innocent accidentally, my score wasn't too hot. I'll hit the challenges up next.

I just got mastery level 20 in Paris but there are a lot of challenges left.

I got a chance to try professional difficulty in Paris. I'd say the biggest increase in difficulty comes from adding or changing the positioning of guards / people who can see through disguises. I'll list the approach I took and some of the changes in the spoiler...


I like disguising myself as Helmut because he has access to so many areas without the risk of being discovered. The first step for me is normally go from the opening red carpet area to the left because one of the wait staff is having a discussion with the security guards and then goes to the parking lot. In professional difficulty mode the waiter goes back into the grounds so his uniform can't be easily poached.

I had to hop the fence, then continue through the garden area. I turned off the flood lights and a tech worker came to investigate. I knocked him out and took his clothes. I continued further. A waiter was chatting with a women. They both stayed in the area. I tried to knock out the waiter, but I was seen. I had to knock out the lady too and also the body guard who came to investigate. Now at least I had a bodyguard outfit.

I made my way to the helicopter where Helmut is doing a photo shoot. Professional difficulty adds a couple guards to the garden area where Helmut goes to use his phone. I had to quickly get rid of one guard's body so I dumped it onto the river - getting a score penalty for killing a non target. There were 2 guards patrolling nearby who can see through my disguise. Helmut got close to the shrubs leading back to the helicopter so I knocked him out and dumped his body too because there is a guard who passes by the area - another penalty.

Now as Helmut I walked right up to the 3rd floor and went into the bathroom next to the room where Dalia talks with her bodyguard. The bathroom has a guard added, so I take him out. I flood the sink and open the door so Dalia's bodyguard comes in and I take him out. This takes too long and Dalia leaves, so I have to wait for her to make her rounds again. When she comes back I kill her and take her poison.

Now I need a waiter outfit so I can tend bar and poison the other guy's drink. I head to the basement locker room - no more waiter outfit just sitting there. I roam the basement and find 2 waiters chatting in the stairwell leading outside. I wait. They both come in. Finally ones heads back outside so I knock out the other. The other waiter comes back in and sees me so I knock him out too. After hiding their bodies, I am now a waiter.

Once I head up to the bar there is a waiter who can see through my waiter disguise. Damn. Luckily she turns her back periodically. I make the drink and go back around the corner. Next time she turns her back I poison it. I go outside and wait to hear my target drop the glass after he is poisoned, then I walk to the exit and the mission ends.

It was definitely more difficult with the changes to enemy placement. I didn't notice different AI, but they are supposed to be more observant.

The Paparazzo was pretty simple.


The dossier shows him on the red carpet, so I figured he'd be there and in the party areas. Easier to spot since he's not dressed for black tie. After following him around long enough to establish his loop (he hadn't actually trespassed or gone to see Sato..does he?) I took down the pair of guards next to the giant poster of Helmut Kruger, closed the outside doors, and angled myself so no one would see me pull the trigger.

I was much lazier.


Shot him in the entrance when he hangs around from the second floor with a sniper rifle. Then dropped into the construction area, grabbed my alt disguise and hightailed it for the catacombs.

The final target for Season 1. Hopefully things are going well enough that we get Season 2 soon.

The trickiest part is finding the client list, which means paying very close attention to the briefing video and listening for dialogue to clue you into just who has the list. It doesn't hurt to have already played the Bonus Mission situated on the same map.


Mr. Giggles himself is in the same rooftop meeting location as was used for the Marrakesh Bonus Mission.

And as played by a pair of the developers who didn't work on this Elusive Target, with some additional Q&A afterward.

This was another cheap sale pickup for me, got the whole season for £18.99. It's terrific, just massive and elaborate and full of fun stuff to discover. I initially turned off Opportunities, but I think I might turn them back on to get a bit more of a feel for the different areas of the maps. I've only played the main story so far, but the Escalations look really good...

Second chance Elusive Targets are a go. First one’s up.

With the briefing making it pretty clear that The Congressman would be walking past the front of the garage that's clearly visible from the rooftop behind the safe house in Sapienza, and with my aversion to trying to be too clever with Elusive Targets, I decided to just be as conspicuous as possible. Starting with not using the rooftop.

This year's Holiday Hitsmas is set in Sapienza.

I like the new campaign a lot.
4 reworks of old maps (new art, enemy placement, mechanics)
new escalations with new mechanics (Kill all "trespassers" who enter a given room/area)
1 min
The colorado rework is very, uh how shall we say, player opinion aware.


Love the idea of a formula 1 setting, that could be so great. Now I need to finish the most recent content to get ready.

jonnypolite wrote:

Now I need to finish the most recent content to get ready.

LOL, so true.

I got so obsessed with 100%'ing every level in Hitman 2016 that I dropped 50 hours into Prologue, Paris, and Sapienza alone and eventually burned out!

Is that Sean Bean narrating the trailer?

I think it's supposed to be the same character from the opening of the first game.

While I haven't even come close to sucking the marrow out of the first Hitman, I loved the hell out of everything it did. I think this'll be one of the few times I break my "no preorder" rule. I may even get the gold edition to make up for feeling bad that I criminally underpaid for the first game.

Why does the sniper thing have to be a preorder bonus? I just want a standalone sniper puzzle game.

jonnypolite wrote:


Love the idea of a formula 1 setting, that could be so great. Now I need to finish the most recent content to get ready.

This trailer is uncomfortably fetishistic of straight up murder. Made me feel kind of gross, and I like Hitman games.

Have you played any hitman games?

lol wut? A. it's Hitman. B. there is more racing cars than murder in that trailer.

Probably the tamest Hitman trailer I've seen.

I think reddit is leaking.

It’s a series based around killing people in stylish and inventive ways for money. There’s an achievement for feeding a guy into a wood chipper in the last one.

Mr Crinkle wrote:

It’s a series based around killing people in stylish and inventive ways for money. There’s an achievement for feeding a guy into a wood chipper in the last one.

Pardon me sirrah, your reddit is leaking out of your pants.

The GOTY pack is on sale for $20 CAD (so I assume that's like $15 USD). It doesn't say how long the sale lasts but I think it might be until November 2nd.

I'm pretty frustrated as I've been interested in a long time (played through the free trial recently) but am on an extremely restrictive budget and just don't have any room for even a $20 game right now.

Does anyone know if the limited story stuff is going to be included in the original mission pack(s) in Hitman 2?

Hitman season 1 is an early reveal on this month's humble bundle Vector, along with Hollow Knight and something else $12 US.

That any use to you?

Tempted myself, only have episode one over on PS4.

My budget for games for October (and maybe November) is 0$ so while it could help if things go well, at the moment it’s something for me to keep an eye on.

Thanks, I never pay attention to the Humble Bundles.

Edit: Are the bundles subscribiption only now?