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The setting: Coffeyton, Kansas. It’s a small town and you’d rather not still be here. High school is a memory, perhaps near, perhaps far. But you never got out. It’s fine you suppose. Not the life you expected but not a disaster most of the time. It’s just hollow feeling. Empty. Like you missed an invite to a party. Silly thought really. Those friends who did go off to school, who went elsewhere don’t seem much happier when they come back to visit. It’s just that the days and months and years have no real shape. Without the rhythms of school, it’s hard to compartmentalize how much time has really passed. Like that song you heard, the new one? It’s six years old. How can it be six years old? You heard it when your car was new (new to you) and, well, damn, that was six years ago.

It’s summer. Which means it’s sticky instead of frigid. Lots of storms in the summer and even when they don’t come, there’s always that electrical feel in the air, a thrumming tension. It’s the type of feeling you get in a bar right before a fight breaks out but day after day. It’s better some if a storm rolls through. Then everything feels somewhat normal for a bit before it builds again.

“Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.” ― D.T. Suzuki

Welcome to The Unmarked! Our new collaborative storytelling RPG starring Julian Murdoch, Karla Andrich, Sean Sands and Shawn Andrich. The game is expertly run by Ironwall Games' Rob Daviau and it uses a unique Tarot Card mechanic to replace the dice rolls we'd usually see to add some randomness to the story. We'll be releasing a new episode every two weeks with the March edition coming out back to back. This will be an ongoing series with episodes running through to this winter.

The cool part is we're also releasing video versions which include the Tarot card pulls, our players and shots of the map to provide a little context for the town of Coffeyton.

Big thanks to our Patreon subscribers for making this possible!

Audio-only podcast version Chapter 1 (iTunes link).

Audio-only podcast version Chapter 2 (iTunes link).


Very eager for the podcast feed. I have a game night with my neighbor coming up. We play some deep stuff, but its not a RPG group. I must live vicariously through you guys.

Looking forward to this!

Ahhh, this is so cool! Super jealous.

Rawkinmolie wrote:

Very eager for the podcast feed. I have a game night with my neighbor coming up. We play some deep stuff, but its not a RPG group. I must live vicariously through you guys.


I need more time in the day to catch up with everything I want to watch/listen to.

iTunes link! Should show up in the store search in a day or two.

This was incredibly funny. Can we start a collection so you guys can do this full time?

NothingWitty wrote:

This was incredibly funny. Can we start a collection so you guys can do this full time? :D

There is a Patreon...

I'm almost done with Chapter 1. Great stuff! Makes the ride to work much more tolerable.

Chapter 1 was fantastic!

Ugh! I have to /wait/?! But I need to know what happened! And what happens!


Why was the dead guy there? And if he had a bone out, then he must have been a container for a Cancer too. Did the Cancer drive him around and have him shoot up the circus? Why does the Cancer want to shoot up the circus? And the residual blood on the shirt came from /somewhere/. And you didn't actually talk to Conner, you just texted him. Is he actually alive, or did he get replaced by some weird doppleganger, like how David suddenly never lived in his house? And the tree is back! Did David get... like... unstuck from time itself? How did he never cut down the tree? Will BMW Man forget about the tree? But he still has pictures on his phone of the tree having been chopped and now being not chopped.

I'm on my phone. Can someone post Hermes saying "This just raises further questions!"? Thanks.

(Like, for serious. Spoilers.)

Blergh. It's so good. It's like bingeing on Netflix, and then being sad when there's no more.

All the questions that you guys have, we ALSO have. To an extent, even Rob doesn't know the answers, which is what is so incredible about being able to sit down with people like this group and just - tell a story together.

And who knows. That's the beauty of collaborative story telling. Maybe I do have the answer to one of those questions.

Maybe I do.

(Note: I probably don't)

With my kids on spring break this week, my commute/podcast listening time has been altered. But, I finally got a chance to listen to part 1. Awesome! I'm so looking forward to hearing how this all plays out over the next few months! Definitely something to look forward to every couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your time and effort in all of this (though it's obvious how much you all are enjoying it as well)!


So good!

Part of me: "I want to watch it all. Why can't I watch it all right now?"
Another part: "No, wait until it's complete and watch all the chapters then."
Reality: Chapter 2 before the weekend is done.

Rob - excellent premise and great job running the circus. You're a natural ring bearer. Any chance we'll see this module available for sale when it's over? I'd love to treat some friends to a similar adventure.

Thanks to the whole crew for the suspense-building launch. Kudos to Julian/Jacob for the CPA-ish decision


to stick with your workout/go to work plan and not rushing to the circus when given the option.

Somehow that small choice helped sustain the flow for me.

The remaining chapters can't drop fast enough.

Thanks to all the GWJ supporters for reaching this stretch goal. What a treat!

Gorilla: that means a lot to me. It felt very real at the time.