Monster Hunter Generations (Ultimate) (3DS/Switch) Catch-all

Not sure how I’m managing to pull this off with a full time job and a newborn, but my Switch profile says I’m 115 hours in.

This game’s got me fully hooked in a way that not many games have. Spider-Man game doesn’t even attract me at this point.

But I also am using adept charge blade- at rank 8 village and rank 5 hub, but I’ve now tried to venture into different weapons and builds to test them out. I’ve always wanted to learn the gunlance as a Squall fan, but always found it iffy. But I’ve done some really sweet combos and finishes that I’m pretty sold on the weapon. If we ever get a group together I’d probably try learning the hunting horn more to support!

Learning new weapons is exhilirating if you have the time though. It’s like picking a new main in a fighting game. (Cept I was never huge into fighting games)

Zionine that's awesome, glad you're really getting into the game! It would be great to get a group together, if you're on the GWJ discord it seems to be the way that we are organizing ourselves realtime.

It was quite a bit of work to grind out my Nargacuga suit, but now it's an enormous step up. The only change I made was to swap out the faulds for the Caenataur set to give me more Expert without needing to craft 3 expert gems.

Unfortunately I can't make Attack +2 gems yet, so I decided on using my five slots to fill out health. Add in an Expert Talisman and I'm sitting at Evade Dist+, Expert +2, and Health+. Since I'm actually planning to use this set for awhile I fully upgraded it, and the difference between 77 defense and 173 defense is pretty sweet!

I Got this yesterday. Looking forward to adventure!

This is -30% in eShop until 1.11. I finally dipped in and got my 3DS character transferred. I seem to have stopped just short of the Fated Four, so right at the tail end of Low Rank.

Anyone still playing? Up for some jolly cooping? I'm in UTC+3.

I’m not home this week, but I still play this regularly. I’ll add my friendcode here when I get home.

Saw that sale but so much pile right now. I don't know.

I bought my Switch and transferred my save.

On one hand, I kinda want to jump straight into G-rank, but with the new styles and feeling a bit rusty, I'm kinda compelled to start a new save file, too.

And work's been pretty hectic at the moment, meaning getting back into the hunt feels a bit daunting.

But first things first! Friend code = SW-2265-9157-4611

Turns out I forgot to put my own friend code here last year. Here it is: SW-8235-0816-8893.

I should probably poke around here more often. I really want to play this but have NOBODY to play with.

I transferred over my 3ds save. I think I'm still on the main game with 1 ir 2 of the flagship monsters to go.

I'd happily start over if anyone wanted to buddy-play with me (pick a night!), but I'd also be happy to just whack monsters at any level with my current setup.

Will post FC when I'm home.

A_Unicycle wrote:

I'd happily start over if anyone wanted to buddy-play with me (pick a night!), but I'd also be happy to just whack monsters at any level with my current setup.

Will post FC when I'm home.

I'm up for some trans-Pacific hunting.

I was all set to fire up my transferred save and decide whether to start a fresh file, but that plan went out the window when I noticed that a bunch of games on my wishlist went on sale today.

C'mon Okami; hurry up and download already!


Okay, downloads are done and I took a look; I think I'll continue with my current file.

But I've got some work to do; almost all my stuff is geared towards aerial swax and it's time for something different.

(I'll keep the a-swax in my back pocket for special occasions; looking at you, 'snarf.)

Whew; I'm rusty!

I think I'll stick with trusty ol' Guild + Hunting Horn until I get back in the groove.

But it feels (and looks and sounds) so good to be back in classic MH land!

I solo-dooted my way into G rank with eight minutes to spare in the quest. *whew*

And then, just to see, I did it again with aerial swax in less than half the time with less than half the diligence; that thing is OP.

I'm still trying out different combos of styles and weapons; not feeling enthusiastic about adept lance or greatsword.

I'll take a look at SnS next; I haven't touched it since 4U but I have very fond memories.

Sorry Ted! I nwver got back to you! My FC is SW 7853 3881 6984

I'm having a lot of fun learning HBG but haven't played in months. Let's line up some time via the GWJ Discord! I think we have a MonHun channel. If not, I'm sure we'll find a way

No worries; got you dialed in.

I probably won't be available until weekend after next for jolly co-op, however.