General VR Catch-All

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Are you guys using vr controllers or flight sticks for space sims? If flight sticks which ones are good?

Depends on the game.

HOTAS (X52 Pro) for Elite (with VoiceAttack to offload the keyboard commands as I can't see the keyboard).
Gamepad for House of the Dying Sun.
M+K for Everspace.

Thanks people. I'll be using it for elite dangerous. I thought about tie fighter but I turned off my stupid brain. Hmmm well I guess I could still use the stick for tie fighter but without vr. Ok maybe not so stupid.

The thing that was cool about the X52 is that they used it as the model in Elite Dangerous so when you looked at your hands you would see the same joystick.

Any lurkers a great oculus + Touch deal for $300.