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Cathadan, is there any word on when they will cancel Curse accounts?

I don't think there's a firm timeline for when the desktop app makes Twitch accounts 100% mandatory, but that requirement has already begun to roll out to a small percentage of desktop users with un-merged curse accounts. Feel free to PM me if you have problems with the account merge process.

Hehe... if my previous post in this thread hadn't made it obvious... I have a "problem" with account merge, period.

MoonDragon wrote:

Oh, and let's not mention that in 2017, you have to come up with a unique username. Why in 10 holly burning hells do I need a unique user name in 2017? Why can't I just log in with the same email you're forcing me to create, and have me pick a screen name I want?


Because the alternative is friend codes, which I'm sure will make you even happier.

Thanks! Hope you all like the desktop pop-out player as much as I do.

Just tried to fire up the Ventrilo and ended up finding this thread instead. Tried my old installation of Curse. It failed to open. Removed it. Installed the newfangled Twitch thing.....using my directory structure of choice, C:\Program Files (x86)\Twitch, not some crazy /Users/ folder nonsense.

PROGRAM FREEZE at startup, after the splash video. No buttons on the program work at all. Can't sign in using Twitch. Can't sign in using Curse. Can't report a bug. Can't close the program using the X. Had to right click on my taskbar to close.

Well played, Cathadan. Now uninstalling and using the default.

...was able to log in to Twitch account, and to merge with my Curse account. But...

Still: "An unrecoverable error has occured while launching Twitch. If this error continues to occur [it does], please re-install Twitch to repair any files that may be corrupt."

Re-installed twice and it keeps giving me that error, but the program seems to work briefly (a minute or two) and then is memory dumped when that appears. So using the web browser version instead.

Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, ASUS laptop, Intel Core i5-2467M, 4 GB RAM. Need anything else?

Hm, that's not great. And yeah, if the app can still launch to a stable point, send in a bug report which will automatically include details about the previously encountered errors. PM me around the same time and I can track down your individual report and we'll take over diagnosis from there. If it's stuck in a crash-on-launch situation, you can still manually zip up the log files and pass them along. (And thanks in advance if you do take the time to go through all that. Very much appreciate you helping to iron out the issue.)

Cathadan, I am sending an email request to twitch support. I just tried to log in via the web and mobile app for the first time since transitioning over from Curse about a month ago and I can't get in, but I am still logged in via the twitch desktop app. Username / email are not recognized.

EDIT: ugh. the system just automated emailed me back with the give us more information so what I just typed up got lost. It would be nice to see what I type back so I know it didn't just get deleted in the automated process. for now, I just clicked through the no email link and submitted my username for that.

Can we get a Divinity Original Sin 2 channel setup?

Any chance of getting a second Vermintide channel? It's busy now that the Vermintide 2 beta is running. Things will probably calm down in a month and we won't need it anymore, but it would be nice for now. We've been squatting in unoccupied rooms as needed, but I'd hate to think that GWJers are skipping on joining because the game looks full. Also, you should all join us and play some Vermintide 2!

i miss radiobot