GWJ Community Voice Comms

Axel wrote:

I met Radiobot today and it was pretty cool. I always liked the idea of a community based radio. I remember back like 15 years ago I was part of a large gaming clan, we tried to set up an internet based radio for members to use, we even had plans to have things like community announcements occasionally played between songs like a real radio station. Unfortunately at the time the technology wasn't there yet so we our plans didn't go through. Do we have any plans for Radiobot other than just to have him sit in his den?

I would love to do something like that, but would be tricky to finagle since Radiobot is basically an ipad mini hooked up to a mixer running primarily a music app. I could pepper recordings as just another mp3 file for it to sort from if I had a second computer that just stored mp3 tracks locally--

--oh my god I'm turning into my dad

Cathadan, does curse support chat bots? It would be neat to create a bot that plays the music that you can make requests to.

For what it's worth, there are music bots for Discord. They still have to run somewhere, but can be controlled via chat.

Yes, sort of. There are a few libraries for interacting with our services (i.e., but I don't think any of them have support for connecting to voice calls.

I think the easiest way to get a music bot running at the moment would be to use an existing twitch bot like Moobot to handle the song requests through the built-in twitch chat in the Curse app. Getting that running in the GWJ server would require hooking moobot up to either the GWJ channel or Amoebic's since those are the two currently synced there.

So, uh... who'd I ask about getting a new channel added to the Tabletop folder?

Here's a quick How-To video on the easiest way I've found to play music into a voice call:

Prederick wrote:

So, uh... who'd I ask about getting a new channel added to the Tabletop folder?

Cathadan, Ameobic or myself can do it. What channel did you want?

Any way to get Curse to default open a channel when you start the client?

Right now it opens the splash screen and I have to manually open the GWJ channel to see who is playing Overwatch. I know right now it's just one extra click to open the channel, but it would be nice for an option to auto-open it.

Just never close curse

Hey, we (Curse) added video calls and screen sharing today!

I was just telling a co-worker of mine that the only reason to keep using webex instead of Curse is video calls and screen sharing. That is awesome Cathadan.

Decided I am long overdue to stop being a fly on the wall and actually join the community. Grabbing both Curse and Discord for various applications and hope to chat with you all soon.

On the music front, I was a former radio DJ (almost 10 years) and have a large trove of music I would be happy to share for any community radio project. Mostly 70s-90s with some 00s mixed in, but a large swath of various genres.

Glad to see you jump in with us! I'll have to make a note to get back to you once I figure out the best way to get a proper radio bot into service.

Does Curse show you who is in a chat channel? I just jumped in and I can't see anyone in any of the groups/channels for GWJ.

It does show you. There are times where nobody is in a channel. Usually after midnight POST.

Cathadan, thanks for the instructions in the original post. It made setup very easy.

I have a new computer and some new games (Overwatch, Rocket League) and I'm excited to play with GWJers again!

kazar wrote:

It does show you. There are times where nobody is in a channel. Usually after midnight POST.

Where does it show? All I see are unread message counts - many of which are quite old.

Edit: Figured it out. The iOS apps don't show who is in a channel whereas the main Windows app does.

The mobile app currently doesn't show you who is in a voice channel. That's something I hope to improve very soon.

It's official!
The GWJ Ventrilo has turned off the lights after 10 years of great service. Thanks to Darkstar Communications and all the GWJ community donations that kept it running.


Thank you TheWalt! it was great in it's day!

Wow, times they are a changin'


Thank you TheWalt for the years of service. It was appreciated, on a regular basis.

So is this using the base Curse client since they bought them?

Or are they going Google on us and launching several apps?

I could see it evolving into a storefront as well.

Yup, that's the evolved form of the Curse app. As far as the storefront goes...

As you probably know, soon you’ll be able to purchase games on Twitch — all while supporting your favorite streamers AND earning loot with free Twitch Crates. Well, for certain games you’ll be able to download those games directly from the Twitch Desktop App!

Will you guys be dropping the Curse name eventually?

As of this morning it's gone from desktop app, but it will remain the menagerie of websites that we still run. (, hearthpwn, gamepedia, etc...)

Ugh... now the damn Twich is forcing me to make an account. I freaking loathe these underhanded business practices. And the best part is the marketing-speak reason: "to enhance the app."

To enhance the app my ass. The only reason is to force me to give you an email that you can spam and claim you have as an additional user. Which I am not, don't want to be, and never really will be. But if I create a burner account, they will inevitably force me to somehow remember it 3 years down the road "to enhance the service."

Oh, and let's not mention that in 2017, you have to come up with a unique username. Why in 10 holly burning hells do I need a unique user name in 2017? Why can't I just log in with the same email you're forcing me to create, and have me pick a screen name I want?


Anybody ever have a problem installing the Twitch client for PC? I have installed it about three times and every time I try to launch it it just hangs. I have run malware and virus checking programs and that is not helping. I'm running an Alienware rig i76700k rig with 16 gig RAM.

Hey, sorry to hear about that. Sent you a PM, Jayavarman.