Her Story Spoiler Section

Her Story Spoiler Section With Sean McKenna, Amanda and Allen

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Join special guest host Sean "legopirate27" McKenna along with Allen and Amanda as they delve into the mysteries of the award winning Her Story!

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Its kinda hard listening to people meander who missed or ignore some facts about it.
Anyway, please watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFve... its the best, simplest and coherent explanation. Physical evidence, like the tattoo, 3 sets of fingerprints, and her mistake where she had the bruise, cannot support a split personality disorder.

Bravo, Legopirate (another Sean!!), what a great job at being a guest host, well done! I absolutely loved listening to this spoiler section, so many thanks to Alan and Amanda as well.

Thany, I can't say I really understand your post.


Physical evidence like the tattoo, the bruise, were actually discussed in the spoiler section, so I wonder if you actually listened all the way? The tattoo could've been temporary, her sleeve hides her arm in other interviews... Besides, that wouldn't necessary rule out split personality disorder, since you can camouflage, put make up, or purposefully make a mistake to cover your tracks.

I'm sorry to say I can't watch the YouTube video just yet, work blocking the video and all that.

But the whole point of the game is that this is **HER** Story, this is her version. You can't anything she says at face value.


Case in point, the discussion about her parents' deaths which was discussed by the trio around the fifty minute mark, or a little bit before that, the trip to Glasgow. As Alan said, the only thing we know for sure is that Simon died and that you play as the daughter, that's all we have for certain. And yeah, that end is mindblowing, I was totally taken aback.

I really don't understand how anyone can answer that IM with "yes", because my mind was just reeling the entire time, and I was having trouble getting a handle on things.

I actually like that the creator, as Legopirate said, will never, ever reveal his version. Kinda feeds the discussion and adds to the whole mystique. Anyhow, great, great spoiler section, loved listening to the three of you!!

Also, I kinda want to go play it again.

Edited to add spoiler tags per Legopirate's request at the end of the spoiler section. My bad.

I'm with Allen: it's very hard to conclude anything with confidence about what actually happened. The game is designed to be ambiguous and you can't believe anything that's said in the interviews. Anybody trying to treat this like a Sherlock Holmes mystery with a grand theory that tidies up all the clues and loose ends may as well be chasing ghosts. In that sense, Her Story feels a lot more like a literary short story that gives the reader a little window into a larger narrative that the reader will never see.


With that said, I find the twin theory much more interesting. Who get's arrested? Where did the other twin go and why is she never coming back? If we're talking about one person with a split personality, I have a hard time caring about whether each interview is Hannah or Eve of "Eve pretending to be Hannah" or "Eve trying to do a bad job of pretending to be Hannah to make a point about something or other."--in the end it all comes down to a lady with a mental disorder.

Thanks for the kind words Eleima! Obviously it was great fun to do, though I'm not nearly as capable as the regular hosts. Again, credit must go to Amanda and Allen for the (hopefully) interesting conversation.

I didn't play Her Story so I soon realized this spoiler section wasn't very spoilery, but I have an important question.
Where can we listen to legopirate27 reading the dictionary out loud?

RolandofGilead wrote:

I didn't play Her Story so I soon realized this spoiler section wasn't very spoilery, but I have an important question.
Where can we listen to legopirate27 reading the dictionary out loud?

Ha! At present that would have to be a private commission

I just played Her Story in its entirety yesterday (thanks to random Vermont state holiday that did not cause daycare to be closed), and I was glad to finally listen to this podcast that had been saved in my feed for forever. My perspective generally lined up with Alan's rather than Amanda's. However...


I liked Amanda's idea about "Eve" pretending to be "Hannah" at certain points. That hadn't occurred to me, but totally rings true, despite the fact that I think they were all the same person. For whatever reason, I perceived all of the interviews as being with Hannah except for the final one in the white shirt. I think it was one of the later interviews where Hannah is talking about Eve (and admonishing herself for having brought her up), so in my mind the story was "police interview Hannah a bunch of times, hear about Eve, call Eve in, realize it's the same person, arrest her." But on further reflection, it makes sense that a)Eve may have been playing Hannah in some of those interviews and/or b)the police may have asked "Eve" to come in earlier in the process.

I'm also very curious about Amanda's theory that "Helen" is another personality of Hannah/Eve. My recollection was that when I searched for Helen I only found one or two videos. They did reference her being blonde, so I can see the link with the blonde wig, but Eve mentioned having a wig several times (I think, anyway), so I didn't take that to be a separate personality. I would be more inclined to suspect Helen if her name were a palindrome--that seems to have been important given the theme of mirrors and reflections going on with Hannah/Eve. I would bet Helen is a red herring, but since the idea never occurred to me on my playthrough, maybe I would spot more supporting evidence if I tried again.


There's a video where one of Helen/Eve denies the existence of a wig, too.