2016 - The 12 Month Pile Plan

Eleima wrote:

Shoptroll... there is no bigger advocate for the old Sierra/LucasArts adventure games of old than me. And yet, you have my absolute blessing to venture into the land of adventurey goodness that is the Wadjet Eye catalog. Seriously. It's okay. No one will hold it against you. Those Blackwell games are some pretty powerful stuff. Technobabylon is awesome too. Primordia is just phenomenal.
Go forth and adventure, and don't feel guilty.

In fact... I've never played a single Quest for Glory. I've played five minutes, tops, of a Space Quest game. *gasp*

Thanks! I wasn't really looking for anyone's blessing on this, it's just a weird personality tic I get with some things. I've also had a big hangup on not really diving into any of the recent Final Fantasy titles until I had "caught up" on the franchise (the last one I beat was IX way back in 2003 I think?) and well that got excised this year for sure

Seeing as it's the new year, I guess I should get in my end of year pontificating, huh?

December update:
* Dragon Age Inquisition - GOTY Edition (I played the base game last year, but haven't played with the DLC)
* Shantae - Risky's Revenge
* Hitman (intro pack)
* Talos Principle

* Stories: The Path of Destinies
* Shantae - Risky's Revenge

* Fallout 4, like a whole lot of it.

I've been getting better with avoiding impulse purchases and retail therapy for the past couple of years, but this feels like the first year I actually have it under control, at least for games. I've also noticed that the more depressed I am, the greater my impulse for retail therapy (and lower my desire to actually play games). The last couple of months have been tough in that regard. But knowing that about myself makes it easier to be strong, put my energy into something else, and if I do retail therapy, to buy stuff I will actually use (like art or journaling supplies) instead of games that are likely to be untouched for 6 months.

I also dumped my wishlist entirely at the beginning of the month to start from scratch. Now it's only things that I would be thrilled if it showed up. For games, that means things I'd want to play right away. No Deus Ex Mankind Divided because I'm more psyched for Dishonored 2, but not Dishonored 2 either because I want to finish my platinum run of the first game first. No Divinity Original Sin or Wasteland 2 because I already have Fallout 3 and Witcher 3, and I may very well be still playing those this time next year.