Paladins (HiRez): Catch All

fangblackbone wrote:

Wait what?
What is this?
I love this game (Barik ftw) but I didn't know anyone else was playing it...

There's a group of us that have been sporadically playing this since alpha. Primarily Smite but would occasionally load this up to check it out occasionally. It's not something we would recommend over Overwatch, but its a fun time waster.

As for the BR version this has turned out to be quite fun. I enjoy it much more than Fortnite. Weapons behave as i expect. After hearing the announcement on the PC E3 event that this mode was officially out figured to jump in and give it a go.

Hopping back into this not active thread to say--Paladins is good! I played a couple months on PS4 around this time last year, but eventually fell off of it. A few weeks ago, though, I noticed it was out for Switch, and so installed it shortly before I went on vacation. I fell into it pretty hard. It's a really solid Overwatch-like game, with interesting characters and modes, definitely a great value for free. Maybe this will just be a game I return to every summer when I want to play a competitive shooter but don't want to drop $60.

I ended up paying the $15ish for the Battlepass...I'm not overjoyed by the loot I have received, but I don't regret it, I'm always happy to have a way to kick in a reasonable amount to a F2P game after I've gotten a certain amount of enjoyment out of it.

Playing online with Switch is so odd, as my profile name is just my first name. I suppose I should change that to something more searchable and anonymous...fingers crossed that doing so won't break my account or anything.

Unless they changed it, the primary use of their battlepass is unlocking all the heroes.

Nope, it's different. There's a "pay this amount to unlock all heroes" item that you can purchase, but the Battlepass is the Fortnite model: there's a free tier and a pay tier, and playing games earns you XP for the Battlepass, and each tier unlocks some stuff (emotes, user pictures, skins, currency, chests, etc.) with better and more frequent unlocks in the paid tier than in the free. I don't think any of the rewards are character unlocks (tho the currency can oviously go towards that).