Paladins (HiRez): Catch All

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Anyone else playing this? It's another MOBA from HiRez. The folks who do Smite. (why they decided to dilute the field? I dont know)

Just got into the beta for this.

After the Tribes Ascend treatment I've avoided HiRez and haven't played Smite.

I know they've gone back to finally resurrect Ascend but it feels too little too late with the community shattered.

They've been doing good with Smite. I was late into that because of what was done with Tribes, but ended up being impressed.

This looks good, but again i don't understand why they'd want to dilute their player base with a similar game.

Any impressions yet? I dig Smite, especially on XB1, but I'm unclear on the strategy with this one.

It feels sleeker, but the emphasis on team play is like 10x more than Smite. Not sure if you played TF2 but having people not fight on Control Points can be rage inducing for some.

There's some balance issues too right now, but that's what the beta is for.

I have an invite if anyone wants one. This is a great game, really enjoying it so far (Disclaimer: I know 2 people personally who work for Hi-Rez Studios). Just started playing a couple days ago and I would agree that team play is definitely important, but having a group of goodjers to play with would be awesome.

That being said, I have 2 invites if anyone wants to give it a try. You just need to send me a PM with your Email address.


So Paladins is on steam and in open beta right now.
And it is a lot of fun.
But I fear it is going to get trounced by Overwatch.

Overall, I like all the heroes I've played mostly better than the ones offered in Overwatch.
They have a decent "co-op" mode. It is the siege practice vs AI in the training but you do earn xp and gold from it.

I like the deck building unlocks aspect of it.

Pip is probably the most unique character so far. He scratches the grenade launcher archetype well and he is support so he gets a handy heal.

Kinessa is a sniper and I like her better than Overwath's Black Widow. She has chaining slow debuff mines/turrets

Skye is probably my favorite. She is a stealther with a wrist dart gun that has a burst fire mode and a smoke bomb debuff.

Cassie is the archer. You know it is a toss up between her and Battleborn's Thorn. She is really fun but Thorn has more depth plus damage over time.

Drogoz I get the feeling is going to be a popular character. I haven't played him yet mostly because he is always taken and the team I don't believe can have 2 of the same champion. He is the rocket launcher wielding draconian.

Barik is another popular class. He has turrets and shields and a flamethrower turret with a shield.

fangblackbone wrote:

So Paladins is on steam and in open beta right now.
And it is a lot of fun.
But I fear it is going to get trounced by Overwatch.

This is a completely different genre than Overwatch. This is just a more user friendly and more PC correct version of Smite.

Maybe they haven't unlocked the MOBA aspects of the game?
Because all I was allowed to play was 5v5 (6v6?) capture point then escort/push the time bomb maps.
I didn't even get to play a capture and hold style map.

There was a custom match option but that seemed to me for clans that want to practice against each other with set teams.

fangblackbone wrote:

Maybe they haven't unlocked the MOBA aspects of the game?
Because all I was allowed to play was 5v5 (6v6?) capture point then escort/push the time bomb maps.
I didn't even get to play a capture and hold style map.

There was a custom match option but that seemed to me for clans that want to practice against each other with set teams.

Then they completely changed directions from what they had in their earlier test cycles. Handful of us played it when they first started and it was very much MOBA oriented. Had to kill minions and heroes to power up your abilities. It did have capture points, but if you left the minions alone your side would fail.

Did they have the card system and loadouts?
Right now you collect cards from chest rewards that modify and improve your abilities. You can only equip 5 of them but you can swap and configure a custom loadout when not in a match.
There doesn't appear to be a leveling up during the match unless there are boosts awarded for multi-kill and chain killing.

fangblackbone wrote:

Did they have the card system and loadouts?
Right now you collect cards from chest rewards that modify and improve your abilities. You can only equip 5 of them but you can swap and configure a custom loadout when not in a match.
There doesn't appear to be a leveling up during the match unless there are boosts awarded for multi-kill and chain killing.

Maybe? All i remember is your abilities getting charged up in mid fight and the goal was to kill minions to help that happen.

We kept asking why they were making this game since they already had Smite and this felt like a re-skinned version of that.

Don't know why but I like this game a lot! Playing co-op versus AI is scratching an online shooter itch more so than Battleborn or Overwatch. The only dud hero so far is the Orc/Tauren shaman healer that doesn't seem to do much damage, take much damage, or isn't much support to his group.

I feel the accessibility is unmatched. I tried Paragon yesterday and it is the antithesis of accessibility. Paladins is almost the exact opposite. And the population is good. Queue times are pretty constant. I think the longest I've had to wait is a minute thirty.

The AI bots are pretty darn good too. It makes it much more challenging playing against a balanced AI group if your group is not balanced (tank, damage, support, flank). Oh and if the AI team has the bomb dude, ugh that guy is a bastard and you will not win without a balanced team.

As is typical there is 1 healer that everyone likes to play (think rocket raccoon with a grenade launcher and a lobbed aoe heal) and the rest want to be damage or flankers. I happen to think the treant support champion is underrated. And some knowledgeable players will switch to a tank or support if the team is all damage. But I have had some really good runs/wins with an unbalanced team. I also have some frustrations with the usual "kill/death ratio" zealots and the "ZOMG I must top the damage charts" cowards.

There is some cross role ability in the champions. There is a flanker I like to play that has a 3-4 second "bubble" and heal on a 12-15 second cooldown. Her other abilities are mobility based that are just not my play style and her ultimate isn't as strong as some others. So I pretty much use her for her main attack which I am very good at and is underrated for sure. Plus the situational use of her "bubble" to help push the objective like an off tank.

TLDR - The game's strengths aren't originality though it does have its own style. But its a lot of fun and much more get-in-and-go than the other offerings on the market.

Still having a ton of fun in Paladins.
They just released a new patch which brings back the Ying hero. The one thing that sucks is you never get to play her because everyone wants to play her so they are spamming her selection to get her first. After only 3 matches I have yet to have quick enough reflexes to select her. (unlike Overwatch you can only have one of each hero on your team)
They added a new game mode which is fun but I am concerned it will split the player base which makes queuing for a match longer which at some length of time will erode the player base. Hasn't been a problem so far, but the patch has only been out for 6 hours.

The new mode is a take turns escorting the bomb. And of course whomever does it, or does it the fastest, or gets it the furthest down the path wins. My first match we blew the bomb down the course and then stomped the other team, preventing them from getting more than one third of the way. The second match was a struggle but we managed to complete the escort in a seemingly long time. And we prevented the enemy from getting more than 60%, even in the long time we took. This mode does seem quicker across the board whether the match is even or lopsided so that should help the queues refresh faster. And another good thing is that the matches aren't so short that there aren't momentum changes and "halftime adjustments".

Paladins may not be for everybody but it definitely grabbed me more than Overwatch.

side note: the Orc/shaman hero that I thought was a dud versus AI, is fantastic in PVP

So I originally blew with the new hero Ying. But now I am pretty good. My last match with her was a doozy. We ended up p0wning but the skirmishes were much more even than that. It was a tit for tat but we just ended up getting the last shot every time. Many of my team had k/d ratios of 25/4, 28/0 or 28/1 (me). We just had good coordination for not having voice chat and I never have that type of deathless run. I am so much more reckless/aggressive to earn that record.


fangblackbone wrote:


Glad you're enjoying, but no... no we're not

ranalin wrote:

Glad you're enjoying, but no... no we're not


I just received two keys for the XBox One Paladins beta if anyone is curious about it on console. PM me for a code, first come first served.

Anyone playing on PS4? Or does anyone know if this is another PC-PS4 cross-platform game? I'm finding Paladins to be incredibly fun and I'm guessing that coordinated play well further add to the enjoyment. I'm not sure if you can connect to me through my Hi-Rez user ID: EldonOfAzure or my PSN ID: mariosmaker, but either way, look me up.

I think it's a bit faster paced than Overwatch with the aid of the mounts to arrive at the conflict quicker, although, from what I've seen as support, moving as a team just doesn't happen as much.
I've only been playing for a day and a few hours, but my favorite characters so far are Inara (new?), Ruckus, Pip, Grohk, and, by a landslide: Grover. I love playing Grover as a healer/tank/occasional sniper. I have not found Evie to be a fun character to play, I think that it's because she has two movement abilities, a self defense mechanism, and a small clip. Then again, I haven't been playing FPSs with neither flanking nor opportunist situations in mind for some time, so that could be my issue too. So for now, I think I'll be staying away from Flanking characters.
Since all my matchups seem to lack Support characters, I've found myself drawn into playing them more. I've also noticed that any team without a Front Line character isn't usually able to take the point, (only have played Siege) no matter the team comp, if the opposing team has at least one Front Line character.

This thread was really hard to find! I get that there are good reasons there are a lot of other posts in this forum using the word "Paladins", but it took me several different searches before I stumbled across this one, and even then, it's because the words Paladins and Hi-Rez showed up on a user profile's post history, I didn't get a result for the thread itself. Weird.

I'm playing this game for a very silly reason: I've been playing Overwatch on PC in competitive mode and am feeling very precious about playing that under the exact right circumstances, and I saw this had come to PS4 and XBO, so I figured this would be a similar experience but would let me mess around without having to worry about consequences. After about 5 hours over the past week, I think this game is pretty good!

At first, I was cordoned off into the vs.-AI matches only. I liked the mechanics well enough, though was frustrated that, presumably in part because I was mostly playing with new players, no one seemed to understand the need to get on the point. So I was playing primarily Pip and Cassie, neither of whom are in any way tank-y, and just getting blown up on the point all the time while my teammates wandered all over the place. I tried out Fernando and had more success given his HP and shield, but he doesn't seem like a particularly strong player if your team isn't working with you.

I'm now getting to play in PVP modes, and am enjoying that. I've been leveling up Pip, Cassie, and Fernando, and exploring a few other characters. I wish there were more support options for me to try. I also have yet to explore the card system--I'm just set on auto-purchase with the default options. When I've tried to play MOBAs and other games that use systems like this, I always find it overwhelming and confusing, so I hope that this system is a little clearer and simpler than those systems, or at least is something I can plan out in advance enough so that I'm not trying to sort through cards or do math in the middle of a heated battle.

I am thinking that this weekend I will probably plunk down the $13 they're asking to unlock all of the characters. I have enough currency to unlock at least one more character right now, but there are so many options it's hard to single one out to try, and $13 seems like a pretty modest fee, so I might as well save my in-game currency for other purposes. For all the ways in which I am wary of free-to-playness, I like that, contrary to Overwatch, there are more customization options for each characters (head, clothes, weapon, etc.), although the designs are generally much less appealing to me than the Blizzard characters and costumes are.

My report from my time with this is that it's a fun Overwatch-like experience that's worth investigating. If you're finding Overwatch to be a bit too intense, or don't want to pay money for it, or if you'd just like to try a variation on that style of gameplay, check it out.

I find it very easy to accumulate enough in game money to buy new heroes not long after they come out.
So while I jumped at the chance to spend $20 for the ultimate god pack in SMITE, I haven't spent a dime in Paladins.
The hero I am best at is Barik. I wish SMITE had a better "turret" summoning god other than Vulcan and more like Barik. Barik plays like the engineer from Global Agenda without nearly as much utility and gun choice. He is still tremendously fun and my most effective tank.
Healers are really hard to choose from. I can be really effective as Grover, Ying, Pip and Muldamba.
Other characters are:
Ruckus - I suck but others are beasts with him
Tyra - one of my best damage heroes
Fernando - never played but I'd probably be good with him
Makoa - I suck at
Torvald - I suck at
Inara - I'm pretty good at
Ash - I'm decent and could get better with more play time
Bomb King - I am mediocre as damage but excellent as support as (with the low cooldown stun bomb)
Cassie - I'm good but not great. I prefer Tyra
Drogoz - is mr. rocket launcher so its puzzling why I suck at
Kinessa - I hate and everything about snipers that I hate, but would love more if her zappers were stronger (at the cost of rifle damage of course)
Sha Lin - meh or bleh
Viktor - I'm very average and he is too simple
Willo - I'm good at because she is sort of like a fairy and flower themed rocket launcher
Grohk - is a sh*tty healer but pretty good damage dealer
Seris - is difficult to get a grasp on for me so I am sort of average
Androxus - I suck at
Buck - I suck at
Evie - is very similar to Willo to be honest and she was one of the first heroes I gravitated towards
Lex - I would never really play if it wasn't for a pve mode from a few months ago that no longer exists
Maeve - I like the style of but I don't understand how to be effective with her at all... her attack is slow and on a long cooldown
Skye- was my first favorite hero but then once the game matured and flankers actually started flanking instead of just being alt damage dealers, I moved to other heroes... i am not good with that kind of zipping around

Thanks for the feedback, fang. I too suck at Drogoz and am surprised...seems like it's a Pharah clone, basically, and I'm good with Pharah, but I got crushed the one time I played Drogoz.

Man, I have crummy timing. I decided yesterday that I would just jump in for $14 and get everything...only to discover when I got home that they've raised the price to $20. I guess that was a temporary sale or something? Oh well. I did note they will refund the in-game currency you spent on characters when you do buy the founders pack, so maybe I will just buy a character and try that out--though of course they also just raised the currency costs of characters too, so I still have some work to do to unlock some of those characters. I think I will grit my teeth and pay the $20 anyway, just because I'd like to play around and not worry about grinding things out, but we'll see.

Well, I have to admit the $20 will be a good value. There are a lot of great champions to play. I do believe $20 has been the normal price since I've been playing. I feel the good news going forward is that they can drawn from the zillion great gods in SMITE (SMITE is so good, if you like Paladins try it) for inspiration for new champions in Paladins. (please bring an Isis, ratakasi-or-whatever or Izanami clone!) Unfortunately you can only earn xp in vs. AI matches until level 13 in Paladins. Then you are forced into PVP to progress.
I feel like Drogoz is more creative than Pharah. He has a skill shot that fires a slow transparent flaming orb that you can shoot with a rocket to explode in a pretty wide area for big damage. I am actually pretty good at it but often get lost in the action and forget about it. Or I just keep dying before I can pull it off.
Tyra is a really good damage champion and she frequently tops charts because of well places fire fields and well timed "grenade" shots.
Pip is really good to because he can heal well and he has nice aoe on his main weapon. He also has a nice escape in that skill that makes him super bouncy for a few seconds.
Ying takes some time to learn as you want to place her healing duplicates with line of sight to heal but protected so that they last ore than 1/2 a second. She actually has much easier sniping ability than Kinessa but with less damage. Ying is also an easy target and low health so use the swap places with your duplicate skill when you over reach.
Viktor is (almost too) easy to play and has a devastating ultimate.

I do play on PC from time to time. Friend me up or invite me to play with you guys

I started playing as well, feel free to friend me. Username is DrIncurable.

In the WTF category of the day!

I dunno, that name is a little too subtle. Why not Paladin Unknown's Battlegrounds?

So disappointed they're ruining the integrity of their Overwatch knockoff by making it a PUBG knockoff

Teamed up with Escher and we got first place for our first game of the early access version.


Wait what?
What is this?
I love this game (Barik ftw) but I didn't know anyone else was playing it...

Ranalin and I had not played before today. I played a bit more solo's after. If they put first person mode in this game I would be 100% sold. As of now I'm having fun will see if it lasts.