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garion333 wrote:

I'm not a huge Haken fan but they write quality stuff and I know a lot of people respect the hell out of them.

Ha ha, that guy is wearing an Elite "Load New Commander" t-shirt!

Hammers write some of the best modern throwback prog metal around.

Also, cow bell.

Edit: Might as well post my favorite song of theirs. The chorus is great in a cheesy way that I think will appeal to a lot of people.


A South Korean band who mix in traditional Korean instruments and write some heavy post-rock/post-metal music.

Anyone bother with neo-prog groups? I've always turned a cold shoulder to groups like Marillion or even IQ, regardless of the quality of their music because they always sound so much like Yes, ELP, etc.

Arena, however, isn't a band I've ever given a listen to and I'm liking what I'm hearing from their 2003 album Contagion. It's quite a bit darker sounding than other neo-prog groups I've heard and I like that. Definitely more on the standard prog rock than dorky prog side of things, so that accounts for some of my enjoyment. The shorter songs found on Contagion make for an easy listen too.

Polish band described as a cross between Riverside and Pearl Jam. The PJ reference is mostly to the singer sounding like Eddie Vedder at times.

They recently dropped a new album:

This song has male and female vox, used to good effect here. Getting an Anathema vibe from the vox.

Guys I really like Coheed.

I did too, once upon a time.

Not really rock at all, but more in the vein of early electronic music. I recently picked up Sunergy by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Susan Ciani. Two amazing ladies who know how to make a Buchla synthesizer just sing. Very sort of trippy meandering instrumentals. I listen to it a lot while working.

I want to put this in the metal thread since it gets more traction than this thread, but Amadeus Awad is solidly progressive.

This is some heavy stuff here featuring Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. The lyrics, wow. Awad attempted suicide and this album, Death Is Just A Feeling, is born out of that experience along with the loss of loved ones. So, yeah, heavy. This song is long, but stick around for the end. Well worth it.

Fans of Ayreon (he's on the album) will find a lot to like here.

Do you miss rock operas? Fear not! Schooltree wrote a modern one for you called Heterotopia. The singer/songwriter, Lainey Schooltree, also plays keys on the album so a lot of the songs tend to focus on keys/synth with crescendos involving guitars.

Pretty good stuff. I've burned through it once and there's a lot to take in, but the music is at least of a good prog rock quality.

Now this is some real prog.

Tut, I've totally been posting tunes in the wrong thread... Favourited!

I'lI be back but for now I'll cross post a couple UK acts...

Nordic Giants, just touring a short film atm. An older example from when I first heard of them, great live...

Also Cleft... Speedy prog 2 piece... Another favourite of recent years, this one is especially good for striding at pace...

Also thought I'd spread the love as Dan from the band is trying to raise £50k to get specialist brain cancer treatment that is as yet not available on the NHS.


Probably my favourite math video...

2007 album Filmlets is still probably my fave from Lite but this tune from this time last year is pretty good...

Next time some... Toe

garion333 wrote:

Now this is some real prog.

That was pretty good. Funny that this album was just released on October 20, since that excerpts video led me to the world premiere of the lead song, 2 years ago.

For my fellow old-timers, here is a Tull show from 40 years ago. This is from their Songs from the Wood tour, so it's going to lean a bit toward their folk music, but there's a good performance of Thick as a Brick in here.

I actually came across this when surfing YT for some King Crimson videos. For instance, this one from 1982 with Adrian Belew singing lead.

I never posted this I guess, but by far my favorite experimental rock / avant-pop album of the past couple of years was Bent Knee's "Say So" in 2016, their first on Cuneiform Records.

They released another one in 2017 which I haven't spent much time with, but was apparently great too.

I'm home!

I discovered this interview by accident recently. It's fascinating. I've always found her singing on that track to be spectacular.

Do the likes of Red Sparrowes, Pelican, Russian Circles, and Tycho fall into prog rock? I'm looking to broaden my selection of things that hit the same parts of my brain as those bands do.

I would put the first three into post-metal, and the last one more into IDM/ambient experimental electronic.

garion333 wrote:


A South Korean band who mix in traditional Korean instruments and write some heavy post-rock/post-metal music.

My god I love this. Thanks for sharing...so long ago.

Yes playing at the R&RHoF, with Geddy Lee helping on bass.

How about a prog supergroup from the 70's? U.K.'s first album had Allan Holdsworth on it, so that's really the only one worth listening to:

This year King Crimson are celebrating their 50th anniversary. They've started a weekly series of videos featuring rare/unusual tracks.

Enjoy this rabbit hole. It goes deep.

Woah! This is a blast from the past.

I remember *Legion* from irc channels listening to prog rock streaming radio. But unlike him, I never got rid of the disease.

M A G M A ! ! !

doczeuhl wrote:

Woah! This is a blast from the past.

I remember *Legion* from irc channels listening to prog rock streaming radio. But unlike him, I never got rid of the disease.

M A G M A ! ! !

Kobaia iss deh hundin

Seeing them at Psycho Las Vegas was a bucket list item of mine. Magma still holds up for me.