MST3K on Kickstarter

We also finished the first four episodes as of last night, and are LOVING it. The cameos have been a lot of fun, the riffs are perfect, and the movies have been lovingly batsh*t. I'm not sure which one as of yet is the worst movie, buy Cry Wilderness is clearly the craziest.

Just watched the episode where they riffed on The Time Travelers and, having never seen that movie before, was struck immediately by how similar the plot was to the series 3 episode of Doctor Who called Utopia.

Just watched episode 2, "Cry Wilderness" with my wife. She's not a huge fan but she chuckled through most of it. I thought the film was full of all the odd goofy moments that make MST3K shine.



Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy appear! I know it's just a show and I should really just relax but I kind of home they cover why the bots aren't living with Mike at some point.

jrralls wrote:

I kind of hope they cover why the bots aren't living with Mike at some point.

My guess is they still are, and the ones with Jonah are spare bodies who were activated and restored from partial backups.

Joel said in an interview that they'll go into the backstory of the bots in the next season (assuming Netflix funds another one) because he didn't want to add too much story stuff that new viewers may not care about or understand.

Last week I saw a public screening of the Cry Wilderness episode with Jonah, Baron, and Hampton. Afterwards there was a lengthy audience Q&A and Jonah performed (most of) the Kaiju Rap from episode one. It's weird watching MST3K with a large group of people but overall it was a really cool experience and I hope they do it again next year.


That's pretty great. I just saw the Space Circus song in the chimpanzee carnival movie. Amazing!


Mark Hamil is so great! I nearly died.

ruhk wrote:

It's weird watching MST3K with a large group of people

That's the best way to watch it.

But the show is weird no matter how many people you see it with.

I'm on the second to last episode of Netflix's old school MST3K's selection, "Werewolf." I remembered the professor guy played the pirate captain in that Star Trek The Next Generation two parter where Picard and Riker ended up on his ship. And I just looked up his Wikipedia page only to find out he died five years ago. Jeez...

There's going to be an MST3K Live tour this year, tickets go on sale tomorrow (or a few days ago if you were a kickstarter backer). Jonah, Joel, Baron, and Hampton will be doing live riffs of Eegah from the original series, with an additional screening of a secret surprise movie on some dates.

I guess this thread is serving as a MST3K catch-all, so I'll put this here.

ShoutFactory just launched a Twitch channel yesterday and is streaming a MST3K marathon through July 4.

Another new season on Netflix was officially announced during Shoutfactory’s annual MST3K Turkey Day Marathon today.

Anyone going to the MST 3K live show?

I’ve got tickets for the Nov 9th show- I went to both of the previous tours they did over the last few years and I highly recommend it.

I got my brother and some friends tix for the Nov 11 show for his birthday.

They run Nashville a lot which isn't far from here, I really should see one.

jrralls wrote:

Anyone going to the MST 3K live show?

I went to see it on Tuesday. Had a great time. Definitely would recommend it.

Push the button, Frank.

We're going tomorrow in Durham, NC. Can't wait!

Ranger Rick wrote:

We're going tomorrow in Durham, NC. Can't wait!

Me too!

TV’s Frank is in the hospital recovering from a triple bypass and Mother Forrester is asking fans to send cards to wish him well.

Thanks for the heads up! It occurred to me at the live show that Joel is the Mr Rogers that made sense to me. I know he's passing the torch, but it is nice to see he'll be there in some capacity.

He’s still managing the property, he only retired from the touring.

Joel held a livestream with the “B team” of the cast for the new season the other day.
The new season is going to have two hosts and two sets of bots- Jonah, Baron, and Hampton are returning as the main cast, with Emily (who was introduced as a host during the last tour) taking over for several episodes with alternate versions of Tom & Crow. One of the stretch goals for the kickstarter even has Joel returning as host for a couple episodes.
The livestream features a new short as well as the cast watching the classic Mike episode “Hobgoblins.” They also take viewer questions during the stream where Joel reveals that they found a movie for the new season which he thinks rivals Manos in terms of awfulness.
There’s another livestream scheduled for this friday with Mary Jo Pehl.

ruhk wrote:

He’s still managing the property, he only retired from the touring.

Joel was/is awful in front of the camera. He knows that, we know that, even the cast knows that (and ribs him for it.) At the last tour, one of the bots riffed "how the hell are you still so bad at reading a script after 25 years?"

Joel is an awkward guy who wants to be behind the scenes being a puppet master. I love seeing him in that jump suit, but at this point in his career he's earned giving the spotlight to other people.

Joel has a special place in my comedy loving heart. I was introduced to MST at a formative age and he can do no wrong. His voice on these brings me really good feels. Yay nostalgia!

Reignited, the Joike wars are...

Joel is better. He's the OG. I like Mike's doofiness, but Joel is the reason the whole thing exists.