Home Monitoring/ Smart Homes the thread!!!

Sounds like a fun project. Since you can't just print new records with this newer model you would have to put some electronics in it like a PI and a NFC hat to read them. Then you could use the alexa voice services stuff on the PI for the songs. It might be cheaper to just buy an older version of the device and then go the 3d print new discs for it.

(Example link about NFC hat - https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-...)

Found a old pi I wasn't using and installed Home Assistant on it. Extremely easy to get up and running. I misread some instructions in the past and doubt it would harder.

Anyway some stuff was auto found but most of my devices weren't . Getting most of my stuff onboard was easy enough. Yolink had a official integration so that took about 10 seconds to get 6 devices on. I had more problems with wyze. I had to install HACS which required I install a SSH terminal. I had trouble entering the command needed to install HACS via SSH. Basically copying and pasting wasn't working but got it to work by doing a ctrl shift v instead of right clicking and picking paste. No idea why that worked. Once HACS was installed I was able to grab a wyze integration that allowed 21 devices on. That makes up the bulk of my devices but I still have a few amazon and tuya devices which will require more work to get on. I know how to do it though. I also have arlo and eufy cameras but don't at the moment know how I will get them on HA but if it is possible I will figure it out sooner or later.