Extra Life 2015

Support the GamersWithJobs Extra Life 2015 Team


This is going to be the last year that I run the GamersWithJobs Extra Life team.

It's not that I dislike the role, or that I do not plan on taking part in Extra Life after this year. I have simply fallen so far behind in doing anything involving games due to how busy I've become and how much I've been trying to juggle that I don't feel like I can give this the attention it deserves.

All I can ask is that the community does its best to come together and support the participants. Right now, forum members gamerparent, Zoso1701, Clusks, SpaceDog, Xeknos and DocBadWrench are gearing up to begin streaming over the weekend on November 7th through November 8th, all for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of North America.

What we ask from you is to either donate to your player of choice – as little as $1 or $5 helps the whole team – or to share the links, share the streams, and help us organize game times for the weekend. Be it Destiny, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros. WiiU, Call of Duty: Black Ops III or anything else your heart desires, we'd love to have other GWJers join in on the fun.

So head on over to this year's thread, and let's make it one Hell of a showing.


Sad that I can't participate this year, was a lot of fun last year. Good luck and have fun everyone!

Friday Night I will be making Mario Levels with a group of friends. If you've got the game and would like to play what I'm sure will be awful levels, my NNID is Zoso1701.

Donations can go to GamerParent or Chris or anyone other than me. I had ideas and plans for this year; none of which I was able to bring to fruition with work and parenting and other stuffs!

Thanks, Chris for the shoutout. But my name doesn't deserve to be here. I'm definitely bummed that this caught up so quickly to me, but yea... Maybe next year!