Star Trek: Discovery Catch-All [Spoilers]

There's a TNG precedent for the burn. There's an episode where they find a bunch of planets that have excessive amounts of dilithium in them, and they are essentially self destructing because of it. Someone could've figured out a way to do that to all dilithium somehow.

I dunno, I feel like Star Trek is just too big a franchise to try to explain how everything works. The idea of a galaxy where FTL is rare is fascinating, but it's pretty easy to poke holes into that if you try. Trying to defend it is a futile argument. You just gotta embrace the MST3K mantra and go with it.

I can’t be certain it was the ADHD medication, but I stopped trying to make everything in my entertainment make sense once I started the ADHD medication.

Disclaimer: Not a trekkie (I don't care about canon, or continuity or the science making sense, and only partly because none of the writers of any of it care either), but I've seen 90% of the assorted shows and films (I have no access to Lower Decks).

I liked it. I enjoy Disco more than the other shows because it's trying to do something different, rather than just fanservice long term fans, which is what I found Picard to be (I watched TNG at the time, but I don't think I could go back to it now, and these days I want something else).

I liked the "Burnham tripping" sequence - I enjoyed watching her be a bit crazy instead of just Very Earnest And Serious. I was somewhat disappointed that Book turned out to be an ecowarrior - I was hoping for a more rogueish type to offset Michael, rather than a differently earnest character.

There can't be too many Trek episodes with no white humans - that must be some kind of record. I thought that was cool.

I liked the season premiere. Discovery overall is very different Trek, and I think that's great! Really looking forward to this season.

As for Aditya Sahil, waiting patiently on a space station for some kind of Federation representative...


Reminds me of me, from 2004-2009 when there were no Star Trek movies or TV shows. Just waiting patiently with Federation ideals in mind. Aditya is the ultimate, final form Star Trek fan.