Star Trek: Discovery Catch-All [Spoilers]

Voyager did a good job upgrading a lot when in t he Delta quadrant. I'm sure they can upgrade Discovery quite a bit. We also know that at some 1k year point in the short that the guy that ended up on the ship did not act like Disco was some ancient tech ship either.

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The whole thread this seed started is AMAZING.

I re-read that thread every time it crosses my path, its perfection.

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Some short treks are up - I plan on watching them this week!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds spin-off announced.

Rat Boy wrote:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds spin-off announced.

That will be fun. It will probably steal some thunder from Discovery if they don't nail the next season.

For those keeping count at home, that brings us up to 6 Star Trek TV shows in production simultaneously.

Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Picard
Star Trek: Lower Decks
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Untitled Nickelodeon Show
Untitled Philippa Georgiou Show

For comparison, we had 6 Star Trek series from 1966 - 2005.


And The Orville makes 7

Oh hell yeah.

Classic Star Trek show about optimism and the future? From current ST writers? I'm extremely sceptical that they'll do anything I won't hate (considering Picard and Discovery), but.. I am hopeful I am wrong and they surprise me. A tiny bit excited.

More Anson Mount as Pike makes me a very happy man.

This is why I pay for CBS Access throughout the whole year even though I only watch the ST shows. To fund more Star Trek!

Veloxi wrote:

More Anson Mount as Pike makes me a very happy man.

Me too! Also love the "new" Enterprise.

I'm a little less excited about Spock and Number One. (That Short Trek in the elevator was terrible!) I dearly hope they bring on more regular crew members for an ensemble and not try to recreate the Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic. Give us some new characters please!

Wait, did McCoy serve on the Enterprise with Pike? Will we get Sulu, Uhura, Scotty, all of 'em potentially at some point? I don't recall if its established that the beloved TOS bridge crew only first served under Kirk or what...

The keywords they used in the announcement: "classic Star Trek" and "optimism"... makes me feel like Strange New World is going back to Trek's episodic roots, hopefully walking back from the season-long story arcs that Picard and Discovery were built on.

I also hope they walk back significantly from the fan service and overt Trek references that popped up in Discovery and Picard. Let the damn show be its own thing, we don't need the obvious wink-and-a-nudge when a no-name redshirt is sent down to an alien world with Pike and Number One.

T-Prime wrote:

Wait, did McCoy serve on the Enterprise with Pike? Will we get Sulu, Uhura, Scotty, all of 'em potentially at some point?

Unlikely, I don't believe any of those folks were on the Pike-era Enterprise in hte prime timeline.

Pretty sure it was just Spock and Pike in The Menagerie / Cage.

I'm looking forward to this. I hope they do the premise justice, and don't walk it back somehow by the end. I'll still do my usual and wait for the season to wrap up before subscribing and binging it all at once.

Wife and I finally watched the first two seasons last month. I have a lot of thoughts. I spent a good chunk of time yelling at the TV that you can't do that. *Sometimes... I was right. And sometimes the show was dumb.



You can't self destruct the damn ship. You already tried to destroy the probe and it protected itself. Why would the ship exploding be any better? Launch it onto a star maybe.

Haha see it stopped the countdown. Y'all wasted a bunch of time being dumb and showing off strange boarding ramps that have never existed in Star Trek before. Goddammit.

Still I hope with s3 they can do something interesting. More thoughts after I go back and read some of this thread finally.

Beautiful visuals, great music and quite a good story. But it wasn't Star Trek.

At least not until the last 5 minutes. I did NOT like season 2 but I'm willing to give season 3 a chance. For now.

It's probably good that the writers of 'new' Trek are in a timeline where they aren't as bogged down by lore as they were in the pre-TOS seasons.

I watched Lower Decks after Disco Season 3 and am still SOOOOOO Happy with that. and I hope what is implied at the end of that one, is actually going to happen.

Disco Season 3 - I'm in.

Something 700 years on from what's been seen in the Trek Timeline is not going to resemble what was before all that much. the 2000s doesn't resemble the 1300s. That said, it was GREAT to see


Orions and Andorians, whatever the heck aliens Morn is, Tellarites

- these actually looked like modernized versions of what we know.

Here's what I thought WAS Trek about it:


1. Burnham's genuine excitement about exploration
2. Logical evolutions of the tech we know and love
3. Idealism, almost to a fault
4. Saving that thing that was saved
5. A character who is more than those that came before

I don't think any of that is spoilers........ but I've marked just in case.

I'm betting they caused the burn. I thought the one guy was going to be a AI. The other guys had worse aim than storm troopers. So the time war was public knowledge? Didn't seem that way from Enterprise. Wasn't sure if the preview was season preview or next episode preview. Doctor Who is going to show up fish sticks and custard.

Oh sure, it took all of a day for Grudge the cat to get upstaged by this dog.


Oh, look, a universe without propulsion gets a special ship from the past that has an unknown propulsion system.

Boy I hope it gets deeper than that.

Oh man, it's been so long since I watched Discovery that I forgot how much I hate this show. Season 2 started off well, but it went off the rails when it turned into stopping an evil AI from the future. I was hoping that with the jump 900 years into the future the show would be getting a tonal retool, but that clearly isn't happening. It's more of the same shtick that I hated from the first two seasons.

I'm also annoyed by the idolization of the Federation. Everyone in this episode treated the Federation like it's a religious order; the only thing that is pure and good in the entire universe and without the Federation we'll all descend into chaos. Andromeda had Captain Dylan Hunt as a true believer of the Commonwealth too, but in that show no one else gave a crap about his mission. That would be a lot more believable. The Federation shouldn't be important to anyone other than Burnham.

As for that final scene, I know it was supposed to be heartwarming, but all I could think about is what kind of a crazy person would sit in an office of a collapsed government wasting his entire life? I thought they were going to reveal that he was a hologram or android, but nope. Can you imagine some Ottoman Empire clerk sitting in some office in Turkey for 40 years and refusing to leave?

I'm also annoyed by the idolization of the Federation. Everyone in this episode treated the Federation like it's a religious order; the only thing that is pure and good in the entire universe and without the Federation we'll all descend into chaos.

Well if you read this thread a whole lot of people do the same thing in regards to the newer Trek shows lol

Same old problems for me: too much pew pew shooty shoot and not enough story. I know older Trek can get heavy with techno-babble, but there was not nearly enough exposition to set up this new universe for me. They seem to be doing what they've done before: taking their time to draaaaag out story beats, either to save them as a surprise or set up a mystery box that never pays off.

For instance:


The running gunfight with the transporters was exhaustingly long. Also, for a show called "Discovery" about a ship called The Discovery there was a distinct lack of The Discovery. We know she's out there from the previews. Get to it already. Lastly, the animal "eating" Burnham was just stupid. There was no peril, it wasn't funny and was just a rip-off of The Empire Strikes Back.

We should have spent more time in the city, more time with Book's people, and more time with Starfleet guy.

Back to hate-watching I guess...

Oh god, the mystery boxes? Why must everything be a big mystery to solve? The truth is I don't care about the cause of the Burn or the Federation's collapse. It could have been civil war, outside invaders, or maybe Vulcan pulled a Vexit and that triggered a chain reaction in other member planets. Who knows? I'm a little curious, sure, but the cause of those events should not be a massive mystery driving the plot of the entire season.

What does matter is the effect of those events. The Federation has collapsed and due to dilithium burning out FTL travel is difficult and rare. Awesome. Let's explore this new setting and see how those events have shaped the galaxy. Unfortunately, this 50 minute episode devoted half its runtime to a tedious action scene taken from a video game and the other half to Burnham and Book talking in the most cryptic way possible to minimize the information given to the viewer. Stop dragging this out and show off this new universe. We literally learned nothing from this episode that we didn't already know from watching the trailer.

What I want is for the showrunners to establish their new setting as fast as possible and then start telling stories in this setting. When Fry woke up in the year 3,000, the entire season wasn't spent trying to solve the mystery of who shoved him into that cyro tube. Instead, they quickly showed us how life works in this new year (in 20 minutes!) and then started telling awesome stories with these new characters in this new world.