GWJ Memorial Planning Thread

When we lose a member of the community I'm reminded of how much people on the other side of a screen matter to us. I suppose there are many out there who feel the "real world" is something that happens when they're not in front of a computer. When you find yourself weeping openly for the loss of someone you've never met in person you know better. Everything counts.

We're all on our own journeys but when we're reading/posting/playing here we share a bit of the road with each other. Sadly, we've lost many along the way, so it's time to create a special page to honor those we've lost. It won't be this thread, we'll setup a permanent article page for it.

What I could use a hand with is a list. Screen name, real name, a picture and the thread where their passing was discussed would be a great way to start. I don't want to miss anyone. Also open to anyone who wants to volunteer to write a brief bio to be included on their entry.

I'll use the compiled info to make up a page and add a link to the Special Features section up top. Thanks for reading!




(Will update when I get back to an actual PC, I'm just throwing out the names I remember atm.)

I can think of others. At the start of my "build a tagging spreadsheet" work, I stumbled upon this thread which aimed to posthumously tag Poor Old Lu.
The Judge also passed away not too long ago.
We all remember LobsterMobster who recently lost his war against a glioblastoma.
And of course, Nick aka Ianunderhill also passed away a few years ago.
About a year ago, it was Jam3 (James).

Here's hoping these threads will contain the info you seek. My heart is too heavy to go search further for now.

Certis, that was beautiful.

This is going to be hard, but it's worth it. I'm crying my eyes out right now for the ones we've lost and for the amazing bonds we've shared, but when I get better, I'll try to get some info for Spleen. I got to know him through WoW, and then got to know his son when he picked up his account for a while. If I'm not mistaken, it was Dramatic Marlin that gave us the news of Spleen's passing.

I also want to take this opportunity to say that this community has become as much like family to me than any other family I have. It's become my moral compass (finger->butt notwithstanding) and my inspiration in so many ways. And when I'm really in need of information, advice or even just understanding, honestly, this is the first avenue of support I think of. It's not like there aren't people I can turn to in closer vicinity to me, it's that in this community are some of the best people I could ever hope to meet. I'm gonna go sob some more for now.

I love you all.

Edit: Dramatic Marlin's Spleen Post

I was literally thinking about this idea yesterday.

One_of_47 (2006)

Maybe a link (where possible) to their obituary would be helpful as well; they'll often have details for where to send condolences to the family, or monetary support/donations. Usually these are posted on the city newspaper's site.

Great idea Shawn. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Maybe it would be good if people could sometimes contribute some of their favourite memories! Seeing some of the stories about LobsterMobster in his thread was great and, as someone newish in comparison to many here, it gave me a real sense of how important he was to so many people.

Alrighty, this list feels fairly complete, although I'd hate to miss anyone. I can at least start with it!

Where applicable, it might be fun to also link to their tagging threads. That's usually a place where a lot of love for the person is expressed, and it might help us.

I remember Ianunderhill, the Judge and LobsterMobster from my time as member.

Thanks for doing this.

Shalalm Baskur to all!

Just want to bring up this thread again so maybe we could share some nice memories we may have had with GWJers that have passed...

Ianunderhill - talking about Dark Souls. He really loved the game. He was such a lovely chap.

LobsterMobster - I never really interacted much with him, but then out of nowhere we ended up bonding a little over DBZ: Xenoverse. I helped him get some stuff he was trying to get. It was a good time.

We lost Mr_Popov last Christmas, he wasn't very active on the forums but he was a great teammate on the killingfloor Gwj Group as well as others. I'll complete this post later during the day

Here's Mr_Popov's profile

I've shared the rest of the info to Certis directly.

I'm very sad to say that JillSammich has passed away.
He'd tagged his own self, the scoundrel, but he was a good guy nonetheless.


I only learned of Mark's passing today. It's awful that this went under our radar for two years. Such a shame. He was young, talented, and coloured his thoughts with a vibrant scattered wonderfulness. I recall asking his opinion on vertical mice and their suitability for video games. He responded with great enthusiasm.

JillSammich wrote:

Yeah, I have the wireless version. I would say it does pretty well. I haven't used it for anything really twitchy yet though... Turns out, L4D gives me motion sickness, but from the time I spent with it, it's not much different from a normal mouse. I've spent most of my time with stuff like Diablo 3 and games like that, so it's really no different. You just have to get used to it.

I bought it because I spend a lot of time animating, so there are a ton of clicks and my carpel tunnel was starting to act up. It has made a huge difference, but it was SUPER awkward at first. I would recommend doing some non-gaming computer stuff if you end up getting one until you're comfortable with it. And get a light colored mouse pad. I have tried using it on a black table and it doesn't like those.

One good thing you might find useful (especially for shooters) is that it has shortcut buttons for mouse speed, and it has 2 extra thumb buttons. 3 buttons and a scroll wheel.

that was all over the place, but I hope it helps.

That private message was dated the 30th of June, 2013. Where does the time go.

I hit up Google and came across a video, via vimeo, Thank you Daniel Mark Neil II, from Joe Granato. It also pointed towards a Go Fund Me, set up by Mark's family, which I wish I had been aware of.

So long, friend.

Dr_Akwward, aka Tim Stanton passed away a few days ago. Many of you already know, but I figured I'd post here for the planning of the thread.

Thanks for the bump, wish it was under better circumstances. I'm adding to my new project list.

Jesus, we lost quite a few. I've been away for a while and had no idea about Lobster Mobster. F*ck man.

Certis, this is really nice tribute and way to honor the lost members here. Thanks for taking the time to do that and in general, for all the great work with this community. I missed you and the rest of the gang.

Thanks for putting this together.

93_confirmed wrote:

Jesus, we lost quite a few. I've been away for a while and had no idea about Lobster Mobster. F*ck man.

Wow. How did I not know about this? I genuinely had no idea he had passed. I could've sworn I'd seen him log in to Steam in the last few months....

Prederick wrote:
93_confirmed wrote:

Jesus, we lost quite a few. I've been away for a while and had no idea about Lobster Mobster. F*ck man.

Wow. How did I not know about this? I genuinely had no idea he had passed. I could've sworn I'd seen him log in to Steam in the last few months....

Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I usually browse GWJ by hitting “my recent activity” and reading threads I already participate in.

This one gutted me. We both loved SRPGs and used to chat about them. I always assumed he’s just stopped coming around. I feel awful.

I remember having a pretty good repartee with him here, and playing some games with him on Steam and what-not, he was one of the posters I always liked having around.

I wish I'd said something way sooner, but this thread isn't about me, it's about him and Dr. Awkward and Ianunderhill and the rest of the Goodjers we've lost. I didn't know all of them that well, but I know we'll all miss their presence. Thanks again for doing this Certis.

We didn't even play anything together, but I gave LobsterMobster his tag (a stupid Penny Arcade reference), and losing one of my tag-children felt really weird. Like, how could I feel this bad about someone I barely knew? Because I helped give him a silly tag? Because we made silly goofs together? I donated to the Awesome Games Done Quick speed-run for Charity events because of him. That helped.

Not bumping this thread with any updates, thankfully. Just directed here from another thread. Knew about most of these, except like others, JillSammich was so sudden.

RIP goodjers.