WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR Windows 10 *edit* its back :(

Hey guys maybe someone can give me some advice or help, I'm not the most computer literate person in the world.

My computer has been running fine since upgrading to Windows 10, until today that is. Last night I moved the computer to the living room thinking I'd play some games out on the couch. Everything went well and I had zero issues.

Came home today turned on the computer and did a few things around the house after 20 minutes I noticed the computer was booting up again. Not thinking much of it I opened steam and everything froze. I waited another 20 minutes but ended up powering down.

I restarted again booted up steam and got a BSOD citing a WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. I know that can sometimes mean over heating or hardware malfunction. I moved everything back into the office and am in the process of doing a system restore to a few days ago. I did install an older usb wifi adapter to get internet out in the living room so I'm hoping its driver might be causing an issue (doubtful though).

I am otherwise out of my depth with possible things to do to fix this. Any tips or advice?

Anytime you put something in your pc and later it goes nuts means it's probably the thing you put in.

Take that out and wipe the driver from your computer. Then let us know.

The next thing I'd do is open the computer up and make sure everything is sitting correctly (ie, push on the video card and make sure it's all the way in, etc). Might not be this, but it could be, especially since you moved it twice now.

Then there's a bunch of other programs you can run to determine what is causing the issue, but I'm hoping it's one of these two basic things.

Thanks Garion, I think my problems solved now.

I turned it back on today and it gave me a disk read error and wouldn't boot to Windows, I opened the case and noticed the sata power cable clip was broken and just loosely hanging in the port. I have a few extra cables on my psu though and after replacing I was able to boot back into Windows.

I haven't had the error yet but it hasn't been to long. I'm guessing the cable was loosely sitting there and shorting out which gave the error, moving it back to the office must have knocked it out enough to stop it from getting power at all.

Thanks again it was appreciated!

Played some fallout 4 last night on the old pc, everything is running great until today. Go on the computer this morning and while browsing I get the damned blue screen whea error.

I havent moved anything but I think maybe there is a loose connection, open it all dust with some air and check all connections. Start up the computer again and after it boots it crashes right away. I decide after it restarts to cancel steam from booting on start up, and now I am able to use the internet without a crash but the minute I turn steam on it does crash.

I cant figure out what could be causing the issue again, are there any programs that would help atleast diagnose the problem? I dont even know if this is something I can send to a computer repair place to get fixed (Ive never had an issue I couldnt resolve myself).