Modded Minecraft Multiplayer Server

Oh, it occurs to me that the whitelist from the vanilla server is fine for this server, no? Merphle must have a copy.

Oddrune wrote:

v0.02 is up now.

Updated to Forge ( minimum for other mods).
Removed Ender Storage (conflict with JEI leading to CTD).
Added Tinkers Construct.
Added Jade (WAILA-like mod).
Added Jade Addons.

I tested it briefly for boot and world gen. Seemed okay, but I didn't play long.

The latest version of Forge I can "1-click" to install is 40.1.19. I'm going to try to create a 40.1.51 server and upload the mods. Got a busy few days ahead, so may take me a while. Will keep y'all posted on progress. If I fail, would going back to 40.1.19 be an option?

I can go back to 40.1.19 now, if you want.

Oddrune wrote:

I can go back to 40.1.19 now, if you want.

That would be awesome!

Just uploaded the new version.

New modded Minecraft pack!

GWJ - The Odds Themselves

Join our server:

GWJ - The Odds Themselves
Minecraft version: 1.18.2
Modpack Version: 0.03
Server connection:

Send to me or Moggy to get whitelisted.

Possible additions:

An inventory sorter (these can be client-side only, I think).
Discord integration (any insight, merphle?)
Light level overlay.
Botania materials for TiCo (doesn't seem to be available for 1.18.2)

Those all seem pretty small.

Oddrune wrote:

Send to me or Moggy to get whitelisted.

I have added the whitelist from our vanilla server to the whitelist form this server. So there's a very good chance you don't need to get added. If you do, just let us know!

Oddrune wrote:

Discord integration (any insight, merphle?)

The "DiscordIntegration" mod has been abandoned since 1.12. What you want is "Discord Integration Forge" / "dcintegration", available from here. I think I still have the config file, which contains all of the bot keys, channel tokens, etc, that we used on the GWJ server. If you're interested, I can provide it later tonight.

Odd, I'd like to move the Tinker's stuff downstairs to the new smeltery. I don't see any reason to keep it upstairs next to the melter. We could move the melter as well. It's still useful to make new smeltery controllers and drains.

Just so's you know, the server dropped around 7:50. It says it's still running but we can't connect. PS: now it has dropped entirely. PPS: After about 1/2 hr, no restart.

Server has been restarted. Also turned on the restart capability, which I thought was turned on by default.

Looks like the server ran out of memory. I've shuffled things around so it should be OK now.

Here's a vote for a gravestone mod.

Would someone who has the correct blocks please contribute a tinker's anvil to the spawn base?

Contemplating v0.04

Discord Integration Mod
Inventory Sorter
Light Overlay

I'm very skeptical of gravestone mods. Crypto and Moggy, what do you think?

I also think it might be good to set up some scheduled restarts of the server. Maybe at 2 AM pacific time (5 AM eastern)?

Upon further reading, I've discovered that a Light Overlay effect is already available in our pack via Create.

OK with inventory sort.

Happy to try and install/configure Discord integration but never done it, so *shrug*

I'll have to see whether a server reboot is possible to schedule. If it is, then I'll set it up.

ETA: So I can schedule a reboot. I can do the entire server or just our Minecraft server. Which would be best? Rebooting the entire server will put the game out of play for longer. When would we like to schedule the reboot to occur?

Moggy wrote:

I'll have to see whether a server reboot is possible to schedule. If it is, then I'll set it up.

I've scheduled a server reboot for 2 am each day. There should be a /say to all logged on players 5 minutes before. I assumed that the times listed are EST. We'll know better tomorrow and I'll adjust accordingly.

Every time I launch our modpack from the Minecraft launcher it downloads around 12MB of something *very* slowly. Anyone know what is being downloaded and how I can download just once?

I was wondering that too. It's not just our pack either -- it does it for other packs I have too.

It almost looks like the launcher is resetting the game to base 1.19 each time. Then it acts surprised when you want to play 1.18.2 with mods, and has to redownload that version and forge.

I'm working on v0.04 now. I added the sorter and discord integration from above. I'm going to leave out the light level overlay since there's already an item to provide that in game.

Anything else? And configuration changes?

Also, I'm pretty sure the Disocrd Integration only needs to be on the server, so I'll start splitting this project's files in two: client and server.

v0.04 files uploaded.

I'd love to add oreexcavator (or veinminer), unless folks think it's too overpowered.

I just lost all my stuff for the second time. A gravestone mod would be nice. I am discouraged.

So I was wondering if what I am experiencing is correct with curseforge and MultiMC on Linux.

So I guess last week or so Curseforge disabled their old api for their new one which allows mod makers to require that their mod can only be downloaded via the curseforge app. This isn't the biggest deal on windows but I have been trying to get better with Linux and have been running PopOS for the last couple months on my laptop using MultiMC as my modded Minecraft manager. I just updated it yesterday and the curseforge downloads have been removed. I am all for supporting mod makers but I am not seeing a good path for Linux support here. I guess I should just get used to it from the Linux perspective but it worked great two weeks ago.

Side note I wish curseforge offered a pay option to remove adds as well.

Huh. That's interesting stuff, Mono. I didn't really notice any of that going on (I'm on windows).

As previously stated, I'm wary of gravestone mods. The are notoriously buggy.

That said, this is probably the one I'd add, if there's a lot of support for it.

I can take them or leave them.

I'll be looking for a window to reboot the server to 0.04. Sometime this weekend. Maybe even *right now*, if my bandwidth lets me download the new version.

Server is back up and running 0.04

On to step two: actually connecting the server to the GWJ discord.

Merphle? Little help?

Oddrune wrote:

On to step two: actually connecting the server to the GWJ discord.

Merphle? Little help?

Sure, I’ll send my config file over to Moggy later tonight.