Modded Minecraft Multiplayer Server

Well, then, why don’t we? I could take over Merph’s server and run it there. I couldn’t replace him, (not knowledgeable enough, though maybe he’d mentor me a little.) One of those Mono mentioned? Which one?

If someone else would like to admin, that would be fine with me.

I've only ever jumped on the GWJ minecraft servers a few times. Have we ever had a Pixelmon server?

astralplaydoh wrote:

I've only ever jumped on the GWJ minecraft servers a few times. Have we ever had a Pixelmon server?

Not during my time as host.

Direwolf is doing a new series on Oceanblock. I tried it, and liked it against expectations. The ocean settings make things less bleak, while you're cooking your 1,024th block of cobble.

Is it like Seaopolis? Because we just did that one.

[quote="Quintin_Stone"]Is it like Seaopolis? [\quote]

I have no idea.

I'm watching/listening to this. So far it sounds a little too similar to Seaopolis for me to want to play at right now.

I understand. I do like this one, though.

I understand you probably won't be interested, Q. But as a matter of courtesy to you, I'm inviting you to join me. I'm sure both of us would enjoy some company until something better comes along for you.

What happened to Equivalent Skies? I thought you were interested in that.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

What happened to Equivalent Skies? I thought you were interested in that.


All the Mods 6?
FTB Ultimate?

[EDIT:] I'm having fun. Tell you the truth, I wouldn't want to change right now.

For those running Modded servers, MS/Mojang has issued instructions on how to protect servers from the logging vulnerability.

For those playing vanilla, as long as you're on 1.18.1, you should be fine.

Oddrune wrote:

For those running Modded servers...

Thanks, Odd.

Hello fellow humans, do we have any modded packs goin these days?

Crypto wrote:

Hello fellow humans, do we have any modded packs goin these days?

I do not. Roger might though.

Seaopolis was my most recent pack, so I'll probably not wanna play OceanBlock either.

Would people be interested in a new modded server coming up for the holidays?

I would be willing to host it.

We can restart the conversation about packs.

I'm doing vanilla with Lucy on her break. I'd be more up for a pack after the holidays.

I like OceanBlock quite a lot. A lot of the usual mods seem to be rather buggy in it. It might be prudent to play a modpack in a slightly older version of M/C.

Hi all. My nephew is looking to play Minecraft and I wanted to set him up a server. I've heard Dell Optiplex are good for the servers as you can get them pretty cheap. However, I'm worried it wouldn't support all that many people at the same time. I'd like to be able to support 10 (Even though realistically I don't know that I'd ever get to that number). Can someone who is more knowledgeable than me help out with what I may need to get the server up and running? I've tried googling but there's a ton of information and I'm just not sure exactly what I need anymore (Going a little crazy trying to figure it out)

Bedrock or Java Minecraft? If Java, vanilla or modded? If modded, how big of a pack?

I was running our modded servers out of my home for a couple of years, but even with a good (home) internet service, folks around here still had occasional bad connection issues - mostly due to wonkiness at the inter-provider connection points, which were totally outside of my control. I ended up renting a hosted virtual server in an actual data center, which has all sorts of benefits over what I could provide, and at least for the smaller servers, is actually quite reasonably priced. I'm still running our Java vanilla server on a hosted virtual server, which I think works pretty well.'s cheapest option is about $6 per month and is probably fine for a basic vanilla server; we're running on the second tier up, which has double the RAM for under $12 per month. There are plenty of other providers out there to choose from, and while I can't vouch for MTXServ as being the best, it's worked well enough for us, the management panel is sufficient, and the price is reasonable.

If you want to set one up for fun, exercise your Linux server administrative skills, show off to your nephew how cool and hip you are, then by all means, go for it. But running a whole physical server just for one Minecraft world is kinda a bit overkill; Minecraft really only needs 1-2 cores, and like 2-4GB RAM for a vanilla world. Those Dell Optiplexes are a couple hundred bucks, whereas you could get rent a server for 2+ years and not spend that much - and have it running literally in minutes tonight if you were inclined.

Spoiler: MTXServ links

Minecraft Java edition
Minecraft Bedrock edition

I'm happy to respond here, or via PMs or Discord, if you have more questions or need more specific help setting things up, etc.

Hey DeThroned. I picked up an optiplex earlier this year to use as a Minecraft server. It's been great. We're running Pixelmon (Modded minecraft with Pokemon). We've never witnessed any slowdown whatsoever. But it's just the two of us. I believe it can handle 10 players easily.

I recommend looking on Facebook Marketplace. It was an Optiplex 3010 SFF with 16GB. It was under $100, I remember that.

I'll try and find the guides I used to get it up and running.

Minecraft is single threaded, so you want the highest single-core speed you can. A 4 core 3.6GHz CPU would performe better in this use case than a 32 Core 2.2GHz CPU.

That'll be a much better thing to aim for, than the model of PC (though keeping the overall price down to what you are happy paying).

And an SSD/NVMe. Minecraft is pretty disk-heavy, too.

Also, don't overlook the price of electricity itself, if this server's going to be running 24/7. Even if it's drawing only 100W, that'll cost you on (nationwide) average $100 per year. The price of the cheapest MTX server is only $72 per year.


This realization is another part of what pushed me over to renting a VM, vs hosting it in my house.


I've not been active on the Modded Minecraft front, but thinking this summer might be a good time to jump back in. Looking for recommendations on Modpacks.

Not all required, but ideally I'd like:

- later version on Minecraft (I've only really played 1.12)
- Quest book (helps give me goals and focus)
- I prefer technology/factory-style based with a route to unlimited resources (like Env Tech, Chickens, Sieves)
- Gated or ungated progression
- multiple worlds
- don't really want sky/stone/ocean block unless *highly* recommended
- reasonably stable

Not sure yet whether I'll run it locally or host on a server, so recommendations either way would be good. I'll be playing single player either way.


Techopolis. I *highly* recommend the skyblock version of it, too - it's not your traditional "one block of dirt and one tree" skyblock start; you get a pretty generous starting island, including a vanilla cobblestone generator, some solar panels, and an RF-based crusher & furnace. And yes, you'll pretty quickly accumulate virtually unlimited resources.

Check out the first few minutes of this video to get an idea of what it's like.

Hey, guys!
I just spoke with Merph and was moved to reopen our group with a multiplayer instance of Rustic Waters II. This will be run in a way familiar to you all, except I will allow cheats if I can, being too old to abide by petty rules. I use them in a highly limited way to keep the game fun for me, mainly allowing flying. If you don't want that, don't use it.

I want to do this RIGHT NOW! We'll be open for bizness in an hour or two, at MTXSERV (the place we used before) if possible.

I will update this post as things happen. I will notify our former gang with email if you will remind me their names.

I sent a message to this effect in GWJ messaging to Moggy, Merphle, Omni, Oddrune, Crypto, Quintin_Stone and MonoCheli. I'll repeat this in Steam messaging with as many as I can find.

I'm having more trouble than expected installing the server. If you're excited and want to get started you can download and install the client. The easiest way is to download and install the forge.1.16.5 installer and use it in turn to download and install the mod.

Excellent! I shall split my Minecraft time between this and a Techopolis run I've got going!

Great, Moggy. Looking forward to playing with you.