Modded Minecraft Multiplayer Server

Moggy wrote:

After playing it for a while, how would you rate the pack?

Anything to commend it over the usual "kitchen sink" suspects?

It's modded Minecraft in 1.16, which has the Nether Update blocks. It has some of the usual suspects, like Astral Sorcery, Immersive Engineering and Thermal Expansion. They did a nice job with the ore dictionary kind of things, but there's no real interactions between the mods. My only real complaint is the inclusion of Rats.

So, nothing to particularly recommend it, save that it's been polished to remove as many mod conflicts as possible.

Oddrune wrote:

So, nothing to particularly recommend it, save that it's been polished to remove as many mod conflicts as possible.

OK, thanks!

When I add the GWJ server, the MC client sees it, but says "Incompatible FML modded server-Server mod list is not compatible"

I already had Overwolf installed because we use CurseForge to get the MC clients for the MC server I host.
I installed the FTB App in Overwolf.
In FTB App, I installed "FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.16 V1.5.1"

Where am I screwing this up?

Edit - well, nevermind. It tells me it's incompatible, yet, allows me to join. Weirdness!


Yeah, modded Minecraft 1.16 (and 1.15?) has always shown an incompatibility in the server browser, but it'll let you join. Not sure if that's a Minecraft thing or a Forge thing, but every 1.16 pack we've run has had that.

Oddrune wrote:

My only real complaint is the inclusion of Rats.

I’m with ya.

The Direwolf20 (1.16) server has been upgraded to modpack 1.7.0

I've been away from Minecraft for a few months now, but I decided to pop back in to see the state of mods. See if any of my favorites got some interesting updates.

I'm going to be traveling for most of the summer and my rig will be an aging Alienware and y internet access will be sporadic and variable. So I'm loading up with a bunch of games I think I'd like to play and modded Minecraft is certainty on the list.

I get promoted by Twitch to download the new Curseforge app, which I do. Haven't got any further than seeing it pick up all my downloaded mods and installation directories.

Anybody using it and have any handy tips?

I gave up on the Twitch/Curseforge app for Minecraft. I'm using GDLauncher for most packs, and the frustratingly sad FTB Launcher (via Overwolf) for FTB packs, until GDLauncher is updated to be able to install FTB packs.

I was messing around with the FTB launcher today and I discovered a new modpack there called FTB University. It's advertised as intended to introduce (moderately experienced, I think) M/C players to complex modpacks. One nice feature is that it will build a very nice, largish house for you, complete with mineshaft, on the theory that a house will help you get started quicker.

On first glance I like it, and I'd like some company in playing it long enough to get the idea. I'll sponsor a shared M/C server tonight or tomorrow and I hope you'll join me when I have a URL.

Merphle and I will be co-admins. The server will be hosted with the same service as Direwolf20 was, and will be available about 3:30 Pacific, 6:30 Eastern.

That sounds interesting! I'd like to offer our existing server to host that. I'm shutting our Direwolf20 server down now (there's been virtually no activity for about two months) and I'll copy down a backup world archive in case anyone wants it.

A new pack approaches: FTB University.

FTB wrote:

FTB University is a 1.12.2 modpack, designed as a sort of sequel to FTB Academy. While Academy aims to teach players who have never played with mods how to think like a modpack player, FTB University is supposed to teach the intricacies of mods, including much more in-depth tutorials for the more complex parts.

For Vanilla Minecrafters:
Modpack: None! It's Vanilla!
Version: 1.16.5
Server connection: GAME-USEAST-01.MTXSERV.COM:27240
Dynmap URL:
This server IS NOT connected to #moddedminecraft on the GWJ Discord.

For experienced Modded Minecrafters and our Mod-curious friends:
Modpack: FTB University
Version: 1.2.1
Server connection: GAME-USEAST-02.MTXSERV.COM:27130
Dynmap URL:
This server IS connected to #moddedminecraft on the GWJ Discord.