Modded Minecraft Multiplayer Server

Maybe we can split the various differences, and start MCE next Friday evening - Feb 21. That'll give the last stragglers of DDSS another week to wrap up what they've been working on.

Oh yeah, night time is very scary in this pack. Torch all the things! I just dipped my toes a bit and it seems cool if very kitchen sink-y. It does have Ore Excavator from the get-go and all the basic recipes, so I'm excited to give it a more thorough try.

I'm continuing to have problems with the pack. My first issue turned out to be a broken video driver, not the pack. Second, apparently OptiFine is incompatible with one of the mods. Third, I'm having pack lockups, and just had to restore from a backup. Why don't the adventuresome among us load up my world and check it out. I will send a zip to Merphle.

[EDIT:] The lockup may also be a further problem with the video driver, or something else. I'm opening an issue with nVidia support. The issue is very odd. The system can lock up when I go outside, including by climbing a ladder through my roof. Since you don't have my video setup, it might not affect you at all. Or maybe I shouldn't have smoked that Arkansas Polio Weed.

Go figure. I messed around with the M/C video settings and my system is running normally.