Modded Minecraft Multiplayer Server

I've been getting my Minecraft fix from the vanilla server lately.

What would you guys think of trying another sandbox game as a switch for a bit? Factorio, maybe?

I didn't even know Factorio supported MP.

I was trying to get a Starbound server running a few months back, but lost interest when I realized that the vendor that provides my server-running software had some fixes to make to support the latest Starbound changes. I could maybe look into that again.

merphle wrote:

I didn't even know Factorio supported MP.

Much like Minecraft, it's similar to the single player game.

Now that Factorio is on Steam, it's easier to join up.

I would be in for DW20.

I think I might prefer something more magical. Are we waiting for magic mods to be ported up?

Remember please, I'm still having fun with AtM. I'd download it if I could. You could save electricity!!!

Can anyone link a good overview on how to set up and run a minecraft server? I want to see one up my grand kids to play on. Thanks!

Vanilla or modded?

Probably vanilla, they are young so probably won't be doing a lot the super stuff.

The downright simplest approach would be just to rent a server from the multitude of companies offering. They'd take care of everything, give you a nice control panel, and be available for support if/when things go wrong, all for like $5/month for a fairly small-footprint server. I won't give a recommendation for any particular provider here, as I have not used any, but I'm sure a quick google could get you on the right path.

If you're intent on running it on your own hardware, you can just run the server process directly.

Alternatively, you can use a friendly server manager, such as the one I've been using: AMP. It's available for both Windows and Linux hosts, and does a pretty decent job of managing the Minecraft instance. It's not free, but the 5 GBP (~$6.5) is worth it, in my humble opinion, so I don't have to fiddle with getting all the scripts just right. Plus it deals with all the downloads, setting directories up, etc.

If you have more specific questions, I'd be happy to chat in more detail over PMs, Discord, or whatever.

I'd be down for DW20 1.12

Might not be on all that much but I would check it out for sure

Well, Merphle, what do you say? Want to start up DW20 this weekend?

Fine by me. How’s a Friday evening start sound?

Friday works but I work nights so if you want me around at the start noon on Saturday would be better

Does anyone have a map type they would prefer? I'm happy to go through some seeds to find one

The options are:

Normal or Large Biomes
Biomes O plenty
Lost Cites which adds giants semi destroyed modern style cites to the maps and has a few options like making the world all or making cites kind of rare (though still fairly common from a quick test) and can also add in biomes O plenty biomes as well. It can also add underwater cites and raise the water level if people want to mess around with that

Or we can just load up a map Friday and go from there

Large biomes are always (IMO) a terrible idea.

I don't think we've tried Lost Cities yet - that sounds like it might be interesting. And Noon ET on Saturday is fine by me, if everyone else concurs. I suspect I probably won't get a whole lot of playtime on this modpack; I live but to serve.

I would advise checking out the Lost Cites before committing to them they are cool but even when rare there's kind of a lot of them and some CFG file tweaks might be needed to not have every biome have half a large city in it somewhere

This is about as far about as they get:
And this is how they look from the ground

I'm in. I'd like to downloadd the AtM world too.

Y'all might be interested in a little experiment I performed on Direwolf20 1.12.2: I wanted to see if I could skip over less robust sources of power, and go straight to an Advanced Generators coal-power gas turbine. powering an IE Excavator on a coal seam. Well, I found that about 50 pieces of coal will run the excavator long enough to dig about 25 pieces of coal. With numbers like that, you can't make up the deficit on volume.

I did find though that a Thermal mod augment does allow a redstone furnace to burn coal into coke, reasonably well, and that an induction smelter can use it to produce steel. Ya can skip over those pesky blast furnace bricks with their need for blaze rods.

Good to know, Roger.

So, are we all agreed on a noon (ET) Saturday start, with DW20_1.12, version 1.4.0 (unless they pull something sneaky and release a new version later today )? I was thinking we'd go ahead with the Lost Cities world modifier, just for something different. I'll check out the configs to maybe tweak the generation rates down a bit.

I think you're going to have to turn it down a lot. Even in the 'rare' preset, they're still bloody everywhere.

The other option if you can't get that to work is in the Biomes O Plenty world gen option there's a way to customize it to be an archipelago world which with the way boats now work is actually kind of fun and and dosn't really make anything hard to find the way a normal minecraft ocean world can'
Just a thought

I just created a Lost Cities map, and indeed, it does kind of take over the entire world. I really like the post-apocalyptic look, but it's maybe a bit overwhelming for us.

Shall we try a BoP Archipelago? Or anyone have other suggestions?

Here's our AllTheMods3 world, if anyone wants it.

Whee new minecraft world today!


I can't tell if that dog is happy of having a seizure...

I think it's a fox!

Server is up by the way!

Oddrune wrote:

I can't tell if that dog is happy of having a seizure...


Oh duh, I totally forgot to post the new server info here.

Modpack: FTB Direwolf20 1.12
Version: 1.4.0 1.7.1 1.9.0
Server connection:
Dynmap URL:
This server is connected to #moddedminecraft on Discord.