YouTube Gaming

Get hype!

You can download the App:
iOS (coming soon)

Or just check out the website. For those of you who live stream also check out the new streaming interface. Your live streams will be featured on game pages when they are live so discovery is significantly better than on YouTube.

Check it out, have fun, and feel free to give feedback (here, in the app, in comments, wherever you want!).

Also if you're at PAX Prime, come check out our booth. It'll be... somewhere? I don't know where it is, but it'll be there!

Remind me to use you as an information resource for how to best optimize my non-streaming-heavy-channel for it. Because while I'm considering doing more with streaming, I want my other content to be the primary draw.

Either way, whee! Now for PS4 and Roxio to update their software for the new interface.

wow, tahts pretty disappointing.
App not available in canada? What gives?


US (and I think UK) only for now. Other counties are coming soon though.