Mr. Robot - Catch-All

Just in case! Big spoilers for the end of the series!

My take is, as an audience member we are meant to believe that the machine might have actually worked when Elliot wakes up to a universe where everyone is still alive and he has no sister. But as the episode progresses we realize that's not the case. What we are actually witnessing is going on in his head.

Then "he" wakes up in the hospital room and his sister is there and we are told by her the power plant blew up and he survived due to the extra shielding in the room etc. So we have no idea what that machine was capable of doing because it never happened. Elliot stopped it before it could do it's thing but in so doing, he blew up the plant.

That is my take on it.

Ok yeah. I’m with ya that far definitely. But what’s up with Whiterose’s Apple II setup and the game she had Elliot play on it? Why’d she kill herself after talking with him?

Combination of recovering from surgery, then going home for Christmas, followed by getting strep throat gave me tons of free time sitting around the house, so I managed to complete the final season.

My thoughts:
- The final reveal wasn't that monumental to me, and you can kind of see coming, especially since he always came off as a bit of a caricature and that (as someone who recently rewatched the whole series) people remark as being more weird and withdrawn very recently. But I'm fine with that. I actually prefer that to some crazy twist that suggests nothing we saw ever really happened because he was in a coma the whole time or something.

- I feel like things wrap up a little too neatly in the end (the car salesman just happens to be at the same airport nowhere near New York and also the dark army has zero interest in retaliating against a major player in thwarting all of their years-long plans? Uh, okay), but mostly I was fine with how the story goes. "Dom" was secretly my favourite character in the show so I was happy she got a lot of closure time.

- I am pleased as punch that Wildrose's machine turned out to be a MacGuffin, and we are left to wonder if the machine actually would have worked or if it was just an insane cult to the end. I feel like timeloop/alternate universe narratives have been quickly moving from the clever to the lazy and tired category for me. I also feel like having Eliot able to change something about the current situation using sci-fi logic would have felt like a cheat against what the show seemed to be about. I guess the only question mark is what Angela saw that convinced her that the machine could work.

I think Angela missed her mom so much to probably not need a big push in terms of convincing. I doubt the machine did anything (beneficial) at all.

Loved the series.