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GWJ Plays OlliOlli2


OlliOlli2 isn't the kind of game I'd normally assume would click with me, but there's always been something about the "Trials-ish" kind of try-try-again gameplay that I am masochistically drawn toward ... on a few conditions. All the way back to the PlayStation 2 game Stuntman – which I have no business liking and remembering fondly, and yet here we are – these kinds of games that present you with a small scene, a number of conditions to achieve and a relatively fast way to start back over from the beginning, have offered a perverse appeal.

Few games do this as well as the Trials series, which is more focused on how quickly and how cleanly you can get through its devious levels, but there are a handful of good games that execute on this idea, and OlliOlli2 probably fits nicely into that group. For a skateboarding game, you'd do well to quickly kick the image of the Tony Hawk series out of your head. OlliOlli2 is fundamentally different, particularly in its control scheme, which uses the left stick not as a way of getting around the level – after all, this is a 2D side scroller – but as the primary system to execute tricks.

It's not immediately intuitive, but within about ten minutes of playing, I actually liked this scheme far more than I initially thought I would. As you'll hopefully see in the video below, once you have your head wrapped around the basic concept you can string together some nice tricks.

For a $15 game – 25% off on Steam as of the publication of this article – there's a lot of substance here. Tons of tricks. Lots of maps. A variety of game modes and difficulties. It's hard not to recommend OlliOlli2 if you're looking for a nice, summer refresher before the fall gaming glut.

You can see my Let's Play of OlliOlli2 below or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnf1...