Project: Gorgon - a retro MMO from devs behind Asherons Call and Everquest

I think I'm going to have to go in and try it out.

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I plan on getting at least level 1 in most skills. I have heard that they will not reset the skills to 0. Seems like a good way to keep options open for game play.

Take care with a few of them. Like Druid, it has drawbacks even if you never use it.

That is true. At the moment, I have 3 characters that I am playing around with. One is a Druid, one just got the Lycanthropy quests. The third is just putzing around. I have a 4th as a mule.

Would anyone be interested in creating a werewolf pack? I finally made one and while soloing as a WW is fun, sometimes I'd like help with the more difficult ones, i already have atleast 1, maybe 2 people willing to join. One is a friend I've had since high school and the other is a guy I met playing the game who has so far shown himself to be a team player and polite. We're still pretty low level, I believe I'm the highest of the group at 21 Lycanthropy and I'm willing to stay in Serb to try and get gear and help out lower level toons regardless of active abilities. If anyone is interested please let me know, thanks.

Hi I'm new to Project Gorgon. I was hoping this forum will help me a lot in-game.

We're in-game pretty frequently, so I know you'll see my son on. BTW, for whoever else is interested, Dr. Incurable's pack is growing and needs wolves for the monthly howl coming up!

how hard is getting lycanthropy?

There's a couple of hours in questing, I think, then you can get it. Not that bad, but irreversible.

you folks hang in the gwj channel or?

Or the Guild channel. I tend to go with whichever people are using.

Basically getting Lycanthropy is a piece of cake as long as you can grow flowers, get comfortable with Rita I believe, then talk to Harry. He'll give you a quest and I can run you to the pedestal (he gives incorrect directions). Then you fight 5 wolves, piece of cake.

Anyone feel like doing a run of the myconian or goblin dungeon this weekend?

I'd offer to go with you son, as we share a computer, that won't work

I have lycanthropy up to 12ish, at which point I'm not sure where I should be trying to farm xp for further skills, it feels slower than my other skills were.

You could probably survive in the first level of the crypt, in the hallway to the first chest/ blue crystal room. If you have combos from your gear you might even survive to the second chest to the left, and if it's blue or higher, you may even be able to make it to the puzzle chest. I recently got to the spider npc and have since been leveling my spider so that I don't have to buy his skills a second time, which is why I haven't been on Loup recently. I can help gear you if you want, I think I saved my low level stuff, and if not I think I can still find werewolf stuff for you pretty easily. The toon I'm on most often ATM is Parker, so try sending a tell when you're on and I'll try to help, I'm on most every day ATM, usually anytime after 10 or eleven am EST though I need to cut back the hours for a month to work on my term paper, but I'll try to help out when I can.

Oh, forgot to say to avoid the megaspider right now, gotta wait till the late teens, early twenties depending on gear and skill level, from what I've seen.

Just heard the podcast where this game was mentioned.

I believe I heard the word's ''Asheron's Call'' and ''New Game'' which means I'm already in the process of installing this game.

In order to set my expectations appropriately:

For anyone who played AC back in the day (or still plays it now), is this game really like a 2015 less broken version of old-school AC?

I've continuously sought a game that could fill the shoes of Asheron's Call, but so far haven't found anything good enough (and the AC population is so far on the decline it's tough to play on a servers with slowly diminishing populations [though still an excellent community] ).


This is similar in that it's skill based and very much an explorer's game. There's no monthly story event like there used to be in AC either. Still the feeling of trekking across a landscape with a smattering of bad and good things that can show up is there. The magic system isnt tied to a puzzle type system, but there's many quests and things to unlock by completing puzzles.

It's clearly derived from AC, but with a totally different story and world. Lots of old AC players in the alpha, judging from chat.

The basic idea is to go "old school" but refined. The skill system is based on usage of a skill; you can learn anything, but you have to use it to advance it, and that means you have to collect the appropriate mats to make things to advance or supplement the skill (plants and meat for food, for example, or animal hides for leather crafting to make armor). It's a highly complex interweave of crafting and skills.

You can also play as a werewolf, pig, cow, spider or deer, and shift back and forth. Druid is another specialization. Werewolves and Druids have strong obligations/restrictions on them to balance out their advantages (Druids are uber-healers, Werewolves are pack hunters). You can also choose to be a necromancer; a fun pet skill but many npcs hate them.

It's a great game if you enjoyed AC.

Sold. Trying to slam my face into the keyboard enough to get all work-related tasks done so I can dive in tonight (GMT). Any full-on noob tips? (i.e. go to xx town or yy place first, or zz skill is terri-bad)

Thanks rannalin/Robear!

Pay attention to the game's warnings, right from the starting zone there is an area where if you try to venture as a noob alone you get lots of text warnings flashing on your screen. Ignore them at your own risk.


in the case mentioned I believe in addition to getting killed you get cursed with a big character head which has various effects.

Hmmm... Spend time in the beginning area learning the ropes; get the various skills from the NPCs and try to accumulate a full set of armor and a weapon and shield before you leave the caves. Once you leave the caves, head for town. (IE, don't just find the exit and run out of the caves; you'll eventually be heading back in for some things (like psychology, I think) if you do that. Shield, though, you won't get that for a while, so don't stress.)

There are really no bad skills, although one or two are mentioned but not implemented (and many more are not in the game yet.) You can have one main-hand weapon and an off-hand item/weapon, but you'll only have two skill rows for them, and you can't have two main-hand weapons up at the same time. So some combos are not allowed - for example, I think Sword and Staff are out, but Sword and Shield or Sword and Bow or Sword and Fire Magic are fine. Some skills don't require an object (like Psychology), and some (like pet skills) use various materials to summon stuff.

But really, no bad skills. Best advice I can give is to pick a weapon and another combat skill to start with and build them up, rather than trying to get everything leveled from the start. After you hit, say, level 20, you can start to level other fighting skills if you want; by then you'll be fairly secure and have seen lots of other combat types in play.

turns out 'free summon skeleton archer' just means free in terms of location, not in terms of reagent, and needs a human skull :/

Yep. So work on your anatomy and butchery. Later on, you can buy a skull extractor.

krev82 wrote:

turns out 'free summon skeleton archer' just means free in terms of location, not in terms of reagent, and needs a human skull :/

I have some spare skulls, if you need. Also, it can be any humanoid skull, meaning Goblin, Elf, Rakshasa, Human and Orc will work, maybe hag, but I haven't tested that, or Giant, or Demonic, but I know the others will.

So this game's small community and general feel are really taking me back to my days with MUDs, despite the vast amount of work to be done I'm having quite a bit of fun.

It definitely has that small town vibe to it.

Since September im trying to recover my account.. Sent 3 emails so far, to no result.

Some one might have a contact there?

I suspect the attitude will be "start a new account". It's an alpha.

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I suspect the attitude will be "start a new account". It's an alpha.

Can't. I am not able to use my email address, as it says there is an account to it. I tried resetting the password, said there is no account to my email...

Just use another email address...?